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Center Peace - International Women's Day - 8th March

9 March 2015

The focus of this feature is on women and empowerment. Dadi Janki shares amessage to the women of the world. Leticia Shahani, former Secretary-General of the Third World Conference on Women in Nairobi, Marianne Lizana Moreno, andLynne Franks, champion of women's empowerment, ethical business practices and social justice issues, speak on spiritual empowerment. Gayatri Naraine outlines 10 attributes of a Woman of Faith, and Maria Eugenia Estenssoro, National Senator of Buenos Aires, Argentina contributes the milestone message.


The focus of this feature is on happiness and wellbeing. Dadi Janki will share a message on Happiness. Dr. Abdul Kalam, former President of India lays out a happy home profile. Freddy Ehlers, Ecuador's State Secretary for the Presidential Initiative for the Construction of a Society of Good Life. And the 7 links of Happiness to Wellbeing are explored. Jacqueline Cambata contributes the milestone message.


"Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives" Article by Kathy Shea on Dadi Prakashmani, ‘Her Name Means Jewel of Light'; a remembrance of Dadi Prakashmani by Rina Angela Corpus; a reprint of Dadi Prakashmani's words on the dignity of women. We also link to a video interview on "Morality and Gender"featuring Sr. Denise.


"Dear Duality", a musing by Pavan Patale on this "quandary of life."

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Sr. Mohini's Health Update

3 March 2015

Dear Divine Family,

Om shanti and auspicious greetings. We would like to inform you that Sr.Mohini has returned home from the hospital on Wednesday.

She is now settling down to a new routine of therapy and care in the midst of quietly being with Baba and engaged in mansa seva.

She sends much love and appreciation for all your sakaash during this time and wishes all of you a powerful time of easy and intense efforts.

In Baba's yaad,

New York family



Sr. Mohini's Surgery Update

22 Febuary 2015

Om shanti and greetings from New York.

This is briefly to say that Sr.Mohini's  surgery was successful and she is recovering well.

We will keep you informed on further progress during the next several weeks of healing and therapy.

Thanks again for your continued yoga power and loving vibrations and messages she has been receiving.

In remembrance of One,

New York family



Sr. Mohini Health Update

20 Febuary 2015

Greetings from New York. 

This is is briefly to let you know that Sr.Mohini will be going in for her knee surgery today, Friday. 

The surgery is scheduled for 2:45 PM. 

We will keep you informed of the progress over the next few days.

 Sr.Mohini wishes to thank you from her heart for all your love and powerful thoughts for her smooth healing.

In remembrance of One,

New York Family

Om Shanti



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14 February 2015

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The Making of an Exquisite Diamond - Drawing Insights from the Real Thing

5 February 2015


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Stepping Into 100 Years - A Celebration With Dadi Janki

2 Febuary 2015

Dadi Janki, Sister Jayanti and Sister Hansa entered down the middle aisle from the back of the auditorium, greeting everyone as she came to the stage.  The auditorium was overflowing with 700 + BKs, who had gathered on this chilly winter night, with hearts warm and open and in deep appreciation and delight at this chance to celebrate with Dadi, and all the love she has given throughout the years, here in London.


MC'd by BK Minesh and BK Jagruti and billed as the Event of Century – an evening to celebrate the birthday of this most precious jewel ever to grace our presence, Dadi Janki and the one who keeps making the impossible become possible,


A great variety of BK talent then shared their great love for Dadi with many acts, both light and profound…


BK Davina opened  with a poem noting how ‘Dadi Janki points one eloquent finger up to the Father…and how Dadi and the early ones have left us the legacy of trust and everything is built on their solid foundation of faith.  Davina also spoke of how Dadi's dream is manifest in the bricks and mortar and we walk along the corridors of her vision – the vision she holds for all of us, of seeing our highest selves and she pulls us towards this vision, sometimes by the ear!.. The pictures that Dadi paints make us all feel we know the ones we didn't meet…Dadi has accepted Baba's blessing of immortality…as she dances the dance of becoming equal to the Father…and leads us in the happiness as she dances….


Sisters from Southall then danced a dance of great happiness. Followed by the first of five amusing skits, performed by London brothers, led by BK Minal and BK Trushar and all wonderfully bespoke for a BK audience!  The first one, titled Dadi Tracker, advertised a new phone app to ensure that you'll never be late for class and so never get Dadi's wagging finger!  As well as other great features for every self respecting BK!


Two sisters (spiritual and lokik), Kethiswary and Umaparameswary, sang from the heart a Tamil song, expressing that simplicity is the way that Baba wants us to follow.


A second skit brought more humour with takes on the different poses of BKs before exiting yoga/class and brought much laughter from the audience. This was followed by the third: ‘Webcast or Live?', illustrating the simple dilemma to either come into the gathering as a pukka BK, or to stay at home and snuggle in for the evening and watch the webcast! 


‘I'd like to teach the world to sing…in perfect harmony' sang out from the singing group, before the fourth skit, a commercial, advertising a most useful BK item, the ‘magic bhog cloth away' –  to cover up unwanted mess (or company), when Dadi visits…'a wonderful bit of kit to save many golden aged births…so don't hesitate and order online.'


