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BK Rajani of Yavatmal (Mah) Has Flown to Baba

14 December 2014

BK Rajani of Yavatmal (Mah) passed away on 13th December 2014 at 10.30pm by severe heart attack. She was 50 years old.

Since 1974 she was in Gyan & surrendered to Baapdada in 1991. Since 23 years she was in Yavatmal Centre in Baba's Seva. Her whole family - 3 sisters in sevakendra & lokik father & brother are in Madhuban in Baba's seva .

The cremation took place on 14th December at 01.00 pm at Yavatmal. BK Pusharani Didi, Subzone Incharge, Nagpur & hundreds BK sisters and brothers attended her funeral. BK Mangala Centre Incharge Yavatmal (MS)


Justice Krishna Iyer Passes Away

8 December 2014

Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer, surrounded by children from Balasanghom with 100 roses at his residence in Kochi on November 15, 2014 in connection with his 100th birthday celebrationsSource - The Hindu

Eminent jurist and former Supreme Court judge, Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer, passed away at a private hospital in Kochi around 3.30 p.m. on Thursday. He died due to renal and cardiac failure, hospital sources said. He was hospitalised for a fortnight.

Justice Iyer, known for his forthright views, turned 100 recently. He was sworn in as the judge of the Supreme Court on July 17, 1973 and retired at the age of 65 on Nov.14, 1980.

Born to a leading criminal lawyer V.V. Rama Ayyar in 1915 in Thalassery, Justice Iyer had his education at the Basel Mission School, Thalassery, Victoria College, Palakkad, Annamalai University and Madras Law College. After starting legal practice in 1937 under his father in the Thalassery courts, he used to appear for workers and peasants in several agrarian struggle-related cases in his early years of practice.

He became a member of the Madras Legislative Assembly in 1952. He held portfolios such as law, justice, home, irrigation, power, prisons, social welfare and inland navigation in the first Communist government in Kerala headed by E.M.S. Namboodiripad that came to power in 1957. He was instrumental in passing several pieces of people-oriented legislations during his tenure as minister in the Communist government.

He resumed his legal practice in August 1959 and threw himself into the legal profession after he lost the 1965 Assembly election. He was appointed a judge of the Kerala High Court on July 2, 1968. He was elevated as Judge of the Supreme Court on July 17, 1973, and retired on November, 14, 1980. He served as a Member of the Law Commission from 1971 to 1973.

His landmark judgments include the Shamser Singh case which interpreted the powers of the Cabinet vis-à-vis the President, Maneka Gandhi case which gave a new dimension to Article 21, Ratlam Municipality case, and Muthamma's case. He had pushed for reformative theory, in contrast to deterrence theory in the criminal justice system. He also received brickbats for granting conditional stay on the Allahabad High Court verdict declaring former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's election to the Lok Sabha void.

In 2002, Justice Iyer was part of the citizen's panel that inquired into the Gujarat riots along with retired justice P.B. Sawant and others. He was conferred with Padma Vibhushan in the 1999. He had unsuccessfully contested to the post of President against Congress nominee late R. Venkitaraman in 1987. He also headed the Kerala Law Reform Commission in 2009. He has to his credit around 70 books, mostly on law, and four travelogues. Wandering in Many Worlds is his autobiography. He has also authored a book in Tamil, Neethimandramum Samanvya Manithanum.

He has been actively involved in social and political life after his retirement, almost till a few weeks when ill-health and advancing age took their toll on him. His 100th birthday was celebrated in Kochi last month and a number of programmes were organised by members of the legal fraternity, citizenry and his friends and well-wishers to felicitate him. Justice Iye's wife predeceased him. He is survived by two sons.


BK Vinod Bhen - Incharge of Meerut Center Has Passed Away

8 December 2014

Bapdada's beloved, tireless server and dear to the Brahmin family, Sr Vinod who has been sustaining the Brahmin family of Modinagar and Meerut for the last 48 years as the main instrument has passed away. She had been a diabetic for sometime and was being treated in the Global Hospital for the last one month. She had a heart attack at 6am in the morning on the 28th of November 2014 and went into the lap of BapDada. After taking Sr Vinod to the four pilgrimage places in Madhuban, the cremation took place at 3pm in the presence of her lokik and alokik families who had reached Madhuban from Delhi and Meerut.

Tribute report in Hindi



News regarding Sister Rajashree of Chennai who helps with DF Accommodation

25 November 2014

Dear Family,

Sweet remembrances in Baba's loving yaad.

Rajashreeben, Chinnibhai and Rajeshbhai from India have been with us in the UK since the 7th November. Rajashreeben has been helping with DF accommodation in Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan especially for many years and so many know this very special soul. Rajashreeben has been with Baba with Chinnibhai her lokik yugal since 1989 and was 49 years of age.  They are from Chennai in India.

Rajashreeben, Chinnibhai and Rajeshbhai are currently in Baba's home in Manchester and last night around 10.00pm Rajeshreeben had some chest pains and an ambulance was called. The soul had a heart attack and flew to Baba's lap immediately after that.

Drama and Baba have taught us a powerful lesson of 'Suddenly' with Rajashreeben's departure. Her stay along with Chinnibhai and Rajeshbhai in the UK was memorable for many many Brahmins, sharing with the family sweet fragrance of Madhuban and beautiful spiritual insights of their experiences of Baba.

The UK family offers condolences in Baba's remembrance to the lokik and alokik family members.

Jayminiben has been immediately taking care of all arrangements. She has travelled to Manchester today to pay respects to our sister in the mortuary at the Hospital. They will come back to the Centre, bathe, offer bhog and then they plan to bring Chinnibhai and Rajeshbhai back to London. It has been decided that the funeral should take place in the UK.

We hope to have the funeral soon, hopefully on Satguruwar but that is yet to be finalised. We will keep you informed. 

We know the Chennai and Madhuban family are remembering this soul, paying their respects and sending lots of loving vibrations in Baba's remembrance.

I am in now in Brussels and will return to London this morning.

In Baba's sweet yaad,

Sister Jayanti



News of Passing Away of BK Swamy Bhai of Madhuban

06 November 2014

Our respected BK Swamy Bhai, Incharge of Carpentry Dept. of Madhuban has left his mortal body on 4th November 2014 at 3.30 am Amritvela. He was aged 67. Br. Swami was the beloved child of BapDada who surrendered himself to the Yagya for around 44 years living in Madhuban and providing services in the Carpentry department. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes which later escalatedand he has been in a coma for the last four months. He was given all possible treatments in Ahmedabad and Global Hospital but as per the drama he left the mortal body at 3:30 am on November 4th to seat on BapDada's heart throne. The cremation will take place today at 4.00 pm at Mount Abu. Our respected Dadijis, Seniors and Madhuban Niwasis extending loving respects to this great serviceable soul. Br. Swamy was a special soul loved by all, very peaceful and always carrying the elevated sanskaar of "Haa Ji". After taking knowledge in Bangalore he moved to Mount Abu immediately and played an instrument role during the construction activities of Pandav Bhavan, Gyan Sarovar and Shantivan. He was the first cousin of Munniraj bhai of Literature department.

Click here for news in Hindi.



News of Br David Graham from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

27 October 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Re: News of Br David from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK

Loving greetings,

This is to give you news of the passing of our dear brother David Graham from Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, aged 85, after a brief illness, on Tuesday 14 October. David has been Baba's child for over 31 years and both David and Ruth were regular students of the GCH London class up until 2000, when they moved to Stratford-upon-Avon.

David was always cheerful and enthusiastic and ever ready to help. David's hobby was scouting and contributed much of his time to youth work. The song ‘Kumbaya' was a favourite of his and on his visits to Madhuban he used his experience of scouting and helped to run the children's classes. He taught the children and the Dadis the song ‘Kumbaya' changing ‘Kumbaya My Lord' to ‘Kumbaya Baba' which delighted the Dadis (‘Kumbaya' is a simple spiritual song appealing to God to come and help those in need and is a popular scouting campfire song).

Ruth is very appreciative of Baba and the support she is feeling from the divine family. We continue to send our loving thoughts and vibrations filled with good wishes to both David and Ruth and the family.

His funeral will take place at Golders Green Crematorium, Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London NW11 7NL at 3pm on Tuesday 28 October. The BK family are most welcome to attend. 

Much love,

In Baba's yaad,


BK Jayanti


BK Sudama Bhai of Madhuban passed away

27 October 2014

Divine Family

Our respected BK Sudama Bhai of Madhuban Tailoring Dept. left his mortal body on 23rd October 2014 at 5.00 am. He was aged 69 and suffering from cancer. The cremation of the body took place on 24th October at 4.00 pm at Mount Abu.

