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Message from Dadi Janki on arrival in Madhuban

16 June 2018

Dear Jewels,


Om shanti and greetings.  After leaving Russia on 4th June, Hansaben, Dadi and their team arrived in Delhi and went onto Muzaffarpur for “Bhumi Poojan” – laying the foundation stone at Shanti Shakti Sarovar in the district of Bihar. Dadi and team all arrived in Shantivan on 7th afternoon and immediately, Dadi then went to attend the couples’ programme which was taking place in Shantivan.


Since leaving London, Dadi has been serving endlessly and tirelessly and still going strong. 


Dadi Janki’s message on reaching Madhuban on 7th


Om shanti.  Om shanti.  I have been out of Madhuban for two months and Hansa made me dance so much, from here to there and there to here, telling me, “You have to go”.  Hansa herself can share.  Baba tells me: Forget whatever has happened and whatever you did was good.  Whatever Baba made me do, it was my name, but Baba’s work.  Baba has instilled in us the habit of being a trustee and being bodiless.  He says: This habit is essential.  Which habit?  To be a trustee and remain bodiless.  I returned to Madhuban after two months and as soon as I came, I saw that there was a programme of the couples.  I was requested to attend the programme, and taking support of the wheelchair, I was present there – it made everyone happy.  Baba also gives power.  It is Baba’s wonder how He enables us to do service so that His name is glorified.  It is also a wonder of our Hansa.  She sits me where she wants and gets me to do service wherever there is a need.  Now, it is night time – what do we have to do now?  Just give me leave.  The five fingers are not the same, but we have to take service from all five fingers.


The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.  


When children have courage, the Father helps.  


When your intentions are pure, all your desires will be fulfilled.


The little finger is the finger of co-operation.  


The ring finger – Baba has said – the wonderful star shines in the middle of the forehead. 


The middle finger is to remain incorporeal and egoless.  


The forefinger is full of determination.  


Baba enables and inspires many tasks to be accomplished with this.  


There just has to be determination in your thoughts and such elevated tasks can be accomplished.  Baba does all this – it is wonderful.  Whatever it is, I just say: I have become 102 years old and soon I will be 103.  All is fine.


Om shanti.



Speaking Tree on Enlightment - Article published in Times of India

18 May 2018

Dear Divine Family, Sweet Godly remembrances.


I am enclosing press clipping of article published in Times of India Speaking Tree today on Enlightenment.


On Godly Service

BK Brij Mohan

Addl. Secretary-General

Brahma Kumaris, Mount Abu


Download pdf of article



Good News re Dadi Gulzarji's health from BK Nirwair on 7 May

16 May 2018

Our dear divine sisters and brothers: Centre Coordinators and Brahmins around the globe,


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances.


Respected Dadi Gulzarji's health is improving steadily, with Baba's sakash, and the loving good wishes of the Brahmin family.


Neeluben shared with us, and later Yoginiben also informed that Dadiji has been discharged from Saifee Hospital on Monday, 7 May, and shifted to Baba's Gamdevi Centre in the late afternoon.


Dadiji needs to stay in Gamdevi Centre for a while, so that her health improves completely, and gets stabilised. Apart from Neeluben and her Team, Nihaben, Ashaben and sisters from Gamdevi Centre have also provided a very caring atmosphere for Dadiji's recuperation over the last few weeks, and will continue to do so.


Dadiji's Doctors are accessible in Mumbai to monitor progress, and so she may spend some more time there before returning to her residence in Shantivan. Dadiji will continue to receive physiotherapy as well.


All of you deserve multi-million fold thanks, on behalf of Dadiji and her team of Doctors and Carers, for your good wishes and yoga vibrations.


Kindly note it has been advised that Dadiji should not be having Visitors at present.


Many, many thanks to the divine family for your beautiful get-well-soon messages and pure love for Dadiji.


With Godly remembrances,


B.K. Nirwair



"WAKE-UP CALL for A World in Transition" By Sr Shivani

1 May 2018


"The last month had us wake up to disturbing news reports of abuse, rape and brutalization of victims. They have invoked intense feelings of outrage and raised fundamental questions about where we are headed as a civilization. Who is responsible for what is happening? Who should protect and heal the world? Sharing a perspective, as featured in today's [Sunday, April 29, 2018] Times Of India - The Speaking Tree.”


