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Americas & The Caribbean News Headlines Americas & The Caribbean News Headlines

  1. Boston Center Presents Its Special Program of the Month! - The Ability to Bend Without Breaking | Sunday, October 17, 5:00 - 6:15 pm
  2. Manhattan Center Presents a Lecture this Thursday (10/14) by Sister Judy Rodgers: Mastery of the Inner Kingdom
  3. Brahma Kumaris Silicon Valley is Offering Navratri Special Guided Meditation Series Till October 14
  4. International Day of Peace- Are you at Peace? Special Music/Meditation Offering Provided by the Meditation Museum
  5. Concert For Peace: Peace Halifax returns for 2021
  6. REPLAY: Ending Emotional Baggage – Friday Talk by Sister Jenna on 24th September
  7. Brahma Kumaris at the College of Central Florida
  8. “Creating a Consciousness of Peace…. If Not Now, When?”: Program on International Day of Peace
  9. Purity Series - Recording of talks by Sister Jayanti & Brother Charlie
  10. LIVING VALUES: “Pathways to Peace….at Home, in School, and in the World”
  11. Message of Hope from Peace Village – The Secret To a Full Life
  12. San Francisco (USA): Anubhuti Retreat Center New BKs from Zoom- 1st Retreat since COVID
  13. Report on various platforms featuring BK’s
  14. Brahma Kumaris featured on the cover page of EDEN Magazine, USA
  15. Nine strange things I recently observed in a meditation retreat
  16. DF Madhuban Retreat links and timings for the Americas & the Caribbean
  17. Actividades en Español en los Estados Unidos y Canadá - Octubre
  18. October 2021 Calendar for the Manhattan Meditation Center is here: Lecture (Thurs 10/7) on The Highest Form of Love
  19. Demain + Octobre à L'Émergence | Tomorrow + October at L'Émergence
  20. Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - September 2021
  21. Upcoming Online Events for October 2021 at the Boston Center

Europe News Headlines Europe News Headlines

  1. Belonging, Being and Becoming - Sun 17th Oct, 4pm UK time - ONLINE in the MIDLANDS
  2. Seventh Meeting on Spirituality and Non-Violence Held in Barcelona
  3. Question and Answer session with Bro Surya and Bro Rupesh Saturday 16th October, 2021 - Organised by Stanmore - Hindi with English translation
  4. Online Raja Yoga Meditation Course in Spanish Starts on October 16
  5. News from Jayantiben (London): 9 October 2021
  6. GCH Evening Webcasts - 11th - 17th October 2021
  7. What Story Do You Choose to Tell? Tuesday, Oct 12th talk by Nidhi Shukla honoring Mental Health Day (6:45 pm - 7:45 pm BST)
  8. What's ONLINE this week of 11th October at globalcooperationhouse.org
  9. Sudesh Didi – 2nd October 2021 Morning Sharing - GCH, London Golden Sparrow
  10. 50 years in the UK - A Special Invitation - starting Sunday 10th October 2021, 4 pm UK
  11. What's ONLINE this week of 4th October at globalcooperationhouse.org
  12. GCH Webcast: Daily Webcasts for the BK family - 4th - 10th Oct
  13. Invitation for the BK UK 50th celebrations - Saturday 9 October
  14. News from Jayant Didi (London): 27 Sept 2021
  15. Generating a Positive Change to Help Our World: Online Talk on 2nd October
  16. News of Volcano eruption in Spain
  17. What's ONLINE this week of 27th September at globalcooperationhouse.org
  18. GCH Webcast: Daily Webcasts for the BK family - 27th Sep - 3rd Oct
  19. What's ONLINE Week of Sept 21 - 25 at globalcooperationhouse.org
  20. Sister Jayanti at Inner Space Wembley 25th Anniversary on Tuesday 7th September 2021
  21. GCH Evening Webcasts - 13th - 19th September
  22. “Dance of Gyan and Yoga”: BK Young Adults Online Global Event on September 18
  23. GRC's Return!


  1. Brahma Kumaris at the Parliament of World's Religions: Oct 16- Oct 18
  2. For all Centres: Greetings from BK Nirwairbhai, Madhuban - 16 October 2021
  3. BK Launch Programme for 50 Years Anniversary of Service in the UK
  4. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 9th October
  5. REPLAYS AVAILABLE: 10/10/2021 (4.30 PM to 9.00PM IST) Avyakt Bapdada
  6. News from Madhuban: BK Nirwairbhai's Return to Shantivan - 7 Oct 2021
  7. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 2nd October
  8. Update on BK Munnibenji's Health (Message of 5th October 2021 in English)
  9. Next Online Global Silence Retreat: November 19-20, 2021
  10. 50 years in the UK - A Special Invitation - starting Sunday 10th October 2021, 4 pm UK
  11. Homework: Practice of ‘Siddhi Swaroop’ (Embodiment of Accomplishment) from Mohini Didi
  12. FINAL Announcement for the DF Madhuban Program on 9 & 10 October
  13. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 25th September
  14. Zoom Links for the Madhuban DF Program October 2021
  15. Regarding Sister Munni's By Pass Surgery
  16. Regarding BK Munniben's Health
  17. REPLAY: Godlywood Studio Celebrate "UN International Peace day" on 21st September 2021
  18. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 18th September
  19. e Daily Guardian - Delhi 11th September
  20. At the UN: Breathe Peace together again celebrates world's indigenous peoples, Oct. 1 @ 5 pm EST
  21. Brahma Kumaris Felicitated By World Book of Records, London
  22. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 4th September
  23. Madhuban Double Foreigner Program October – April, 2021 - 2022 Season
  24. Madhuban Season 2021-2022
  25. Avyakt Murlis now available on the Madhuban Murli Website and mobile app