Our respected Dadijis, Seniors and Madhuban Niwasis extending loving respects to this great serviceable soul.

Click here for news in hindi.



Chandigarh - Tribute (Shradhajanli) to Rajyogini BK Achal Didi Ji on 19 October 2014

21 October 2014

Press note (in Hindi Only).



Thousands attended the last rites of Brahma Kumari Achal Didi

9 October 2014

Press Release

Chandigarh, 8 October 2014: Brahma Kumari Achal Didi, Zonal Chief of Brahma Kumaris organization was paid rich floral tributes at the last rites here today afternoon. Thousands across the country attended the cremation event at Sector 25. The 85-year old Achal Didi had left her mortal coil on Tuesday. She was in deep coma since last 3 days. Achal Didi had a severe brain hemorrhage and was admitted to the Enscol Hospital sector 34 here on Saturday and later shifted to PGI on Monday.

Former Central Railway Minister Pawan Bansal, Former Member of Parliament Satya Pal Jain, Punjab and Haryana High Court Judges Justice Daya Choudhry, Justice Rajan Gupta,were the prominent leaders who paid their respects and homage at cremation ground.

BK Amir Chand, National Vice Chairperson of Social Service Wing told that BK Brijmohan Bhai, Add. Secretary General of organization from New Delhi, BK Sudesh, Director of European countries of organization from Germany, BK Mruthyunjay , Vice Chairman of Education Wing from Mount Abu, BK Ashok Gaba, National Coordinator of Security service Wing from Mount Abu, BK Usha, Sr. Rajyoga Teacher from Mount Abu were among the several people who attended the cremation.

BK Brijmohan Bhai, Add. Secretary General of organization said that her life and teachings would continue to inspire and empower thousands of spiritual effort-makers. She was indeed a living goddess, a world mother and bestower of wisdom

BK Sudesh, Director of European countries of organization from Germany said that her boundless enthusiasm, generosity and unlimited vision had led the institution in its tremendous growth in Northern part of country. Her natural leadership qualities inspired one and all in the organization to transform their lives and dedicate them to offer their services to humanity.

BK Mruthyunjay, Vice Chairman of Education Wing from Mount Abu said that her example of divinity, firm faith in God's work of world transformation, and practical life of tyaag and tapasya would continue to inspire people generation after generation, thereby making her life that of a spiritual martyr.

B.K. Amir Chand, National Vice Chairperson of Social Service Wing said that thousands of souls, who came in contact with her, received powerful blessings of light and might, peace, bliss and success in their endeavors. Didiji always described herself as an instrument who loved serving human beings by reminding them of their innate goodness.

Several social, political and religious leaders of the city also expressed their grief over Didi's demise.



Achal Didi, Zonal Incharge of Punjab Zone passed away at 2:20pm on 7 October 2014

7 October 2014

Our Respected Achal Didi JI, who was the first kumari to surrender to BaapDada in the year 1953 and she was zonal chief of Punjab Zone left her mortal coil on October 7 at 2.20 PM.
Cremation will take place on 8th October at 1.00 PM at Chandigarh.
Please see the attached news in hindi.
BK Amir Chand


Anthony Strano's Final Post

11 August 2014 - article posted on 5th August 2014 on the Huffington Post by Judy Rodgers, Founding Director of Images and Voices of Hope

Anthony Strano was a dearly loved spiritual teacher, writer and public speaker whose final article in the Huffington Post on June 30 was about how to completely relax by "doodling" in a magnificent garden. He had a way of making spiritual consciousness completely natural. Anthony died suddenly on July 26 while conducting a retreat in Salvador, Brazil -- a few days before his 63rd birthday. He loved the space provided by Arianna Huffington's Huffington Post and used it as a space for public contemplation -- on divine friendship, meditation and motivation, silence and how to relax.
Most recently he had been thinking about angels -- what they are and how they come to be. He had raised the question about why there are so many images of angels in Italy (He was of Sicilian heritage.) He wondered aloud whether there may have been a time when there was an army --or perhaps a choir -- of angels in Italy that might account for the thousands of angel statues and pictures on Italian soil.
A little over a year ago he began writing a book on becoming an angel. Its protagonist is Michael, an apprentice angel. The forward to the book invites the reader to consider, "Whether you wish to allow the angel within to emerge or not, and whether you wish to become an apprentice or not. As you do so, remember this - in a few of the paintings and statues of angels found across Italy, I noticed the face sometimes seems more one of a human being in the process of overcoming obstacles than that of an accomplished divine being. The process towards inner victory is about winning over one's inner demons. For the victory in living is in knowing and overcoming the blocks and negativities that come from inside one's self. No one is my enemy except myself, that is what I allow to influence or overshadow me."
In a videotaped interview in London earlier this year, he described 3 levels of spiritual progress: the student, the apprentice and the master. He said that over the past few months he had begun to think of himself as an apprentice -- as hands-on in doing spiritual work in the world.
To the thousands who knew Anthony personally or through his books, lectures, retreats and meditation commentaries, It is hard to grasp that he is gone -- that he suddenly stepped through the veil and over to the other side. But almost as if anticipating this moment, he wrote the following shortly before his passing: "An angel is never surprised by the actions of another or by life's sudden scenes. A deep love and faith in goodness enables the angel to help as much as is required and to become an inspiration for positive transformation."
Below is the link to Br Anthony's last post on the Huffington post, entitled "To Google, or to Doodle? That Is the Question"


Memorial Service for Br Anthony Strano

10 August 2014 - by Sam McNally



News of the Memorial Service for Br Anthony Strano

9 August 2014

Dear Family, Greetings from Wilton

We have just finished a beautiful Rakhi with Gayatri and tomorrow morning at 10am Australian time we will be having a memorial service for Anthony. Some had written asking if we will webcast it but unfortunately the internet is not stable enough so we will video it and upload. Once it is up we will let you know.

Anthony's funeral was yesterday at St Agatha's Catholic Church which is in the north of Sydney. It has an attached school where Anthony attended primary school. The eulogy was given by Anthony's 17 year old niece who spoke was great maturity and lightness about Anthony's family and early years. Then Sotiris from Athens shared, Gayatri read a message from Sr Jayanti and led a meditation commentary based on Anthony's qualities and I also shared. The priest was Italian and a very special soul. He made the whole occasion very spiritual and heartfelt. He was a Latin and Greek scholar so really appreciated Anthony's life and deep love for God. Around 40 of Baba's children attended. Anthony's mother, three brothers and sister were also there and I think each day they are learning more and more about the greatness of their son and brother. One of his brothers said I never realised what Anthony had done in his life. Anthony's family laid his body to rest in a cemetery in the north of Sydney

I am sure the soul of Anthony is feeling all the loving good wishes of Baba's children from all corners of this world.

With special love in Baba's yaad


Thanks Charlie to make us feel so connected as one big family.

When we spoke on the phone last Friday after the funeral, it struck me something you said: "Anthony was the first one of our generation to leave us." Till then I haven´t realized that.

Ken and I  are gathered in Serra Negra retreat place for rakhi retreat with 60 BKs. There was beautiful ceremony with bhog offering and video sharing of our lovely brother this morning .

It came to my mind, that in May 2012 I was in Rome with Anthony. One day he invited me to go for a sightseeing with him. Guess where? To visit a cemetery where some famous poets and philosophers were buried. If it was not for Anthony´s company, I would never go to such a place. I remember him looking for the specific graves with such interest, and after founding them , spending time in meditation there.

His cleanliness of heart reflected in his sincere and sweet smile . That is the last memory I have printed of him on my memory.

Much love to all



Message from BapDada for Br Anthony Strano

8 August 2014

Dear Centre Coordinaors,

Greetings of love. Baba has sent a beautiful message for our very much loved Brother Anthony through Shashiben in Madhuban. It is attached to this email.

The Funeral will take place at 11am next Friday 8th August in St Agatha's Catholic Church in the north of Sydney which is also the primary school that Anthony attended. His family had their farm within walking distance. Br Sotiris who lived with Anthony in Athens will also come for the funeral to represent the family of Greece.

The BK family will have a memorial service on Sunday 10th August at 10am at the Wilton Retreat Centre. The whole Strano family will also come and they have been asked to plant a rose in memory of Anthony in the Wilton garden as Anthony loved roses and one of his brothers who works in horticulture has donated many roses to Wilton. Br Charlie has been in close touch with Anthony's family.

Dadi Janki especially would like all the centres to offer bhog for this very special soul on this Sunday 10th August.

