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Leaving No One Behind - News from the Forum on Renewable Energy in Portugal

29 Jun 2018



The Forum was all about innovation and action in the global sustainable energy movement. The 2 day conference and market place fostered new partnerships and ideas, investment and action towards securing clean, affordable energy for all. The main theme of the whole conference was Leaving No One Behind.
Brahma Kumaris represented by Golo, Sonja and Abhishek were invited to the conference as partner of the SHINE campaign. SHINEs main work is to secure safe, clean, and affordable energy in order to break the cycle of poverty.

The Forum was located in a historical venue Convento de Beato, an old monastery from the 15th century.

The conference started with a video message from the UN Secretary General and powerful wake-call by the Director Rachel Kyte. She asked everyone to be careful with critical decisions that need to be taken in the near future. She emphasized said that she has big hope to achieve energy access for all are due to this gathering of 1000 people from all over the world.

Brahma Kumaris main engagement took place on the second day. The SHINE campaign had a 15 minutes presentation in the main plenary where different partners were invited to present their commitments to renewable energy. Lisa Jordan, Director of SHINE first introduced Mr. Per Heggenes from IKEA Foundation who explained why they support the SHNE campaign: the combination of Faith, finance and philanthropic partners working with clean energy can secure that their funds reach the poorest communities. Next was Golo, who introduced BKs activities in the field of renewable energy , and our commitment to continue, expand and share our work with clean energy. He emphasized the spiritual principles underpinning the work in clean technology. The presentation ended with commitments from David ten Krode, Oikocredit and Fletcher Harper, Green Faith.

View remainder of the report here.



Fresh News from EU Sustainable Energy Week - Brussels, Belgium

29 Jun 2018



Lead the Energy Transition
On the 6th and 7th June, BK Environment was invited to host "Energy Morning Meditations" at the European Commissions, annual High-Level Policy Conference in Brussels under the umbrella of the EU Sustainable Energy Week. At 8.30 each morning Sister Jayanti, Sonja, Kathryn  and  Golo met in the beautiful Residence Palace with an enthusiastic group of people. Sonja started with 10 minutes of Chi Gong, followed by Sister Jayanti who guided everyone into a meditation experience circling around our inner energies. Golo ended with a brief introduction to the BK solar activities in India and their spiritual connection.

Click here to watch/download message from Sister Jayanti.

View remainder of the report here.



Happy World Environment Day and BK Green Newsletter June

29 Jun 2018


Dear green servers

The news keeps flooding into the office, it is just so great to read about it all, and feel everyone’s enthusiasm.

Jun 5th is World Environment Day, and it is time to Beat the Plastic! Hope all centers have started to replace the
use of plastic in various forms. Have a nice plastic free day! London had a program yesterday called "Treading
Lightly on the Earth", Stockholm center and others are doing special Kind to the Earth- Meditations today.
In Copenhagen we had a great outdoor meditation in a beautiful park. India is of course doing a massive
contribution to World Environment Day with its many programs. We look forward reading about that next time.

"Walk softly upon this earth, giving what you can and taking only what you need" - Buddha
(from the London program poster)


First two news clips and one class from Russia:

BK in Moscow, Russia took part in the IX International Scientific Conference on the problems of ecological worldview
"Ecology of the external and internal environment of the social system" on April 29th, 2018.

ECOLOGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS, By Sudha Rani Gupta, Master of Natural Science (Botany), General Director,
BK Centre of Spiritual Development. You can read BK Sudha’s talk here

International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated all over the world on the 22nd of April and the Brahma Kumaris in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states were active in this.  Special events were held in Moscow (Russia), Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Astana (Kazakhstan), Vilnius (Lithuania) and others.

