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Educators' Conference on 'Values and Spirituality for Empowering the Self', Gyan Sarovar, May 18th-22nd

08 June 2018


Divine Family,

BapDada's Most Serviceable and Loved Instruments of all the centers,

Please accept multi-million times of Godly love remembrance and good wishes for your elevated and successful life.

University & College Educators' Conference on
'Values and Spirituality for Empowering the Self' from 18th to 22nd May, 2018 is being held at Gyan Sarovar Campus, Mount Abu. Only 400 University Educators' have been invited for this program because of limited accommodation.

Click here to download the Program Booklet having details of the program.

This Conference was enthusiastically attended by the intellectuals and elite academecians like Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors, Ministers, Educational Administrators, College Principals, Deans, HODs, Professors, Associate Professors etc.



Br. Surya of Madhuban Dining Celebrates 68th birthday, as reported by Br Harilal of Godlywood Studio

08 June 2018



Dear Divine brothers and sisters, Om Shanti.

Yet another occasion to celebrate: The unique child of Baba, versatile orator, crusader of  Godlywood Studios world famous TV show "SAMADHAN" and my divine friend from last 4 decades Rajyogi Suraj bhai celebrated his 68th birthday at peace park in presence of BK brothers & sisters of the Headquarters campus. Felt extremely happy for the opportunity to be present at the occasion.  

I remember the beginning of our association which started during  the first international peace conference at Mt. Abu in 1983, where Dadi  & Didi entrusted me with the supervision of Bhandara (where I also had the good fortune to introduce the concept of VIP Kitchen for the first time in Yagya) which allowed me to come into contact with  Suraj Bhai - the Rajyogi par excellence.

Let me take this opportunity to wish him well on behalf of Godlywood TEAM to continue the great work of making a positive change in the society. May Baba shower His blessings on him for a long and healthy spell of selfless service.

IBY, With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal                                                               
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust 






Godlywood produces New Children's Show "Hum Honge Kaamyab" soon to debut on Om Shanti Channel

31 May 2018



Dear Divine Brothers & Sisters,

Om Shanti.

Time for another gift from Godlywood Studio - A power-packed program for the beacons of the future - the Children - packaged as a family Show - 'Hum Honge Kaamyaab' will not fail to entertain and inform both young & grown-ups alike.

The show is intended to help students make studies fun & engaging, boost memory/concentration/confidence levels, develop personal/inter-personal skills with a strong base of values, helps identify potential issues and encourages to find solutions for themselves and help them write the script for their own future.

Moderated by Prof.B.K.Swaminathan (Prominent Motivational Speaker & Memory trainer - Mumbai), Aditi Singhal (Author, Memory-trainer and Guinness World Record Holder-Delhi), B.K.Ritu (Influential Speaker and 2017 Asian HR Leadership Award Winner-Mumbai) revered B.K.Sheilu Didi (Senior Rajayoga Faculty - Brahma Kumaris, Mt. Abu), Satnam Kaur (Nagpur) -Anchor - 'Khushiyan Khede Sadde Vede' fame and Nikhil Dev (Mumbai)-Actor-Star plus 'Mahabharat fame, and B.K.Sahil Adlakha (Motivational Speaker - Amritsar ), the show turns a new leaf in the service of children in the history of Brahma Kumaris.

We acknowledge and applaud the efforts of B.K.Shikha Behn and team of Punjabi Dept. who designed and executed the show.

As the program was created heeding continues requests from all quarters, I feel so happy at this moment and urge all of you to be on the lookout for notifications on our online channel "omshantichannelgws" and its facebook page for the release dates of '
Hum Honge Kaamyab'. Pls find appended lovely snapshots of the shoot.

With Warm Regards,
BK Harilal                         
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust








Godlywood Announces Brand New TV Series "Amulya Ratan" on the Peace of Mind Channel

31 May 2018



Dear divine brothers and sisters,

Om Shanti.

I am extremely happy to announce one more breakthrough from Godlywood studio.

We bring the essence of God's wisdom, the transformational magic of Avyakt Murlis (Godly versions) to your living room -

'Amulya Ratan' is  a series of divine discussions led by accomplished speaker and senior Rajyogi B.K.

Raju Bhaiji of Brahma Kumaris headquarters on the intellectual, social, psychological, economical, organisational and spiritual angles presented in the Avyakt Murlis.

My motive behind making the show was to meet the need to decode the highest wisdom of GOD and making it assimilable to any average person in the society, the responsibility of which was carried out beautifully by B.K.

Rajan Bhai and the TEAM of Malayalam Department.  Raju Bhai and Aditi behn in their respective roles of Speaker and Anchor has done complete justice to the topic and have made it accessible to common man.

Please tune in to any of the channels mentioned in the attached Banner to watch 'Amulya Ratan'. Kindly inform your contacts and spread this information through all the available social media platforms and be part of the unlimited sewa of Baba.

