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Values in Health Care Programme Conducted in Bopodi, Pune

29 January 2015

An all-day, Values in Health Care programme was arranged by Sister Sunita of Bopodi Center, Pune on 25th January. Conduted by BK Dr. Manoj Bhai and Dr. Jayashri Patil, several peace modules were explored in the different workshops and experiential games were enjoyed by all the doctors participating. The programme was inaugurated by MLA Brother Laxman Jagtap and Brother Douryodhan Bhapkar, Corporator of KCB (Khadki Cantonment Board) Pune.



Daily TV Program, "Holistic Approaches to Diabetes" with Dr Shrimant, Debuts on Satsang Channel

18 January 2015

To the decoration of the Brahmin Clan, Our divine instrument Teachers and all sisters and brothers,

Please accept loving remembrances from Dr Shrimant of Global Hospital, Mt Abu.

We would like to inform you that, with your good wishes, the service of diabetic patients is increasing day by day, and the results are very satisfying.

Almost every Saturday and Sunday, programmes on Diabetes Awareness are being organised in various cities. It is wonderful to see gatherings of 500-5000 people from all religious faiths participating in these programmes. Along with making people aware of the disease, they are also introduced to the health benefits of Rajyoga Meditation.

As a followup, we have seen that, in many places, groups of 50,100, 200, 500 and up to 1000 people have been interested to attend the Meditation Course. Till date, 150 such Camps have completed successfully.

At Global Hospital too, patients are admitted on Saturdays and Sundays to attend a Camp where they receive full information on the disease, learn the art of living an elevated lifestyle, and benefit immensely.

The special news that we wish to share is that, as a positive result of the various programmes conducted at various places, Satsang Channel has offered us a daily half-an-hour slot from 9.40p.m.-10.10p.m. to present information on becoming free from Diabetes. A wide number of patients are already taking benefit from this Show.

We request you to kindly inform BK students, especially those who are diabetic patients, to watch this show on Satsang Channel and improve their health.

We are also attaching a Poster that may be displayed on your Notice Board at the Centre.

For more details you may contact Br. Rishiraj GHRC. 

With deepest gratitude for your commendable cooperation,
On Spiritual Service,  
B.K. Dr Shrimat Sahu Global Hospital, Mt Abu


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