With love,
In Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti
Message for Br Anthony Strano from BapDada via Sr Shashi, Madhuban    31/07/14

Today I carried remembrances on behalf of our dearly loved brother, Anthony.  As I reached the Subtle Region, I saw Br Anthony in a very beautiful, decorated form adorned with a crown of light and seated on a stage. In his hand was a beautiful Shiv Baba flag that had Baba's image on the top and light emerging from its centre. Br Anthony was looking at it, and when he pressed a button on the flag, rays of light and vibrations spread around far into the distance. These vibrations reached many souls, and gave them the experience of attainments.

In another direction I saw beautifully designed models. Then there were many Brahmins standing in front of
Br Anthony in a half-moon circle. In the fourth direction, there was a table on which a lot of decorated material in the form of books and CDs were kept. Br Anthony was looking at all of this in amazement, like an innocent child.

Baba then appeared, and on seeing Baba, Br Anthony became very happy and embraced Baba. He asked Baba, ‘What is all of this?' Baba said, ‘This is the result of your creation and service'. To which Br Anthony replied, ‘I have not done anything.'  Baba said, ‘Since the time of his spiritual birth, this child has been fortunate because a very powerful soul (Dadi Prakashmani) was instrument for his birth. With the cooperation of such spiritual light, he began to understand spirituality and continued to move ahead on this path. With his dedication, love and humility, he served many souls and enabled service to expand. His biggest speciality was that he lived by the spiritual codes of conduct, and filled others with the zeal and enthusiasm to experience a spiritual lifestyle personally.'

Baba then gave Br Anthony a beautiful large roll and asked him to open it. As he unrolled it, different coloured garlands emerged consisting of beautiful flowers. The garlands were emanating light, and they went automatically around Br Anthony's neck.  He asked Baba, ‘What is this? Why have I been garlanded in this way?'  Baba said that He has not done this. ‘The souls who have been served by you are sharing their love, appreciation, and gratitude, and singing your praise.'

Br Anthony said, ‘Baba, this is what You have accomplished.'  Baba said, ‘From the beginning this child maintained an unbroken bond of love and faith with Baba, and it is this love, faith, and intense efforts that have achieved so much in service. He was always eager to create new methods of inspiring souls to experience Baba's company. This is why the child created beautiful books, exhibitions and CDs of knowledge and yoga based on his practical experiences. He used to not only explain to souls but enable them to have experiences. In a light and entertaining manner, he filled souls with spiritual experiences. He always ignited the light of enthusiasm and hope within Brahmin souls. He has done such good service and earned the good wishes of many souls.'

Br Anthony said, ‘It is Baba and the Dadis who have taught me all this'. He specially shared a lot of gratitude and love for Dadi Prakashmani, Dadi Janki, Dadi Gulzar, the senior brothers, RC sisters and brothers, and his equals especially.

Baba then remembered Br Anthony's lokik family members, and said, ‘The family that he was connected with is also so fortunate for having given subtle support in enabling such a charitable soul to move ahead. Tell the members of the lokik family that this soul served many people and helped create the fortune of many, and so he has accumulated a treasure store of good wishes. The soul is carrying those blessings with itself. This family too should be proud of his achievements in service of the world. With the help of spirituality they too can have special experiences.'  Br Anthony said, ‘Yes they too can experience all powers through spirituality.'

Br Anthony then gave lots and lots of thanks to everyone. Baba said, ‘This child is about to start a new role on the service field.' Om Shanti.



A Tribute to Anthony Strano by Lindy McMullin, writer for the Huffington Post

7 August 2014

30 July 2014 (date of posting on the Huffington post)

The leaves rustle in the breeze. Anthony and I stroll along the shore. There is an understanding that we all come from different walks of life; from different traditions and belief systems and yet we all breathe the same air; we feel the same bodily pain, we feel the same need for food and drink and we all thirst for the joyful inner song -- that essence of being that moves beyond physicality to play its own sacred song, a song that has no words for it is beyond words -- music that is rare to find for it is the gold that the alchemist works long and hard to find -- it is the music of the soul.  Read full tribute [live link]




Br Anthony's Body Returns to Australia

4 August 2014

To All Anthony's friends in Europe and around the world
Greetings of love from Sydney

This morning Anthony's body has arrived back in Sydney. Anthony's family had requested it come back for the funeral. Luciana, Ken and the family of Salvador where Anthony left the body have been just amazing to get everything organised with so much love and care.

As you can imagine there has been an outpouring of love and appreciation for Anthony from all over the world. So far we have received over 600 emails! We are putting these into a book and will give a copy for his family and we will also bring a copy to the NC/CC gathering in Shantivan in early October for all to see

I spent Saturday morning with Anthony's family. It was a lovely morning and I was shown childhood photos etc which were rather fun. I also visited the family prayer room which had numerous photos of Christ, the recent Popes, a few Christian saints and Shiv Baba and a picture of the Tree were also there!! Anthony has left his mark!

The Funeral will be at 11am next Friday 8th in St Agatha's Catholic Church in the north of Sydney which is also the primary school that Anthony attended. His family had their farm within walking distance. The BK family will have a memorial service on Sunday 10th at 10am at Wilton Retreat centre ( I have included an invitation below ) and the whole Strano family will also come. We have asked them to plant a rose in memory of Anthony in the Wilton garden as Anthony loved roses and one of his brothers who works in horticulture has donated many roses to Wilton.

Brother Sotiris who lived with Anthony in Athens will also come for the funeral to represent the family of Greece. Please pass this on to any of Anthony's friends that would like to receive it

With loving feelings in Baba's yaad


A Video Photo Tribute to Anthony Strano

1 August 2014



Br Anthony's last service opportunities

1 August 2014

Br Anthony at the Rio de Janeiro BK center on 23rd July 2014. This is his last public lecture before he left for Salvador-Bahia, where he left his chariot less than 72 hours later.

Topic: The Eight Powers


Br. Anthony's last Huffington Post article on June 30, 2014



Tributes to Br Anthony - requested by Thursday, 31st July 2014

29 July 2014

Details Here



Our Green Angel

28 July 2014

Our very special Green Angel from Greece has left this confluence aged garden to enter a new adventure. We all remember brother Anthony for his many good qualities, beautifully described in letters and mails from our seniors. He also had a lot of love for nature and flowers, and supported our green service right from the beginning. The Green Angel started in Greece with Anthony and the team. Greece was also the first country that invited the Green team for an environment lecture series around the country. More here



Photos from Br Anthony's programs in Brazil

27 July 2014


Precious and few are such souls like Br Anthony

27 July 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers: Greetings of love.

Today when I received the news of our dear brother Anthony's transition, the word "suddenly" took on a different dimension.  Maybe because this sudden occurrence is happening 2 days before Didiji left her body, and so there must be some connection with the advanced party and the preparations that are in progress.

Anthony was special in many ways, everyone had true and pure love for him, he was valued so deeply, and he was the one the young and old looked up to when it came to being a sample.  And most of all Anthony excelled at being a trustee of Baba's knowledge. He was able to reflect the Sun of knowledge from the golden vessel of his intellect with unadulterated accuracy, and was able to touch people's hearts in indescribable ways.

We will miss him in August at the Call-of-the-Time Retreat at Peace Village where he was scheduled to be the spiritual resource with me.  He was the one who with patience and gentleness took the participants into the depths of Baba's heart.

The wonder of Anthony is that he mastered the last lesson in such a manner that he was able to pass the test of a second with flying colors.  Baba must be so proud to have such a soul sit in His heart-throne.

Precious and few are such souls like Anthony.
Sister Mohini

Video link: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPJRaZKPJw4] Br Anthony on the Resilient Mind - transforming challenges into opportunities]
Video link: [http://one.brahmakumaris.org/resources/] Link of Life Video commentaries by Br Anthony

Message from BK Nirwair in honour of Br Anthony Strano

27 July 2014

To the powerful lights of BapDada's eyes in Bharat and foreign lands,

Our divine B.K. sisters and brothers,

Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Ahmedabad.

All of you would have heard news of the sudden departure of our very beloved brother, BK Anthony Strano on 26 July 2014, in Salvador (Brazil). This invaluable angel has flown to Avyakt BapDada and is now resting in the Subtle Region.

From the very beginning of his spiritual birth, Br Anthony played a very, very important and enlightening role in serving innumerable souls around the world, while being responsible for service in Greece, in particular. His nobility, solemnity, gentleness, depth of connection with Avyakt BapDada, attention towards his own spiritual well-being, and loving interactions with the divine family as well as Contacts and VIPs/IPs have endeared him to One and all in every corner of the world.

His love for Madhuban, the Dadis and Seniors would always remain in our hearts. We are sure most beloved BapDada would bestow a very special crown of responsibility on Br Anthony, for his onward journey and service within the Advanced Party.