Download a pdf of the article here.




Dadi Janki in London!! On arrival - Wednesday 25th April: Who is my Baba? Look into my eyes!

25 April 2018

NOTE: From the London Webcast Team

There will be a welcome programme this evening.

7.00pm - Meditation  11:00 am Pacific Time

7.30pm - Welcome and class    11:30 am Pacific Time  

We will keep you informed of further events.

Below are some useful links:

View/hear webcasts

Time in London now

Best wishes,

Webcast Team


(Dadi Janki and Hansaben arrived at Global Co-operation House 11.30am to a joyful gathering of extremely fortunate souls. Dadi went to Baba’s room and then met whoever was in the House in the Seminar Room. Deviben and Kumarbhai, who also accompanied Dadi, joined the gathering later.


Jayantiben: Should we welcome Dadi or is Dadi welcoming all of us? 

I have come to my own home! Baba’s home – the door of the Bestower. This is the wonder, this is the drama. Is it a dream or is it a drama? Are you happy? Everything was finalised last night. Dadi loved the aeroplane.  

There is toli, there will be words…


Jayantiben: It is God’s miracle, Hansaben’s determination and Dadi’s powerful thought that Dadi is here now. It’s amazing, really a miracle. When I last saw Dadi in Madhuban it wan’st possible to imagine that Dadi could come. It’s God’s miractl and eeryone’s love that pulls her here. London makes Dadi very strong and when it’s time to go back,

Where will I go back to? I’m here!  Baba says: Come with Me back to My home, It’s time to go home. Before we go to the Golden Age we go with Baba for a few days.  When people come to meet me I meet them with drishti and all of them dance.


Hansaben: I have just one word to say: We are home and that is all that matters. We don’t need to know the detail and Dadi doesn’t need to know the detail. Dadi is just a wonder in herself. We hear of the seven wonders of the world. Have you ever seen a wonder like this one – a living wonder?


Om shanti. Om shanti. Om shanti.

Who am I? Who is mine? It’s a wonder. Seeing all the brothers and sisters, what’s the feeling you have as you sit here comfortably. I’ve come flying to meet you all. Drama is very good. Drama was fixed. Seeing each one of Baba’s children: Who am I and who is mine?  As a detached observer, see everyone. This is the Seminar Room and all brothers and sisters are here. Shall I hug you all? (Dadi acted massaging everyone’s faces). It’s a wonder seeing everyone’s image. The feeling of my heart is of  good wishes for all of you, so accept that. You are all Baba’s beloved children.


So, peacefully, for a few days there’s been a very good experience. Baba will make us an image. What is the image of experience: Who am I and who is mine? Who is the One who created this game, did evertying and then hid Himself away? It’s Baba’s wonder. Maybe Baba is going to pull me to the Subtle Region. Why?  The last few days, whoever comes to meet me has the experience: We are souls, we also live in Paramdhaam and have to back home there. That atmosphere is very powerful. Hansa tells me: Go to sleep, go to sleep. All night long Dadi remembers Baba. I don’t anyone else except Baba.


Each one of you is a jewel of Baba’s eyes. Baba adopted us children and sat us in His lap, gave us a hug, made us a garland around His neck, made us the light of His eyes and is taking us across the world. Wherever you go across the world: Who is my Baba? Look into my eyes...


Om shanti.



About Brahma Kumaris HQ Daily eNewspaper

15 April 2018

Brahma Kumaris HQ' Daily eNewspaper is an official Daily BK e-Newspaper containing Global Godly Service News from across the world. It also contains National News, International News, Photos, Videos, Daily Thought for Today messages etc. 


The eNewspaper is published every day and is available on the internet, via social media (website, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.)


What centres can do :   

  1. Send service news to or WhatsApp: +91 9414008982. A few photographs, a short paragraph with highlights of the event and/or a video clip will serve the purpose. 
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Phone/ WhatsApp: +91 9414008982


In a short span of two months, this eNewspaper has subscribers from more than 40 countries and is receiving a great deal of very positive feedback. 


Below is a short, two-minute video. Click on the image to download and play.



For more information feel free to contact us at  +91 9414008982  or 


With Loving regards to Global Divine Family,

Rajayogi Karuna Dadaji


News report in PDF format.


