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"Connections" - Singapore Emag Issue for February

17 April 2018



Invitation to First International Hindi Retreat at Asia Retreat Center from 22nd-24th June

12 April 2018

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Om Shanti. 

Please find enclosed an invitation to the  First International Hindi Retreat  which will be held at the Asia Retreat Centre (ARC) in Dengkil, Malaysia


The theme of the retreat is 'Use Everything You Have in a Worthwhile Way and Achieve Success in Your Life'.  


The retreat will be held from 22nd June to 24th June 2018.

Link for online registration:  

Closing date: 30th May 2018 

There will also be the opportunity to extend your stay and participate in the 26th Asian Retreat with Raj Didi, Nepal and Karuna Bhai, Madhuban.


It will be a great opportunity to attend the retreats and receive sustenance from seniors and you will be re-energised, refreshed and empowered through the power of gathering.


Please extend this invitation to those Hindi Speaking students who have been following Brahmin Principles for at least 6 months and interested in attending the retreat. 


For further enquiry, please send an email to


In Baba's sweet yaad,

BK Meera




Serving the Tourist Guides - News from Bali, Indonesia

25 February 2018

The Indonesian Tourist Guides Association (Spanish Division ) Bali, held their annual general meeting in Barong Bale Kulkul Hall Gianyar, Bali. Among the many items in the day long meeting was a spiritual talk. For this The Tourist Guides Association contacted the Brahma Kumaris of Denpasar to give a spiritual talk to the local tourist guides. More than a hundred tourist guides were present.

Bk. Sister Janaki met this group and told the group that cooperation and excellence in service  were necessary to attract more tourists to Bali.  We are all souls and we need to work together as brother souls of one family. If there was this family feeling then peace and harmony among the tourist guides can attract more tourists. The talk lasted for 45 minutes and the  guides were very happy to meet Bk. Sister Janaki and listen to her talk.


At the end of the talk all present were given blessings and brochures. Many showed interest to come to the centre to get more information on spiritual education. Some also said that they were happy to take the basic 7 days course in Raja Yoga. Om Shanti

Warmest Regards

In Baba’s Yaad

Bk. Janaki

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