Our respected Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and Madhuban Niwasis family, join me in extending our love, affection and salutations to this beautiful jewel of Baba's unlimited family.

In the remembrance of BapDada,

B.K. Nirwair


Dadi Janki's message on hearing the news of Br Anthony Strano leaving his body

26 July 2014

Today, Dadi Gulzar and myself were sitting in yoga for 6.30pm to 7.00pm and were having a very powerful chit-chat and then Hansa gave us the news that our beloved brother Anthony has left his body. Anthony was one of Baba's first children to take knowledge abroad, a gyani and yogi soul. He has served not just the whole of Europe, but the whole world. Anthony kept the whole of the knowledge in his intellect, in his dharna and in his practical life and was an example for many souls. He inspired many people through the example of his life. Today, hearing this news suddenly, that he had a heart failure, while both of us Dadis were just standing here, we thought: What news is this?

I remember when Sr Jayanti was given him the course, and I used to sit next to her, he used to listen to the knowledge with such depth, and used to draw so much knowledge. He was a number one Baba's child.

Seeing, this, we have to remain very cautious. Whatever service you want to do, whatever stage you want to create, realise that there is very little time left and so there should be that value for time. Seeing the time, let us create such a stage which does service. We have to pay attention to keep our stage very good in order to serve.

Do you understand, children of my Baba? He is Baba of everyone. Baba also says: I am Baba of everyone. I am not the Father of just a few. I am not a guru. I am the Father, Teacher, Guru and Friend. When Baba has created such lovely children and they have left their own memorial that also gives us a signal: You also have to create such a stage because the stage will go with you and that will automatically do service. The power of service is separate, and the stage that we create gives us the fruit. If our stage is good, then it means we will have remembrance of the Father. Let there not be anything else in our mind or consciousness. The soul is sat-chit-anand - sat, truth, and there is truth in the chit - memory track. And we stay in bliss. We have to maintain such a stage. Om shanti.



Sr Jayanti about Br Anthony

26 July 2014

Luciana Ferraz of Brazil has contacted us to say that Br Anthony Strano who was touring Brazil was in Salvador and after breakfast this morning, left the body. He had a heart attack and must have left the body instantly (26 July).

On hearing the news Dadi Janki said he was Baba's first number child a wonderful brother. It was Dadi Prakashmani who gave him birth. He was the embodiment of gyan and yoga. He knew the real meaning of gyan. He was such a deity with a hero part in the drama. He was an example not only in Greece but for the whole of Europe and the world.

We will keep you informed of further developments.

With love,
In Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti


News about our dear Br. Anthony

26 July 2014

Dear  beloved Dadi Janki, Nirvair bhai , Nirmala didi, Mohini bhen, Jayanti bhen and divine family around the globe, specially Sothiris, Maria and divine family of Greece.

Om Shanti and loving greetings from Brazil.

After a wonderful retreat in the Serra Serena Retreat Centre, last weekend, where Br. Anthony took us into deep experiences of soul consciousness and companionship with God, he travelled to Rio de Janeiro where he had lovely days, sharing on the angelic stage experience – in subtle regions, at the Confluence age and the Golden Age.  

Last Thursday he went to Salvador, in the Northeast of Brazil. After a public talk in the evening, he felt very tired. On Friday he had a lighter day. In the afternoon  he went to the hotel where 80 BKs were gathered for a retreat with him. Today, during breakfast, he had a massive heart attack and went to Baba's lap. Sister Lenora ( she is a nurse ) is currently at the hospital trying to get the death certificate.
Brother Charlie in Australia is in contact with his family to decide if they want us to send the body to Australia for the funeral to happen there. If so, the body  will be embalmed and we'll follow the procedures in order to send the body to Australia.
I am also in contact with the BK family in Athens to keep them informed as well with NY and London. We'll keep all of you updated.

Ida bhen and BK family from the Northeast of Brazil kept silence and remained meditating in the retreat at the hotel. At lunch time they would leave the hotel and go to the BK Retreat Centre in Salvador, where the retreat would continue
with meditation. All the BK centres in Brazil are maintaining introspection to  honor the soul of this messenger of Baba.

While in Brazil Bro Anthony came to know that there is an excellent iridologist ( doctor that diagnoses through the eyes) and was very keen in having an
appointment with her next Tuesday. He said that since he got a heart virus while in India some years ago , which no doctor could diagnose and treat him properly.
He was keeping very light meals, mainly of fruits and fresh juices, no dairy products, no sugar, no white flour or oily food.

We had a lovely walk in a rain forest in Rio last Wednesday. He was shinning and in high spirit during the week he was here ( he arrived in São Paulo on the 17th July).
May it be a great practical lesson for all of us: we must be ready… NOW.

In Baba's love,
Luciana and Ken for the Brazilian family



Sr Joy Genese from London, UK

25 July 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings of love. Sr Joy Genese from London, Baba's child for 40 years flew away from her body on the morning of Wednesday 23rd July at 5.20am. She was aged 83. Joy had been in hospital for 9 weeks before moving to a nursing home just over a week ago. She was admitted to hospital with an advanced stage of cancer.

Joy came to Baba when she was working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Deniseben, who was also working there became the instrument to bring her to Baba. As Joy had been hearing gyan at work she insisted on coming straight for Murli without formally doing the course. She understood the Murli straight away!

Joy has been a pillar of Baba's work abroad since 1974. She was part of a group of 12 that Sr Jayanti took to Madhuban in 1975. Baba came especially to meet the group on the 2nd August 1975. In that meeting Baba said:  Service in the foreign countries is the main foundation for the Kumbhakarnas of Bharat to awaken through the sound from abroad. This is the aim and object of service in the foreign lands. It is the service in the foreign countries that will glorify the sound of the Godly revelation in Bharat. The foreigners are instruments for this task. Why the service in the foreign lands is the main basis or the foundation is that it is fixed within the drama for the sound from the foreign countries to reach Bharat. Joy always wanted to fulfil BapDada's wishes.

From the beginning, Joy was absolutely dedicated to Baba and the Yagya with body, mind and wealth. In 1979, when Baba Bhawan opened in North West London she often came from central London on the night bus for Amrit Vela. Dadi Janki has often remembered Joy as an example of one who has an elevated stage, passing through obstacles with grace and dignity. Even in the last weeks in hospital, despite her discomfort, her face was always shining.

Joy was involved in service from the very beginning making contacts in the media and other fields including high profile scientists and celebrities. In the past few years she served on the Murli team and was a regular server in the office until about three months ago.

With the passing of our sister Joy, it is the passing of an era. We know that Baba will be holding the soul in His lap and surrounding her with unlimited love.

The cremation of the body will take place on Wednesday 30th July. The first part of the ceremony will be at 2.30pm at Diamond House followed by the service and cremation at 3.45pm at the West London Crematorium, Harrow Road, London, W10 4RA.

I am sure many of you will want to honour such a special soul, either by being present or by sending your good wishes from a distance. A photo of Joy is attached.

With love and regards,
in Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti


Message for the soul of Sister Joy Genese (London)

Thurs, 7 August 2014 by BK Shashi (Madhuban)
On the day of the Satguru, I shared loving remembrances for the soul of Sister Joy, especially on behalf of the instrument souls and Brahmin family of UK. 
Hearing this, Baba spread his arms out and said, "Come daughter". I then saw Sister Joy coming happily towards Baba. Baba embraced her and gave her a lot of love. She was swinging in the swing of love.
Baba said "Since the time she took her spiritual birth, this child moved along with deep faith in the intellect and remained immovable and unshakeable. Her firm thought of ‘Mine is one Baba and none other' created a stage that enabled her to move ahead. She had a surrendered intellect." 
A box appeared and Baba asked her to open it. As Joy opened it, she saw a colourful variety of diamonds. Baba said, "Take this, child." Joy took all the diamonds and made a beautiful garland, which she placed around Baba's neck. Baba said, "This is for you".  Joy smiled a lot, and said, "Baba has given me everything, and all of this belongs to Baba."
Baba said, "Since the beginning, this child has used whatever she had for Baba's service. She was also very interested in accumulating jewels of knowledge. She continued to accumulate in an incognito way and imbibe the same in her practical life. She became an example for many others, and served in a light, intoxicated, detached yet loving way. In this way she was able to win the hearts of BapDada, the Dadis, seniors and BK family. The child is seated on Baba's heart-throne. Her intellect never wandered anywhere. The lesson of Haji was pakka for her, and she lovingly did whatever service Baba and the senior instruments gave her. The child is carrying with itself the accumulated account of charity."
Baba then offered bhog to her and asked her if wished to say anything. She smiled and said "Baba has given me everything and made me full. DadiJanki and the instruments of London gave me a lot of love and helped me progress. I am so fortunate that I received the love and cooperation of many." She gave lots of thanks to everyone and was swaying in joy.
Baba gave loving remembrances to the Brahmin family.