Interesting Article about BK History: "How a small feminist group led by Hindu women in pre-Partition Sindh went on to get global renown"

20 March 2018

SOURCE: DAWN (Pakistani online news from the DAWN Media Group), 28 February, 2018. Author: Zahida Rehman Jatt.


Hyderabad, Sindh is famed for a number of things, including The Bombay Bakery’s legendary cakes, the city’s windy and cool afternoons, and the beautiful wind catchers that used to be a hallmark of its distinctive architecture.

However, only very few people would know that Hyderabad was once home to an indigenous feminist movement, first called Om Mandli and later renamed Brahma Kumaris.

Brahma Kumaris is a spiritual organisation predominantly led and managed by women, and presently has its headquarters in Mount Abu Rajasthan, India.

Interestingly, this mainly female-based organisation was not founded by a woman but by a man, Lekhraj Khubchand Kriplani (1876-1969), also known as Dada Lekhraj of Hyderabad, in the 1930’s.

In the beginning, it was a gathering, headed by Dada Lekhraj, of a small number of devotees, which gradually grew larger, and eventually transformed into a worldwide organisation with offices in 110 countries.

To explore how this obscure group went on to become a global spiritual organisation, we must go back to pre-Partition Hyderabad.

Lekhraj Kripalani. —Photos from Wikipedia

During the British rule, Hyderabad’s Hindu merchants, Bhaibands, had an international network of firms and were known as Sindworkies (one who works in goods from Sindh).

Many of these men joined the Sindwork firms that were working across the globe and would spend several years in foreign countries, leaving their womenfolk behind.

Lawrence Babb, in his article Indigenous Feminism in a Modern Hindu Sect, writes:

“But if the world was wide for Sind Worki men, for their wives and daughters matters were very different. The world of women was the household, within which most of them were secluded.”

Perhaps it was the isolation and sense of being left behind, stranded in a house without men, which prompted women to explore avenues that would enable them to live more purposeful and spiritually meaningful lives.

Om Mandli group on an outing at Clifton beach, Karachi.

Dada Lekhraj was a follower of Vallabhcharya Vaishnavism (a Hindu sect) and was a jeweller by profession. As part of his trade, he met many women and observed their far-from-healthy social conditions.

He eventually proclaimed that he was having visions and was receiving instructions from deities. He began organising a small gathering in his home where the attendees would participate in satsang (devotional singing) and would read the Bhagavad Gita.

Most of the attendees were women and children and the gathering especially attracted Bhaiband women whose menfolk were away on business and who found spiritual contentment in religious activities.

Dada’s followers called him Om Baba and the group that he formed was known as Om Mandli. The Om Mandli gradually expanded its activities and its membership also increased.

Om Mandli committee picketing in Hyderabad.


Because the Om Mandli’s teachings stressed religious devotion, celibacy and chastity, it was perceived as a threat to family life and patriarchy, and soon the Bhaiband community rose in protest.

Resultantly, a committee known as Anti-Om Mandli Committee was formulated by Bhaiband men. The female members of the Om Mandli were abused and threatened in their homes.

In 1938, an angry mob set one of Om Mandli’s buildings on fire. The situation got worse and the organisation was forced to move its headquarters to Karachi.

By then, the reigns of the Om Mandli had been handed over to a young woman, Radhe Pokardas Rajwani (1915-1965), also known as Om Radhe.

In March, 1939 the government appointed a tribunal to inquire into the activities of the Om Mandli. Shortly afterwards, it was declared that the group was an ‘unlawful organisation.’ Yet, the movement continued its activities secretly.

Om Radhe

After Partition, the entire organisation moved to Mount Abu in Rajasthan in 1950. It was renamed as the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and the network started expanding internationally.

From the 1970’s onwards, the Brahma Kumaris set up centres in other countries, the first of which was established in London.

Afterwards, they spread to other European countries and continued teaching Raja Yoga, meditation, and other forms of spiritual knowledge.

In the 1980’s, the Brahma Kumaris got affiliated with UN agencies like UNICEF and Economic and Social Council.

Train to Mount Abu, India in May 1950

In today’s Hyderabad, there would hardly be anyone who would know that a tiny group of women who formed a religious circle in this very city, have reached such renown.