IBY, With Warm Regards,


Executive Director,

Godlywood Studio,

World Renewal Spiritual Trust.



Video link of Security Service Wing Conference from 27th April to 1st May in Gyan Sarovar

30 May 2018


Dear Divine Family,

Greetings from Gyan Sarovar…

Videos link of Security Wing Conference on "SELF EMPOWERMENT IN MANAGING CHALLENGING SOLUTIONS" from 27th April to 1st May 2018 held in Gyan Sarovar Mount Abu is available on Brahma Kumaris Official Youtube Channel.

Click here for the playlist  to preview all the Sessions, Discourses items of this 4 day event.


In Godly Service,
Audio Video Dept.,
Gyan Sarovar
BK Prashant bhai & Team


Dadi Gulzarjipan>




Expansion of Godlywood Digital Media Services in 7 Sister States of North-East India

11 February 2018

Dear Divine Sisters & Brothers,
Om Shanti.

Greetings from Godlywood Studio.

It gives me immense happiness to share with you the success of the  expansion spree of Digital media service initiated by Godlywood Studio.
On a mission to touch every human soul on the country, Godlywood Studio is spreading its wings in the seven sister states of North-East with the help of our programs designed to blend with their regional language, culture folklore & tradition. We are glad to announce that we are one more step closer to our aim as we add 5 more channels in Cachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj in Assam as our content partners which is a significant step in reaching out to the 50 million population of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura  - The seven sister states of North East India.

All the credit of this expansion goes to the tireless efforts of Bengali Dept. of Godlywood Studio who have been focusing their attention on the North-East for a while and as a result has added 18 channels in the past 6 months in the growing list of our content partners. 

Please find the details of the channels and programs and kindly inform and inspire your dear and near and all of your contacts connected to these languages/states to watch our programs on these channels. Let us work together towards the fulfillment of our common aim - glorification of Baba with the help of Digital Media.


Thanks to Baba, Dadiji's and all Seniors for their utmost support and blessings.

IBY, With Warm Regards,

BK Harilal
Executive Director
Godlywood Studio
World Renewal Spiritual Trust



BK Value Education Courses at Annamalai University add Personal Contact Program (PCP)

11 February 2018



The inauguration of Personal Contact Programme (PCP) of Value Education & Spirituality Courses of Annamalai University in collaboration with the Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (PBKIVV) commenced in Training Centre (Hall No. 3) of Shantivan Campus at 10.00 a.m. on January 24, 2018 with enthusiastic participation of candidates from various parts of India.

The respected guests and speakers were welcomed with bouquets and badges by Brahma Kumaris sisters and a heart-touching rendering of value-based welcome song by B.K. Satish and B.K. Bhanu of Madhurvani Group.

Sister B.K. Shivika, Executive Member, Education Wing, Shantivan, welcomed the guests and speakers on the dais and the participating candidates of the personal contact programme. Dr. R.P. Gupta, HQs. Co-ordinator, Value Education Programmes, elaborated about the personal contact programme (PCP) highlighting its significance and importance. Dr. B.K. Pandiamani, Director, Value Education Programmes, detailed about the success story of the life-changing Value Education & Spirituality (VES) Courses, which are running in 14 universities in the country and abroad in 11 languages. Dr. Harish Shukla, National Co-ordinator, Education Wing, Ahmedabad, while offering his good wishes, said, “The world is turning to hell due to rapid deterioration in values and spirituality. This VES degree is not a paper degree but is meant to help the candidates inculcate values and spirituality in their practical life and transform them into deities.” 

The respected guests and speakers lighted the candles to formally inaugurate the Personal Contact Programme (PCP) with the candidates expressing their keen and overwhelming interest, zeal and enthusiasm with their curious clapping. B.K. Mruthyunjaya, Vice Chairperson, Education Wing, Mount Abu, said, “This Value Education Programme is a missing link in our education system. Now, universities are coming forward to collaborate with the Brahma Kumaris Organization (BKO) in order to link this course in formal college and university education both in general and technical education as well. Unlike the other educational degrees, it is a unique degree of truth and purity, which is meant to make human beings divine and worship-worthy.” B.K. Nirwair, Chairperson, Education Wing, Mount Abu, while offering his blessings, said, “I hope this Value Education Programme will reach the whole mass in due course of time. With its practical application, when every human being will become a deity, then the whole world will turn to a kingdom of deities. Annamalai University earlier recognized this spiritual knowledge and agreed to offer this in formal courses. I hope that after undergoing these yogic and spiritual experiences, you will not only demonstrate yourselves but also the Incorporeal God Father as well.

Sister B. K. Supriya, Executive Member, Education Wing, Shantivan, co-ordinated the stage activities very successfully.


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