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  1. Values for Life Series Presents ‘Surrender’: Silence Retreat on 27th November, 7:30 am to 9:30 pm Pacific Time
  2. A Warm Invitation for the Experiential Values Workshop on 'Creativity' (Saturday, 19th Nov, 2:30PM - UK)
  3. Schedule of Br.Ken session “Living & Serving with Brahmin Family”
  4. You Can Sign Up to Receive Advent Calendar Meditations from BK Halifax
  5. Cette semaine à L'Émergence | This Week at L'Émergence
  6. Upcoming Programs at the Anubhuti Retreat Center
  7. Novembre à L'Émergence | November at L'Émergence
  8. November 2022 Series: "Transformation of old nature and old sanskar": B.K. Mohini Didi
  9. Actividades en Español en los Estados Unidos - Noviembre
  10. Upcoming  Events of November 2022 at the Boston Meditation Center



  2. Diamond India 75 – “Acceptance & Detachment”
  3. Recording Available for Ep 53, 'Values for Life' Series, with Sudha Didi on 'Respect' (Live on Saturday, 26th Nov, 3 PM - UK time)
  4. The Brahma Kumaris Southern California (BK SoCal) Hosts an Interfaith Diwali Celebration
  5. New York Hosts The Soul of India: Touching the Light
  6. BKs in Mississauga-Canada Hold Their First Open House
  8. Message of Hope - IT IS TIME TO BE TIMELESS 
  9. Visit of BK Jonathan from Philippines to Jamaica
  10. The HOLIDAY season has begun: Good News Update from Sr Chirya, NY
  11. November 2022 Homework: "Transformation of old nature and  old sanskar": BK Mohini - नवंबर  2022: "पुरानी नेचर व संस्कारो का परिवर्तन" अभ्यास (होम वर्क) - बी.के.मोहिनी



  1. Madhuban DF Program - Group 4 Nov/Dec 2022

  2. Global Bhatti - Sat 26 November - The Supreme Dharna of Non-Violence (Ahimsa)

  3. Golden Drops Update & Film Premiere - 1 December

  4. Pre-Announcement of the online silence retreat TOWER OF SILENCE #28: from 23 Dec 2022 to 3 Jan 2023

  5. Madhuban DF Program - Group 3 - November 2022

  6. BK UN November - December 2022 Calendar of Events

  7. Reminder: Nairobi (Kenya)- Invitation to International BK Gujarati Retreat 24 - 30 November 2022

  8. Madhuban Double Foreigner Program Online for Group 2 - October/November 2022

  9. Global Silence Retreat at ORC - 13-18 February

  10. INVITATION: Silence Retreats of TOWER OF SILENCE in India

  11. Update regarding DF Madhuban online session

  12. Culminating Intergenerational Solidarity campaign in celebration of International Day of Tolerance (Wednesday, November 16)

  13. Live Translation for the Madhuban Double Foreigner Program October 2022
  14. REMINDER: Madhuban Double Foreigner Program October 2022
  15. SAVE THE DATES:  INTEGRATED RETREAT NCs/NCTs/CCs/BOARDs - 21 Feb to 28 Feb 2023 including the CNC meeting, NCs/NCTs/CCs Retreat and BK Boards meeting Manmohini Auditorium (arrivals 21 Feb, departures 28 Feb)
  16. DATES for the 2022-2023 AVYAT MEETINGS (MILANS)
  17. Kalp Taruh - Project Information for International Centres


  1. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 19th November
  2. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 12th November
  3. The Daily Guardian - Delhi 5th November
  4. A UN side event during United Nations General Assembly
  5. Group Dates for Madhuban Season 2022/23
  6. No foreign contributions are to be sent to WRST until further notice