Sr Muriel from Cheltenham, UK

16 July 2014

Baba's child Muriel from Cheltenham left the body peacefully on 9th July 2014. She was 89 years old. She came into gyan in 1988 in Cheltenham and her greatest pleasures were going to Madhuban, attending murli, listening to classes on her headphones and especially coming to Rakhi.

For many years she had been unable to hold her head upright but would purposefully stride to the front of the class so that she could hear easily. For the last few months she had been in a nursing home for gentlewomen with dementia. The funeral is in Cheltenham on Friday 18th July at 1.45pm. We send all our good wishes in Baba's remembrance to such a special soul.

London Family




Sr Hilla of St Louis, Missouri USA

9 June 2014

BK Sister Hilla of St Louis flew to Baba at amrit vela time on Sunday, June 8, after 26 years of deeply, passionately and practically loving Baba.  As a Godly student, Hilla excelled.  Neither New England blizzard nor disgruntled husband could ever keep Hilla from driving 1 ½ hours to Sunday murli class in Boston with Sr Sharona.  From the beginning, gyan and yoga were natural for Hilla.  She offered raja yoga classes in her home in Rhode Island, always keeping the balance of caring for her husband Nauroz and two children and tending to Baba's family.

In 2004 Hilla and Naoroze moved to St Louis.  Separation from the Boston BK family did not daunt Hilla – she traveled by bus for six hours to support the Chicago family.  Hilla won everyone's heart in Chicago by always being present when someone was needed, and through her humility, honesty, lightness and compassion. She inspired both seasoned BKs and new students, when she read Baba's murlis with tangible excitement over the love and secrets Baba bestowed upon us.  Many mothers took counsel from Hilla in dealing tactfully with husbands and families not in gyan.  Hilla's advice was valued because she always came from a place of respect for the family combined with total faith in Baba.  

For the past two years Hilla nurtured a small group of BK students in St Louis, with her characteristic blend of love and guidance.  One year ago she was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Unconcerned about her future, she continued to fulfill responsibilities at work, at home and to the BK family, with pure love and complete detachment.  Until her last breath she served.  A mother, a friend and a role model to all, Hilla's sparkling character and spiritual fragrance will be imprinted forever on the hearts and minds of the fortunate souls who knew her.


Om shanti.
I write from St.Louis, where I came to visit Sr.Hilla, one of Baba's most precious children in the USA. Sr.Hilla had been diagnosed with cancer one year ago and was under treatment until a few weeks ago, without much response. She suddenly started going downhill a few days ago and left the ailing body peacefully  on Sunday, 8th June around 4 AM, her most favorite part of the day.
Sr.Hilla, coming from a Parsi background, had taken gyan in Boston more than 20 years ago and developed a strong spiritual  foundation under the sustenance of Sr.Sharona and others. She has demonstrated remarkable inner strength thoughout her Brahmin life, remaining steadfast while facing all challenges as also in her final moments with the body, emerging as a victorious jewel.
Sr.Hilla has won the hearts of many, especially in Boston, Rhode Island, St.Louis and the Midwest,  with her naturally loving nature and personality, a big hearted sustainer of the yagya. She remains as the living angel in the lives of the students she taught over the past several years and certainly stands out for me as an inspiring example of someone doing everything that Baba says -   quietly, genuinely and joyfully.
Sr.Hilla is survived by her husband, 2 children and 2 grandchildren, all of them extremely fortunate to have been led through the silent strength of this  unknown but very well known Shiv Shakti.
The memorial services are on Tuesday, 10th June  with the cremation on Wednesday, 11th June. Let us pay our tribute to the soul through our heartfelt remembrance of the One who made her so.

With love,



Tribute to Sr Jurema

30 May 2014

Sister Jurema created a shakti bhavan in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the 1980's. She also resided for some time in the main centre in Rio. She has also been in charge of the centers in Araguari and Ouro Preto for some years.

After a long battle against a cancer and its consequences, last week she was undertaken to a surgery.

She left her body in the morning of May 26th and left the memorial of being a gopi in love with God.



Tribute to Sr Baiba Benkis

30 May 2014

Sister Baiba, who was a Raja Yoga student for over 20 years and one of the first jewels to take birth at Baba's Centre in Calgary, Alberta passed away on May 23 in an atmosphere of lightness.

She was a true mother of the Yagya and served as a powerful teacher for the Raja Yoga Course by marrying her skills as a lokik teacher with her deep love for Godly Wisdom. She lived the qualities of authenticity, compassion, love and courage - and touched the hearts of many souls.

Originally from Latvia, Sr Baiba had experienced a full life that ranged from being a refugee cast upon the shores of the USA, to a mother, to a dedicated scholar and professor, and to an entrepreneur.

Baba used her vast range of skills in His Task, and she was a true decoration of the Centre with her loyalty and faith. The power of the soul is being revealed by the respect her lokik family is demonstrating in the days following her passage. Both Roland (Baiba's lokik husband) and Laura (Baiba's lokik daughter) have been extremely accommodating in observing every spiritual request Baiba had made.

Srs Judi and Diane had the deep honour of being pulled to the hospital in the last hour of Baiba's passage, and were at the bedside as the soul left the body around 4:30pm MDT (amrit vela in Madhuban). The experience was such a sense of release...the pain had stopped, a subtle atmosphere emerged, and the soul sweetly drifted into deep peace.



Tribute to Br Nathan

30 May 2014

This is to share that Brother Nathan left his body on May 23, 2014.

Ever since he took knowledge in 2002 he was regular to the classes and took responsibility in Baba's service in Scarborough, Canada. He was one of the main supporters to the center by living closer to the center. For last one year he stayed in seniors' home because of his health, but never missed murli by reading again and again. Whenever any BKs visit him he would talk about only knowledge - never about his health condition.

Nathan was born August 19, 1931 in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. He had studied in St. John's College, Jaffna, and continued his graduate studies at the University of Poona, India in Agricultural Studies. Shortly afterward, he worked in the Paddy Marketing Board in Sri Lanka and then moved to Gambia to work for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Throughout his working days, he was continuously applauded for his dedication and diligence  and was granted numerous scholarships to advance his skills and education.

In 1992 he retired and moved to Toronto, Canada with his wife to join his two children and see his grandchildren grow . He joined the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga spiritual organization in 2002 and was a very dedicated member.

He is remembered by all as a pleasant, intelligent human who was bright and eager to make the most out of his life.


Tribute to Sr Vasantha of Moodbidri, Hubli

9 May 2014

Dear Divine Family,

Please accept Godly remembrances from Hubli Sub zone divine family.

B K Vasanth, age 40 years, surrendered to Godly service since 1991, she was centre incharge of Moodbidri sub centre since 15 years. She was native of Chelur village (Tumkur District). She was treated for Jaundice and Diabetes for 6 months., 2 months back doctors diagnosed periampullary carcinoma (cancer) and they had put stent in bile duct. On 6th May 2014, Tuesday at 2:45pm in the afternoon she left her corporeal body in Mangalore hospital. In the evening cremation was done in the presence of more than 30 surrender sisters, and hundreds of divine family and their lokik relatives.

Shranddhanjali and yogabhatti will be arranged on 18 May 2014 at Mangalore centre and also at Moodbidri centre. Baba's blessings, Dadiji's and all elderly brothers and sisters blessings are requested.

In Baba's Yaad

BK Basavaraj and BK Nirmala (Hubli)


News of Sr Daphne - Ballinasloe, Ireland

8 May 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Om shanti. This is to give you news of Sister Daphne, Baba's instrument in Ballinasloe, Ireland. Sister Daphne left her body in Abu Dhabi on the evening of Tuesday 6th May. She was in transit between Australia and UK on the 30th April, when she had a cardiac arrest and was taken to hospital. Her three daughters flew from the UK and Australia to be with her.

Daphne was a dedicated, enthusiastic instrument who served in several countries. She had been in gyan for 13 years. She was born and grew up in Liverpool, UK and was on voluntary service overseas in Guyana (lecturing in mathematics) when she met Baba and had immediate recognition. Daphne returned to the UK in 2003/4 and served at the Global Retreat Centre, Wembley Inner Space and Global Co-operation House. She served in Ghana, West Africa during 2005/6 and then went to Ireland to take care of Baba's centre in Galway, Ireland. After a couple of years she moved to a smaller town, Ballinasloe from where she served the whole area. She gave the course by correspondence to two souls who became instruments for service in Letterkenny in Ireland.