And two rewards are given in India:
Green Building Recognition to Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan

The residential campuses “Manmohinivan and Anand Sarovar” at Brahma Kumaris international spiritual headquarters in
Abu Road, Rajastan, India was recently awarded the prestigious “Green Building” recognition by “Indian Green Building Council”
in Jaipur, see report and pictures

Award for Energy Conservation
The Brahma Kumaris have been awarded a first prize for energy conservation by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency.
Government of Maharashtra has recognized the remarkable efforts of Brahma Kumaris in the field of energy conservation
and sustainability, see report and pictures

2018 Africa Carbon Forum
Brahma Kumaris participated in the 2018 Africa  Carbon Forum organised by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)
from 11th to 13th April 2018 in Gigiri, Kenya.  The theme for this year’s forum was
“Climate Action for Sustainable Development: Driving Change in Africa.”

The month of May was a conference month!
Lisbon: The Sustainable Innovation Forum
arranged the annual conference in Lisbon. Golo presented our commitments in
renewable energy service as part of the SHINE campaign. See pictures and read more in attached report.

Bonn, Germany: The annual UN Climate Change Conference in Bon in May was a productive and serviceable time for Valeriane
and the German team: Gopi, Heidi, Dagmar, Caro, Martin and others. See 2 reports and pictures here:

We have a lot of news waiting to be shared with you: New class on Sustainable Economy by Ken ODonnell,  EU Energy week
programs in Athens and Thessaloniki, Copenhagen, Berlin and Brussels.  There will be news from youth conference and
Innovative4climate in Bonn and Angel walks in nature and Collective Meditation at Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai.

Om Shanti

BK Green Newsletter Editors -
Peter, Arnold, Sonja



Bonn Climate Conference 2nd Report

28 May 2018

Daniele Violetti, from the UNFCCC, is now switching to a different function (finance and capacity building), so no longer in the capacity of Executive Officer and will no longer liaise with faith and other groups. So faith based groups are going to be under the Global Climate Action team for the coordination purpose and interaction with faith groups as well as with other constituencies. Daniele confirmed that we should engage with the Conference Affairs Team concerning having a space for meditation during the COP 24 and having negotiators on board would certainly help. He advises that we engage with the Polish government and religious leaders on this too – noted that negotiators are also pushing for this, and it is not solely a civil society faith groups push. The UNFCCC Executive Secretary will be in Greece for the inter-faith conference at a June Inter-religious conference organized by the orthodox.


Suggestion from ACT Alliance (a coalition of more than 140 churches and church related organizations)- religious organizations could have their own Talanoa Dialogue so that our collective voice could be included in these processes? Many people are already doing this. This could give birth to a possible statement for the COP24 – ACT USA – will do a Talanoa Dialogue at Global Climate Action Summit to be held in California, September 2018, intend to come forward with a substantive outcome.


We would also consider writing a statement for the COP24 to find ways to encourage the this voice to be heard by politicians, as many government policy makers do not believe people would be willing to change behaviors for the help of the common good so that we make clear messages on what moral and ethical achievements we want to see to come out of Poland during COP24. We did this in other COPs and It it has made a difference.


ACT, QUNO (Quakers United Nations office) and BKs would help in drafting this. Considering ways to blend a statement that weaves on a achievements at the COP24, including finance and L+D, and solidarity of sustainability to support those whose lives are too poor to even consider the 3 asks – on diet, waste and energy. These are already part of poor lives in the most vulnerable communities. CIDSE (International Alliance of Catholic Development Agencies) sees ways to weave in the COP24 technical and the sustainable livelihoods together. BK upholds the importance of this, in bridging the wealthiest and poorest actions on what is most important.


Download full report here.




Bonn Climate Conference

11 May 2018

Dear Friends , Greetings of love from Switzerland


I came back from Bonn on Wednesday  morning, May 9th. I had been there for less then 2 weeks and as always in the Climate Change conferences,  a lot happened.


Here is a report on some of the things that  I participated in last week! The report for 7 and 8 of May  will come later this week.


As always it was very special to be with there with the Cologne/Bonn team Gopi, Heidi, Dagmar on the first week and Caroline and Martin came for the second week and Marek from Poland.