What is remarkable is that, in pre-Partition Hyderabad, where patriarchal norms and misogyny was at its heights, some of its courageous women powerfully resisted the yoke of men and subjugation.

Though many of them had to face trials and tribulations, they persevered and are now acknowledged across the globe for their spiritual teachings and philanthropic work.

Following Partition, Pakistan’s entire focus shifted towards the majoritarian religious aspects of our history and culture, and consequently our younger generation is completely unaware of a colourful and beautiful heritage of Hindus, Sikhs and other minorities that once lived in what now constitutes the Land of the Pure.

Perhaps rather than projecting a selective historical narrative, we should revisit our history and be proud of its plurality.

About the author: Zahida Rehman Jatt is an anthropologist and social science researcher. She is a lecturer at the department of Anthropology and Archaeology at the University of Sindh in Jamshoro.



Holi Greetings from Sister Jayanti and London Brahma Kumaris Family

2 March 2018



Sister Jayanti Message on Shiv Ratri (Shiv Jayanti)

16 Febuary 2018

Om Shanti


Today uploaded a beautiful video of Jayanti Didi Shivratri massage on facebook as shared by Prashant bhai. 


we can share it everywhere, its too good.





Special Yoga for Dadi Gulzarji - Request from Madhuban

14th March 2018

BapDada’s light of the eyes, all sisters and brothers who are Zone-in-charge, sub zone-in-charge, instruments in charge of the service places, all brothers and sisters who are decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept sweet Godly love and remembrance from Brother Nirwairji and your unlimited home, Madhuban.


Yesterday, at the time of the avyakt meeting with Avyakt BapDada, all were requested to have 5 minutes yoga for the good health of our most respected Dadi Gulzarji.


Today, I am once again requesting that the whole Brahmin family gives their co-operation to have 10 minutes of yoga in the morning class and 10 minutes of yoga in the evening meditation for our Gulzar Dadiji to get well quickly and return to Madhuban.


Achcha, lots and lots of love-filled Godly remembrance.


In Godly service,


B.K. Nirwair





Yogis in a Danish Castle

2 March 2018

Many of you will remember the beautiful photos of yogis in the Exhibition SOULS   the Danish Søren Solkær has taken in Madhuban. Our yogis have given drishti in exhibitions and programs all over the world. Not to mention the beautiful coffee table book with 100 yogis that was printed in recent years.


Our yogis have now been revived in Denmark in the famous Renaissance Castle of Frederiksborg. Together with kings, queens, nobles and the bourgeois the yogis are now giving drishti to the visitors in the portrait exhibition at the National History Museum. The yogis are part of a retrospective exhibition with over 200 photos and portraits of many prominent people, that Søren has photographed over the last 25 years.


The BK's in Copenhagen were invited to the vernissage. It was a surprise to us that 14 of the Yogi portraits was part of the exhibition itself! They got their own room in the princess chamber and will give dristhi to the visitors until 15th April 2018. Madhuban and Raja Yoga meditation is mentioned in the description.


You can see pictures in attached pdf file. The last picture Søren giving the introduction to his work to the press and invited guests in the golden decorated renaissance hall.



Br Nirwair Regarding Dadi Gulzar's Health - 31st January

1 March 2018

Dear divine sisters and brothers of all Brahma Kumaris Centres of in Bharat and overseas Centres, raj


Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Respected Dadi Jankiji, Respected Dadi Gulzarji and Respected Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and all Madhuban Niwasis. 


As you all know our beloved Dadi Gulzarji, BapDada's invaluable chariot of 49 years, has been in Mumbai since early January 2018 and admitted into Brahma Kumaris' BSES Hospital, for around a week now. Her doctors have been very kind to give her medical support, even though she has been having a few complications in breathing. 


With medication, Dadi's health is improving slightly, and we hope that the power of your good wishes, and vibrations of Almighty Shiv Baba's yaad, would help her to regain her strength very soon. 


With Godly love and remembrances,


B.K. Nirwair



Sr Jayanti at the World Economic Forum in Davos

26 February 2018

Dear friends


We are pleased to share with you this link to the


BBC website


featuring Sister Jayanti 


at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Earn, and breathe: Meditating your way to profit - BBC News article features photo and quotes Sr Jayanti


This article reported by By Katie Hope, BBC News, Davos, can be seen here: