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Inauguration of Baba's new centre (Lighthouse) in Tsalala, Mozambique

3 February 2015

125 people gathered for the inauguration of Baba's new home in Tsalala.  As people arrived the atmosphere was such, that they were pulled to sit in silence as they waited for the program to begin.  


Personal experiences and inspirations were shared by Sisters Belinda, Samantha and Estrela.   Sister Vedanti shared that Tsalala will be an inspiration for growth in service not just in Mozambique but for the rest of Africa and the world.    Sister Pratibha then conducted meditation and took everyone beyond into silence.   Sister Vedanti hoisted Baba's flag and the centre was inaugurated.  Souls had a chance to sit in Baba's room and classroom and experienced the power of peace. 


At the end of the programme the Brahmins gathered in the classroom.  Candles were lit, Baba's beautiful song was played and we all danced in harmony.  It was a magical moment.   

Thanks to Baba and our seniors
From the Mozambican Family