Daphne was 73 years of age. She kept a wonderful balance of serving her children and grandchildren in UK and Australia and Baba's service.

We send all our good wishes in Baba's remembrance to such a special soul and know that Baba is taking care of her.

With love,
In Baba's yaad,

BK Maureen


The cremation ceremony for Sr Daphne will take place on Monday 12th May at 10:30am UAE time (7:30am UK time). It will be held in Alain which is a town about one and a half hours drive away from Abu Dhabi. The London family will have special meditation after hearning Baba's Murli on Monday morning especially for the soul of Sr Daphne and send our loving wishes in Baba's sweet remembrance to the soul and the family.



Kamlesh behn of Delhi Harinagar Centre

18 April 2014

Our Divine Sister BK Kamlesh of Delhi - Harinagar Centre has passed away. Our hearty tributes to the departed soul.

News in Detail



Kantabaa of Dar es Salaam

9 April 2014 - South Africa

Om Shanti.  Today at amrivela we got the news that Kantabaa of Dar es salaam - Tanzania left her physical body yesterday (Sat) at 11.30pm.  Kantabaa is Jyotsnaben's (who stays in Nairobi centre) lokik mother.  She took gyan in Nairobi over 30 years ago.  The whole family is in gyan and very cooperative in Baba's service.  Baa was over 80 years old and the last few days she was in the hospital in a critical condition.  The funeral will take place on Monday.  Condolence messages can be sent to the below family members by email on jyotsna.patel108@gmail.com   
The contact number is +255 713 660999+255 713 660999 or +255 784 602360+255 784 602360

Hiteshbhai, Rakshaben, Sunil and Sonali (son and family)
Jyotsnaben - Nairobi (daughter)
Arunaben, Narharibhai, Chikku and Kirpa & family  - UK (daughter and family)
Gitaben and Punitbhai - UK (daughter and family))
Urvashiben, Dharmesh (UK) and Ketan & family (Ethiopia) (daughter-in-law and sons)



Tribute to Sr Pushpa of Bhadavati (Kar)

29 March 2014


Our beloved Sister BK Pushpa ji of Bhadavati(Kar) centre has passed away
Our floral tributes to the Bapdada's lovely and serviceable departed soul.













News of Br Mohan of Queens Center

13 March 2014


Brother Mohan and Sister Raj both very close and long standing Queens students had a severe car accident on Monday, March 5th evening at 5:30PM.  Bro Mohan had passed away about 10PM on the same night. Sister Raj is in critical condition but stable after few surgeries.

Brother Mohan was a good example for all of us.  His gentle nature, his attention to study, his love for Baba showed his eyes, his presence, and his vibrations.  We have never known Brother Mohan to speak a negative or harsh word about himself or anyone. These are all signs of how he didn't just speak about honesty, peace, love, and true spirituality but how he lived it every moment of every day of his life.  He showed how it is possible to be a father, a husband, and a student of this spiritual study. He was a truly a special person. We Brahmin family will miss him. Attached you will find few pictures of Br. Mohan and Sr. Raj active on Baba's service.
For those who may not remember this couple by name - the brother received a most royal send off Tuesday, March 11th at the funeral in keeping with his personality and the sister is doing magnificent service from her hospital bed through her stage and smile.

One of those wah wah stories....


News of Passing of Sr Geeta Behenji of Bilaspur (CG) Centre

19 February 2014

Detailed News in Hindi


Tribute to Sis Shakti, Centre Incharge of Jhajjar Centre (Haryana)

19 February 2014

Our Senior Divine Sister BK Shakti Behen, Centre Incharge of Jhajjar (State - Haryana, Zone - Delhi) passed away on 17th February 2014.

Click here for tribute in Hindi



Sister Ada of London has Flown to Baba's Lap

11 February 2014

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Loving greetings.
Our dear Sister Ada of South London, Baba's child of 34 years, flew into Baba's lap on Tuesday morning, 7.30am UK time.
Sister Ada came to Baba in Georgetown, Guyana in 1980 together with her husband and five daughters. The family left Guyana for the UK in early 1981. Sr Ada continued to sustain her children with Gyan. She passed through many situations with unbreakable faith, determination and courage. She had deep love for the Murli and loved to share Gyan whenever she had an opportunity. In Her first personal blessing from Baba, He reminded her that she belonged to Baba before and that she is a ‘top notch' soul. In the late 1980s she took Baba's message all over South London, most lately serving in Greenwich and Lewisham. She had the ability to make Gyan easily understandable by sharing her own experience as a mother. She was a number one example of being a trustee in the family yet surrendered to Baba.
Sr Ada was ill for about three months and was looked after by her family with a lot of dedication. She left the body easily and quickly in Baba's remembrance. Baba will keep such a specially beloved and close soul under His loving canopy of protection.
The final rites will take place at Global Co-operation House on Friday 14 February at 10am and the cremation will take place in South London at 1.15pm.
Please do send your loving thoughts and good wishes to such a special soul and to her special family.

If any of you who know the family would like to send a brief message of good wishes to be collated in a book, you may send to Mona on: happy_go_lucky_mo@hotmail.com. It can be addressed to Sister Ada or to the family.

In Baba's yaad,
BK Jayanti


Passing away of Sr Chandru's Lokik mother - BK Muktaben Desai

19 December 2013

This is to inform you that the lokik mother of Sis. Chandru's (San Francisco, USA) BK Mukta ben Desai who took sustenance from  Sakar Baba and Mama since the early days of Mumbai service and was a Rajayogi for more than 50 years  took Baba's lap on December 16, 5:30 PM at her residence in Mumbai (India). 

She was the first one in their family to meet Sakar Baba and to inspire Sis. Chandru to become a Brahma Kumari. In her 90 years of this life, she always exemplified being peaceful, loving, stable and never gave sorrow to anyone. She had immense love for Baba and yagya. She was surrendered to Baba fully and was living in the household as a trustee. Many Brahmins in Mumbai took birth through the gita pathshala in her house.  

She was a perfect example of a Godly student at Gamdevi center with her teacher as Dadi Prakashmani.  During her last days, she would listen to Baba's murli three times and never missed Amritvela.

She was a tyagi and tapaswi soul who was always engrossed in her own sadhna. She  talked less but her actions gave Baba's introduction to whoever came in contact with her.

Even on her way to the last rites, her face looked radiant as if she was in Baba's constant  remembrance.

Kindly offer your yogadaan (donation of yoga) to the soul of Mukta ben.



The Final Farewell to Uncle Steve Naraine

16 December 2013

On the morning of December 11, Prime Minister Sam Hinds paid a courtesy call to Betty Naraine and the immediate family of Steve Naraine at their home in Lamaha Street, Georgetown, and personally presented a copy of the tribute he made in the National Assembly (Parliament) of Guyana on November 21, 2013 titled "Remembering Shiv Sahai Naraine."
Later on that same day, the Minister of Public Works provided a pilot boat and an escort boat to take the ashes to the point of immersion, and small group of invited engineers accompanied the family.
'From dust to dust' took on very deep significance on Wednesday, December 11, 2013. The ashes of Steve (Shiv Sahai) Naraine were brought back to Guyana for immersion at the confluence of the Demerara River and the Atlantic Ocean.  Embodied in this meeting point is a transition of currents -- moving from calm to turbulent.  And standing on the coastline, directly facing this confluence on the Georgetown skyline, is the Public Works Department building, where Steve Naraine started his career as an Engineering Apprentice in 1944.  And not too far behind this building is the towering Lighthouse. 
Ravi and Krishna Naraine together offered the ashes back to the waters  as the sun glistened its diamond-like sparkles on the strong waves and the boat rocking to the movement of the waves.  It felt like completion of one life span! 
The captain then steered the boat toward the Demerara Harbour Bridge, which is a ten minutes ride in the Demerara River.  The boat was anchored in such a way that the Bridge became the backdrop, an appropriate and moving setting for the engineers to pay their tributes.
Mr. Walter Willis, Technical Adviser to the Minister of Public Works read 'An Appreciation of Shiv Sahai Naraine' written by Engineer Philip Allsopp, a childhood friend, and longstanding professional colleague of Steve Naraine.  
"When he (Steve) was Technical Specialist and I, at the same time was Chief Works and Hydraulics Officer in the Ministry of Public Works, there was an amusing incident worthy of note.  Quite often we were both sent to negotiate loans at the World Bank for sea defences and roads and soon developed a technique in negotiation to get as much as possible in concessions to Guyana.  We were soon recognized for this ability and on one occasion when we were about to enter a meeting for negotiation, as we both entered, the Loan Officer who was the Chairman, said, 'Here come the spin twins, Ramadin and Valentine!'  There was general laughter which opened the opportunity for our submission.  Our nicknames were stuck in the Bank.
"Steve and I were the only Guyanese engineers to have presented technical papers at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, on the engineering works we had designed in Guyana.  Both of us were appointed Fellows of the Institution for life." (Read full text of An Appreciation -- Shiv Sahai Naraine)
Joe Holder, project manager for the Demerara Harbour Bridge, constructed during the tenure of Steve Naraine as Minister of Public Works and Hydraulics paid tribute to Steve Naraine's personal intervention in redefining the face of engineering in Guyana.  During the construction of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, as the Minister he would personally show up and spend hours observing the engineers at work.
Mr Joel Trotman, current President of Guyana Association of Professional Engineers (GAPE), spoke of the various 'first's' of Steve Naraine which include:  He was first President of Gape and subsequently became a lifetime member of the Association.  He was the first Guyanese Indian Civil Engineer to graduate from the University of London, UK in 1951.  He was the first Guyanese to be appointed to the Professional Interview as Executive Engineer in 1956.
Mr. Stuart Hughes, currently the Projects Director of SRKNgineering, a consulting company started by Steve Naraine spoke of his commitment to continue the legacy of GAPE that Steve Naraine was instrumental in forming as one of the founding members.
Tributes were also made by Frederick Flatts, Hydraulics Engineer, Ministry of Agriculture and Mr. George Howard, Hydraulics Engineer, EGIS Int.
In closing Joe Holder quoted Henry Wordsworth Longfellow:
LIVES OF GREAT MEN all remind us,
WE CAN make our lives sublime;
AND DEPARTING, leave behind us;
Steve Naraine has made a big footprint in the development and growth of Guyana.  And he has left 2 footprints in his sons Ravi and Krishna Naraine.



News of Passing of BK Pushpal Dadi

3 December 2013


Detailed Message in Hindi

Our very sweet and loving beloved Pushpal Dadi (lokik mother of Raniben of Musafarpur and Sudhaben) led a surrendered life for over 50 years and also did tireless service. From the very beginning, Pushpal Dadi made firm the lesson of "Ha ji". When Didi Manmohini sent her abroad to Germany and Holland, she served all the foreign brothers and sisters with a lot of love and they also loved her a lot. Pushpal Dadi was a very humble and obedient holy mother with an honest heart. She sustained everyone with a lot of love. For some time, she had been living in Jamshedpur (Bihar) doing service there. Now, as the body was not too well, she had been receiving treatment in Global Hospital. Pushpal Dadi left her body on 3 December 2013 at 6.30am and went into BapDada's lap. The final pilgrimage toor around Madhuban took place on the arrival of her lokik and alokik family. The whole Brahmin family is offering a tribute of love to such a loving soul.



Sr Shanti of Siri Fort, New Delhi

8 October 2013

Today, Tuesday, October 8, at 12:15 pm Sister Shanti of the Siri Fort Center in Delhi flew to Bapdada's lap.
It was a very auspicious transition.  Her doctor was very clear that Sister Shanti's last wish be fulfilled.  And this last wish was affirmed by Bapdada.  She was brought home to the Siri Fort center from the hospital and in the presence of Dadi Gulzar, Sister Mohini (New York), Geeta Didi (her lokik mother), Brother BrijMohan and other senior sisters and brothers of Delhi; Sister Shanti took her final breath.  Standing by her bedside, monitoring her vitals, was Dr. Kiran.  What a fortunate soul!
Sister Shanti has been a favourite with the double foreign brothers and sisters.  She was a source of spiritual sustenance to many who visited her in Delhi. Her gentle nature, sweet smile, and ‘jokes' will continue to live on in our hearts and memories.
Sister Shanti has been a shakti in dealing with her terminal illness and she has left with us the gifts will-power and determination. Her body will be cremated today, October 8 at 5:00 pm.



Sr Sylvia of London

2 October 2013

Sr Sylvia Casamir, Baba's child since 1977, left her body on Tuesday morning, around 11.30am.  We celebrated her 96th birthday in July, in the nursing home where she has stayed for the past 5 years.  Sylvia was one of the early BKs in London and helped in the office in Tennyson Road. Up until aged 91 she was still coming daily to help with office tasks travelling to and from by bus. Sylvia had a constant enthusiasm for the study of Gyan and for Baba's service and was always reminding us of our highest principles by demonstrating them herself. She had tremendous self discipline, dedication and determination together with a very loving heart and a great sense of humour. She had a stroke just over two weeks ago and left the body in hospital. Sylvia was very contented in her last years. When asked, 'How come she does not think about anything?' She replied'There is nothing to think about, only Baba!'

We all send our good wishes to the soul.


The funeral arrangements for the final farewell to Sylvia are as follows:

Wednesday 16th October at 1.20pm
Mortlake Crematorium
Kew Meadow Path
Richmond TW9 4EN

The family will welcome any BKs who wish to be there.



Sr Barbara of London

24 September 2013 

Our sister Barbara flew into Baba's lap yesterday morning, 24th September, at 4.35am.  Her son was with her and she left very peacefully.  She has a large lokik family and was a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Barbara came to Baba in 1988.  Living in North London, she served in that area from her home and would attend morning class at Dudden Hill Community Centre.  When Global Co-operation House was opened, she helped in several departments, including teaching, reception and karma yoga.  She also lived for some time in Brighton and Worthing and helped in Baba's service at the Brighton Centre and at the Lighthouse Retreat Centre.

Barbara's outstanding qualities were her gentleness and her obedience to Baba.  She was always true to Baba and the Yagya in whatever she did.

Baba will be looking after such a special soul.

The funeral will take place on Tuesday 1st October at 12 noon, at the West London Crematorium, Harrow Road, London, W10 4RA.

The hearse will come to GCH at 11.30am to pay last respects.



News of Br Madhubhai from London

27 August 2013

Our dear brother Madhubhai, after a long illness, passed away on Tuesday 27th August. He had been with Baba for 30 years. He was a regular student of the GCH London class and very dedicated to Baba and the Yagya. For many years he was our chief plumber and was an every-ready server, always available whenever there was a need. Madhubhai and his wife Dhirajben have always stayed close to the heart of the Yagya and to Madhuban.



Sr Yati Patel of Tampa

4 August 2013

On Saturday, August 3rd, Yati bhen Patel left the body suddenly at age 24 in a car accident. Yati is the daughter of  Naina bhen and Sailesh bhai Patel, and sister of Nikesh; all of whom came in gyan in Lusaka before moving to the United States.  Yati made her first journey to Madhuban as a young child.  She attended youth classes at the Tampa center for years and is fondly remembered for her bright mind, her sweetness, creativity and love for Baba.  

There was standing room only on the day of her funeral service. Co-workers, friends and family all came out to express their love and affection for her friendship and presence.

On Sunday after her service, the Tampa family offered bhog and Baba sent powerful sakaash to the soul. The last bhog song was "Meethe Bache" and it was as if Baba Himself was singing this song to Yati as He held her in his lap of love.

Please send Yati your warm wishes and help light the trail of her future journey.



Tribute to Uncle Steve Naraine: Dadi Janki & Dadi Hriday Mohini

2 August 2013

To the lights of love and hope around the globe,
My dear and sweet sisters and brothers,

Please accept greetings of peace from the holy land of Madhuban (Shantivan).

This is to inform you of the ascension of our beloved brother and remarkable service companion, BK Steve Naraine, fondly known as ‘Uncle' within the BK family, to the subtle region on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at around 8.00am. He was surrounded by friends and family in Toronto (Canada).

Uncle, Aunty and their family met the BK's when Sister Jayanti stayed in their home on her first visit to Guyana in December of 1975. According to accurate drama, Sister Jayanti travelled from London on 29 July, arriving at Uncle and Aunty's home less than 24 hours before Uncle's soul flew to Baba's lap.

Throughout his Brahmin life, by remaining in Baba's remembrance, Uncle accummulated a very large spiritual income and created a memorial for all Brahmins to take inspiration from. Uncle's courage, faith, total accuracy in his spiritual practice, bhavna, and humility were exceptional; he rightly earned a place in the hearts of the entire Brahmin family.

Uncle's deep interest and spiritual efforts in Raja Yoga paralleled his rise in political and diplomatic life in Guyana. He moved up the political ranks of government becoming Vice President, and then moved to India as High Commissioner of Guyana to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

His time in India provided an opportunity for Uncle, Aunty and their children to create deep and lasting spiritual friendships with the Dadis and Senior Brothers, and especially with the Centres in Delhi where he was stationed.  He was the first public official at such a high level outside of India to speak consistently and openly about the immense benefit he had taken from his practice of Raja Yoga. 