All the best and much love

In Baba's sweet yaad



Download Report here




Green News - Natural Cleaning, Awards, Green Angels and much more

3 February 2018

Dear BK Eco Friends

Welcome to the first edition of the green newsletter in 2018! You can read a beautiful variety of topics: 
cleaning, healing, Madhuban, Miss Vegetarian, awards, EU Green Week and more. We have long- awaited 
news from Russia, great to hear from you again.  UK Eco Friends present an e-book on natural cleaning - 
maybe time to declutter and do a clean out? 

The BK's in Thailand are embracing the Green Angel and dedicating 2018 to "Healing the world through Silence". 
Congratulations to Radio Madhuban - they received the "Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award 2017!
Welcome to the Green Day in Madhuban on 8th March! The detailed program is further down in the mail.

Om shanti from BK Environment News Editors - Arnold, Peter, Sonja


Time for Spring cleaning? News from Joanna and the UK Eco Friends:
In the UK, we are moving ahead with a number of different projects.   The practical research of the GCH Eco Friends into natural cleaning materials has been completed and you can download the E-book for Natural Cleaning here.  

Thanks to George from Australia for putting the finishing touches to the design.  We distributed an A5 version of it 
at the UK teachers meeting earlier in January.  We are also offering an Intro to BK Eco Initiatives and Environmental 

Awareness for BK students to all BK Centres. Mike Hudson will be running these with help from others.  
The Eco Team in London have been working hard to source biodegradable tableware for large events such as Rakhi.  

Maria in particular is doing a fantastic job in following this through.  The next UK wide project is to have 
'Green Champions' in each centre.  We hope to introduce this idea at the next UK Teachers meeting.


Rajasthan Energy Conservation Award 2017

 रेडियो मधुबन को ऊर्जा संरक्षण 2017, उर्जा विभाग राजस्थान सरकार

The award was given in recognition of Radio Madhuban's effort to create awareness about energy conservation 

around Mount Abu. See the report and photos (mobile friendly)


10 Ways in Thailand 

Bangkok Center will focus on the Green Angel in 2018. The inauguration took place in December with 

the overall theme “Heal the world through silence”. The main inspiration is "10 ways to change the world" 

and it will serve both the BK centers and the local community.


UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya

The third session of the UN Environment Assembly took place in Nairobi from 4 – 6th December 2017.  

Its aim is to strengthen and upgrade the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) to be the leading global 

environmental authority that sets the global environmental agenda. Brahma Kumaris actively participated

in this meeting. Read report here


From Russia, thanks Irina and Elena

We have 3 new reports in Russian language

Spirituality and Environment, Open Dialogue, Brahma Kumaris, Moscow, October 2017

Miss Vegetarian - This delightful competition was organised to promote vegetarianism in Russia.  

The Brahma Kumaris did well!


Madhuban 8th March - Your Green day with Mother Earth including Disaster Preparation
Welcome to a journey to fine-tune your relation with nature. We go deep into our minds and 
create fresh awareness of our interconnectedness with the world around us. Mind and Matter 
are deeply entangled and meditation with a loving heart becomes the powerful tool to heal the planet. 
A day with a walk, talk, art and outdoor meditation. 

Program: (Registration in Madhuban)
06-06.45 Silent Morning walk in nature -  David 
10.30-12.30- Emergency preparation from a global and BK perspective - Golo 
16.30-18.15 Nature and  Art Healing Workshop - Sonja
20.30-21.30 Peace Concert in Dadi Janki Park - David & Co


EU - From Brahma Kumaris Brussels & Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative:

Once again, we can use a readymade platform to promote Baba’s green vision for the future.  

Promote your Green Workshops, Seminars or any creative Green activity you are already involved in or working on at:

EU Green Week in May or  EU Sustainable Energy Week in June. We only request that you share with us your idea – 

we can help you with correct logos and statements, also make a report with photos of the event that will be sent to us. 


Hope you can join the fun.


A final note on meditation:
The Green Angel Meditations are now available as one complete audio file
with all 8 commentaries in one. You can also stream on Spotify


Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative



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