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15 April 2015

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Holi Greetings from Sister Jayanti and London Brahma Kumaris Family

2 March 2018



Sister Jayanti Message on Shiv Ratri (Shiv Jayanti)

16 Febuary 2018

Om Shanti


Today uploaded a beautiful video of Jayanti Didi Shivratri massage on facebook as shared by Prashant bhai. 


we can share it everywhere, its too good.





Special Yoga for Dadi Gulzarji - Request from Madhuban

14th March 2018

BapDada’s light of the eyes, all sisters and brothers who are Zone-in-charge, sub zone-in-charge, instruments in charge of the service places, all brothers and sisters who are decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept sweet Godly love and remembrance from Brother Nirwairji and your unlimited home, Madhuban.


Yesterday, at the time of the avyakt meeting with Avyakt BapDada, all were requested to have 5 minutes yoga for the good health of our most respected Dadi Gulzarji.


Today, I am once again requesting that the whole Brahmin family gives their co-operation to have 10 minutes of yoga in the morning class and 10 minutes of yoga in the evening meditation for our Gulzar Dadiji to get well quickly and return to Madhuban.


Achcha, lots and lots of love-filled Godly remembrance.


In Godly service,


B.K. Nirwair





Yogis in a Danish Castle

2 March 2018

Many of you will remember the beautiful photos of yogis in the Exhibition SOULS   the Danish Søren Solkær has taken in Madhuban. Our yogis have given drishti in exhibitions and programs all over the world. Not to mention the beautiful coffee table book with 100 yogis that was printed in recent years.


Our yogis have now been revived in Denmark in the famous Renaissance Castle of Frederiksborg. Together with kings, queens, nobles and the bourgeois the yogis are now giving drishti to the visitors in the portrait exhibition at the National History Museum. The yogis are part of a retrospective exhibition with over 200 photos and portraits of many prominent people, that Søren has photographed over the last 25 years.


The BK's in Copenhagen were invited to the vernissage. It was a surprise to us that 14 of the Yogi portraits was part of the exhibition itself! They got their own room in the princess chamber and will give dristhi to the visitors until 15th April 2018. Madhuban and Raja Yoga meditation is mentioned in the description.


You can see pictures in attached pdf file. The last picture Søren giving the introduction to his work to the press and invited guests in the golden decorated renaissance hall.



Br Nirwair Regarding Dadi Gulzar's Health - 31st January

1 March 2018

Dear divine sisters and brothers of all Brahma Kumaris Centres of in Bharat and overseas Centres, raj


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Respected Dadi Jankiji, Respected Dadi Gulzarji and Respected Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and all Madhuban Niwasis. 


As you all know our beloved Dadi Gulzarji, BapDada's invaluable chariot of 49 years, has been in Mumbai since early January 2018 and admitted into Brahma Kumaris' BSES Hospital, for around a week now. Her doctors have been very kind to give her medical support, even though she has been having a few complications in breathing. 


With medication, Dadi's health is improving slightly, and we hope that the power of your good wishes, and vibrations of Almighty Shiv Baba's yaad, would help her to regain her strength very soon. 


With Godly love and remembrances,


B.K. Nirwair



Sr Jayanti at the World Economic Forum in Davos

26 February 2018

Dear friends


We are pleased to share with you this link to the


BBC website


featuring Sister Jayanti 


at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Earn, and breathe: Meditating your way to profit - BBC News article features photo and quotes Sr Jayanti


This article reported by By Katie Hope, BBC News, Davos, can be seen here: