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News Headlines News Headlines

24 April - "Compassion in Action" Coffee Morning Held on 17th April at GCH, London

24 April - Didi Sudha presents a talk on "The Power of Words" at XII Scientific Conference

24 April - "The Value of a Calm Mind" -- Sr. Jayanti in Worthing on 22nd April

23 April - Bharat Gaurav Award bestowed on Br Amir Chand of Chandigarh and Sudesh Didi of Germany

22 April - Sr Sigrun of Iceland flew to Baba


19 April - Dadi Gulzarji's health

18 April - January March UN Newsletter

17 April - Service News from Columbia, MO, USA

17 April - "Connections" - Singapore Emag Issue for February

15 April - About Brahma Kumaris HQ Daily eNewspaper

15 April - Baisakhi Celebrated in Moscow

14 April - Latest Channel Number of Peace of Mind TV

13 April - Report on the 8th Mount Abu International Marathon 2018 Organized by LS Sports & BK Sports Wing

12 April - Invitation to First International Hindi Retreat at Asia Retreat Center from 22nd-24th June

3 April - Sister Cathy Wainer's Departure

2 April - Promotional Video (in Hindi) of "Prerna Programme" (short life stories of senior sisters) being shown on PMTV

2 Aparil - ''Lifetime Achievement Award'' Awarded to Br Mruthyunjaya, Madhuban

1 April - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - March 2018

30 March - Cordial Invitation to SpARC Wings' 12th SIR Conference from August 03-07 at Gyan Sarovar

28 March - Sister Jaymini attends UN World Water Day Celebrations at the House of Lords, London, UK

25 March - Sr Lenora of Brazil flew away to Baba

20 March - Interesting Article about BK History: "How a small feminist group led by Hindu women in pre-Partition Sindh went on to get global renown"

17 March - Upcoming University & College Educators' Conference at Mount Abu from 8th to 22nd May: Folder & Registration

15 March - News of Brother Trevor of Bishops Strotford

14 March - Special Yoga for Dadi Gulzarji - Request from Madhuban

14 March - In Photos: Nepal Cultural Program 11th March

11 March - Refurbishment of the Global Retreat Center, Oxford

7 March - Holi Greetings from Sr Sheilu

5 March - 22nd Peace of Mind, Mount Abu Meditation Experience, October 1-8, 2018

4 March - March and April 2018 Calendar of Events

4 March - Celebration of International Women's Day event at GCH - 4th March - Report

4 March - Two Great Entertainers fly to Baba - Br Mathew Stephenson of GRC and Br Tony Wong of GCH

2 March - Yogis in a Danish Castle

2 March - Holi Greetings from Sister Jayanti and London Brahma Kumaris Family

2 March - 18 feet tall Shivlinga with 1 lakh LED lights Claimed International Wonder Book Of Records

1 March - Br Nirwair Regarding Dadi Gulzar's Health - 31st January

1 March - Peace Village 2018 Retreat Schedule

1 March - Holi Greetings from Nirwair Bhai

1 March - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - February 2018

28 February - Scientists & Engineers Wing(SEW) Conference from 25th - 29th May' 2018 to be held at Gyan Sarovar

28February - Service News from Nashville, Tennesse

28 February - Programme Booklet of the Shantivan International Conference-cum-Cultural Festival

28 February - In Photos: Shiv Jayanti Mela Programme

28 February - In Photos: Shiv Jayanti Flag Hoisting in Shantivan

26 February - Sr Jayanti at the World Economic Forum in Davos

26 February - Invitation to the Spirit of Care Retreat 7-9 March 2018, Gyan Sarovar, "Healing the Self - Becoming Whole Again"

26 February - 2018 Retreats and Programs at Asia Retreat Center, Malaysia

26 February - BK Krishna bhen and BK Devi bhen Passed Away

25 February - Serving the Tourist Guides - News from Bali, Indonesia

20 February - St. Louis BK Family Celebrates Maha Shivratri

20 February - National Meeting - Bogota, Colombia - January 4 to 8

 16 February - Under the Canopy of God's Love - 11th February at Global Cooperation House

15 February  - Godly Service in Mautirius - by Bro BK Shaktiraj of Shantivan

16 February - Sister Jayanti Message on Shiv Ratri (Shiv Jayanti)

13 February - Maha Shivratri Celebrations in Milipitas, California

11 February - International Conference of Rajyogis from 5 continents on 'Future Vision for a World in Transition' on 3-4 March' 2018 at Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi

11 February - BK Value Education Courses at Annamalai University add Personal Contact Program (PCP)

11 February - Expansion of Godlywood Digital Media Services in 7 Sister States of North-East India

9 February - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - January 2018

6 February - Janki Foundation Annual Lecture 'Cultural Depression - A help or hindrance?' - Photos & Video Links

3 February - Green News - Natural Cleaning, Awards, Green Angels and much more

29 January - Celebrating Brahma Baba's life - Peace Day Program in Los Angeles

26 Jauary - Brahma Kumaris Sacramento 2017 Diary

1 January - UN Calendar of Events for January and February