Uncle and Aunty were the instruments for service in Guyana, the first service in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, and the springboard for service in the US.  Dadi Gulzar, Dadi Prakashmani and Dadi Janki all visited Guyana on multiple occasions as did most of the Senior Brothers.  Sister Mohini came to Guyana to support the service they had started and thus began service in the Western Hemisphere.

We in Madhuban offer our heart-felt condolences to our sweet Aunty, Sister Gayatri, Sister Savi, and the lokik and alokik families of Toronto and Guyana especially.

The funeral is scheduled for Thursday, 1 August at 10.00am in Toronto. We request the entire Brahmin family to offer their loving respects in meditation to BapDada's dearly loved and exceptional heir-child, Uncle Steve.

On behalf of the Dadis and Madhuban family,

In Baba's loving remembrance,

B.K. Janki
B.K. Hirday Mohini





Tribute to Uncle Steve Naraine: Brother Nirwair

2 August 2013

Our dear divine sisters and brothers of all BK centres in Bharat and other countries of the world,

Please accept loving remembrances from Madhuban.

We join our beloved Dadis, and senior brothers and sisters, in extending deep, heart-felt condolences to beloved Aunty Betty, and all members of Uncle Steve Naraine's family and friends, on his final flight to join Avyakt BapDada in the subtle region on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 at 8.00am. He closed his eyes finally like a trance medium, while Aunty, Jayantiben, Gayatriben, Saviben and other members of the lokik-alokik family were meditating near him.

Uncle Steve Naraine was a visionary in his lokik life, who dreamed about the well-being of Guyana and in return was elected by the people to the Parliament as Government Minister and thereafter, Vice-President. Following which he continued to serve his country as High Commissioner to Bharat, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. While pursuing his political life, Uncle Steve balanced his professional aspirations with his religious beliefs, and search for spirituality.

From the year 1976 Uncle became an active member of the Brahma Kumaris movement along with Aunty and all his beloved children. He thus was distinctive in leading a spiritually value-based political and diplomatic life. Uncle and Aunty were very responsible instruments for spiritual service in Guyana, the Caribbean and Western Hemisphere, with guidance from BK Mohiniben of New York. On his invitation, revered Dadi Prakashmaniji, Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, and other senior sisters and brothers from Bharat and other countries visited Guyana, the other Caribbean islands, and the Americas from time to time. 

During the 80s and 90s, Uncle Steve's active participation as Guest of Honour at the Mt Abu and Delhi Conferences, for Universal Peace and Global Cooperation for a Better World, always added splendour to the international standards of the occasions.

His able guidance through BK Mohiniben and BK Gayatriben in the Brahma Kumaris' permanent representation at the United Nations highlighted the institution's role in world peace and cooperation. This led to due recognition with the UN presenting the BKs with several international peace medals.

Uncle Steve was the perfect example of a politically and spiritually balanced life, as he upheld the double-crowned responsibility even in his 84th life, within the eternal World Drama. He will therefore always shine as a sparkling diamond of BapDada's rosary. Uncle's latest contribution to the world was his experience-based literary work that helped create one of the best books of the Brahma Kumaris' philosophy in the form of 'The Story of Immortality'. This will go a long way in serving humanity with God's spiritual wisdom.

We offer our respectful salutations to the double-crowned 'Prince of Peace', and heart-felt sympathies in million-fold to Aunty, Gayatriben, Saviben and other members of the very special Naraine family.

On behalf of Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji, Rameshbhaiji, Brij Mohanji and all in Madhuban,

In Baba's loving remembrance,

B.K. Nirwair



Indramata - London

26 March 2013

Indramata, the lokik and alokik mother of Shashibhen of London and Revabhen of Lagos, left her body on Monday, 25 March 2013. She was part of the foundation of London and in the early days, right after class, Indrabhen prepared brahma bhojan on a daily basis for Dadi and other residents of Tennyson Road. She was unfailingly good humored.

The funeral service and cremation will take place tomorrow, Thursday 28 March 2013, at Hendon Crematorium, Holders Hill Road, London NW7 1NB.



Sister Dr Vinay Lakshmi - Global Hospital, Mt Abu

10 March 2013

Dear Jewels of the Rosary in Bharat and foreign lands, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from Madhuban Home.

We would like to share the sudden news of the passing on of our divine sister Dr Vinay Laxmi on Saturday, 9 March 2013.

Dr Vinay Laxmibehn is one of the founding team of Global Hospital & Research Centre and gave her services as a Gynaecologist, and more significantly as part of the Village Outreach Programme. She took gyan over 30 years back in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she was practising medicine, and then moved to Mount Abu in 1991 to offer her valuable services at Global Hospital. Dedicated since 1993, she was a tireless, enthusiastic server who won the hearts of the villagers, tribal community (especially the children) and enhanced their lifestyle considerably over the decades.

She was a diligent yogi and good student, who loved Baba and service equally. Well-known to the double foreigners, she was also part of the Translation Team of Abu. She regularly translated the Murli and classes at Pandav Bhawan, and even the general evening class before BapDada's meetings in Shantivan.
She had been feeling unwell for some days, and got admitted into the Hospital on 8 March evening. After a massive heart attack at 2.00am on 9th morning, the soul left chariot at 9.30am. Lokik age was 58.

The funeral took place on 10 March morning, with the chariot brought to Pandav Bhawan around 10.30am. The Global Hospital family, Madhuban Niwasis, Sevadharis and many Double Foreigners were present to offer their loving respects in silence. Her lokik brother and sister-in-law (who now live in Shivmani Home, near Shantivan) were present too. The brother shared that he felt solace at seeing the soul's fortune of leaving close to Shivratri, and having the funeral on Shivratri day itself.

About 150 villagers, the Head of the village, local doctors and local reporter were also present at the funeral ground. Some villagers were emotional, and the Village Head spoke of Dr Vinay Laxmibehn with great reverence.

Our beloved Dadis, and family from Madhuban and Global Hospital are sending this gifted, caring, yogi, gyani soul vibrations of peace in Baba's sweet remembrance.

With Baba's love,
B.K. Nirwair
B.K. Dr Partap



Br Basil of Guyana

25 November 2012

One of our near and dear brothers left his body on Sunday, November 25 in New York City. Brother Basil Geer was fondly called Brother B by the brahmin family in Guyana. He was born in 1936 in the Village of Buxton and grew up in Annandale and Cambelville in Guyana. He and his wife, Sister Ahilya were married for 53 years and had 4 daughters -- Nadira, Sabita, Aloma, and Sharda. They together ran the business of Geer's Texaco Gas station in Durban and Lime Streets, Georgetown.

In 1976 Brother Basil took his family to a Raja Yoga Exhibition at St. Joseph's High School in Wolford Avenue and was convinced that 'this is the complete truth'. However it was not until March, 1980 that the life of the entire family changed when they started the study and practice of the teachings of Raja Yoga. This path offered a lotus-lifestyle in which their house became a 'grasht ashram' a holy home. They created a space and filled it with the vibrations of purity. They invoked the presence of God through the daily study of spiritual knowledge, the hourly remembrance of the Supreme Soul, and the inculcation of divine virtues in their practical actions. After experimenting with 'charity begins at home' they opened their home as a sub-center and became the instruments to serve anyone who was interested in his/her spiritual development.

During this time Brother Basil and his family remained close to Sister Mohini and Sister Hemlata and all the seniors who visited Guyana over the years. Nadira and Sabita were instruments to serve in many areas of Guyana, and also in Trinidad, Barbados, and Suriname. Presently, Nadira is serving at Peace Village, upstate New York, and Sabita is serving at The Meditation Center in Manhattan.

Brother Basil lived a full and flourishing life. He entered the world as a baby full of trust and wonder, and he grew into a trustworthy person, touching our lives in deep and simple ways. His angelic smile opened our hearts to be generous. His loving eyes uplifted us with respect. His personal incognito acts of commitment brought benefit to many souls, without them ever knowing that Bro. Basil was the benefactor. For he always was the instrument who was inspired by God and whose attainments came directly from God. He was never one to say yes immediately, but once he committed to something it was an everlasting commitment.

Brother Basil's body will be brought back to Guyana from New York on Friday, November 30, 2012. His final rites will be held on December 1, 2012 at his residence and sub-center at Nandy Park from 10:00 -- 11:30 am and then for cremation at Kashidham at 12:00 noon, Guyana time. We invite the entire Brahmin Family to send their pure feelings and good wishes at this time.

From the brahmin family of Guyana.