An inspiring dance was performed by BK Pearl and sisters, to Dadi's words, spoken in English with a background soundtrack created by UK music producer Sunit Panchal. 


This captured everyone's heart: ‘We hold the same vision of a better world…such a world could and will exist….now make it happen…it is what is in our hearts that creates a lovely home….we hold a vision of a better world and speak for all people.'


The final skits again entertained and made everyone laugh, with a take on a less than elegant Rakhi and, finally, a visit to the Blessings Return Counter – for those who wish to trade in, understand and verify that they were genuine blessings in the first place. Everyone was cautioned to ‘only accept blessings from reputable seniors!'


The MCs thanked all the artists for making the evening memorable and BK Jagruti spoke to Dadi: ‘You are 99 but young and sweet, like sweet 16'.  Everyone clapped Dadi up to the stage, as she arrived dancing with Sister Jayanti and Sudesh Didi to ABBA's ‘Dancing Queen'.


Sister Jayanti shared deep thanks to the One above, the One who created Dadi and extended a big thank you to everyone present for joining the celebration, as well as ‘a big, big thank you to Dadi'.


Sudesh Didi noted how much can we express the deep inner feelings of gratitude and love  and how Dadi had spoken about holding the world in her hands, and now what is in her hand is in her heart and we see the whole world holding her in their heart.  Thank you Dadi for making us unshakeable, stable and powerful. Baba glorifies you and Baba has given us such a gift like you, a real diamond.


Sister Maureen and Sister Jaymini also came up and shared words of deep love and gratitude to Dadi. Many beautiful bouquets of flowers were presented to Dadi, on behalf of GCH, GRC, Europe, the five continents and Ketanbhai presented flowers on behalf of the three complexes of Madhuban. Dadi Janki then spoke.

Dadi Janki

One finger points to the self:  Who am I? Who is mine and what must I do?  All of you performed many wonderful dramas.  Don't get stuck or dangle anywhere and don't stick to anyone – all of these things are dangerous.  Be carefree, free and always stay happy.  Keep sharing drishti with each other with love and enjoy the treasure and nourishment of happiness.  The nourishment will make you strong, whatever the circumstances. It is all OK.  Transform any situation from a mountain into cotton wool, so it just floats away.  Don't make a little thing big, rather, minimise everything and make it small. 


This is the time to dance, not give teachings.  See what Baba is like!  My heart says mera Baba, mithe Baba, pyaare Baba, shukriya Baba.  Seeing this gathering, I am giving thanks to Baba.  Baba has made us all belong to Him and taught us to smile. Thank you Baba for bringing you all into this gathering.


I would like to share a gift with you all today.  You have given me many flowers, so let there be no thorns in your life. The thorn hurts. Let there be no defects. Only roses have such thorns.  A lotus is beautiful and detached from the stagnant water in which it lives – but it doesn't have any fragrance.  See each one's virtues.  Ask yourself: what transformation have I had?   I tell all my brothers and sisters to take a gift to bring about transformation in the self.  What transformation?  Not to see anyone's defect – not to even hear or speak of it.


In the early days, when Baba was in Bombay, a sister brought a model of the three monkeys: hear no evil, see no evil and talk no evil.  Baba liked it and wanted to give it as a gift but it was expensive, 11 rupees.  I went to the shop and they gave them to me for 3 rupees and I took a dozen. Baba said even this was expensive!   So then I went to the village where they were made and bought them for 1 rupee each.  We had them made with three little children instead of monkeys.  Baba added a fourth: think no evil.  This is the gift I want to give you all.  Don't worry or get anxious about anything, then you will keep smiling.  This is Baba's gift and it will work as a lift.  Time is up and it's time to go Home.  Look at the image of the ladder.  We come down the ladder and yet next to the ladder is the lift – the lift to go Home.  In the museum in Madhuban they have this as a very big image. 


When the third eye is open, we can be the master of the three worlds.  Then we can see the three aspects of time and the knowledge of the cycle spins in the intellect.  We are sitting below the Tree in meditation, connecting with the Seed and from the Seed becoming the first creation.


I am asked about my religion and I would say that the original eternal religion is of peace and truth and to be sweet.  The hand of blessings is over each one.  So have a happy heart and cool head.  Don't let it get heated and your nature will be easy. This is the gift. Just sit in the lift and you can go right up with no effort.  OK?


Sister Hansa and Sister Jayanti expressed their thanks and love.  Sister Jayanti shared how it was Sister Hansa who never lost sight of Dadi being able to travel and come to London at some point, although no one else could have ever imagined Dadi could make the journey.


Many international teachers then joined the scene on stage for cake cutting. Toli and a very special blessing, in the form of an angel holding a scroll with a ‘blessing' rolled up inside, were then shared with all.


Link to All Pictures from the Celebration



Dadi Janki and Hansa bhen Arriving to London

20 January 2015

Om Shanti

January is a special month of blessings and Baba gave permission for Dadi Janki to travel to London and so we have the great fortune of welcoming Dadi Janki to the UK on Thursday 22 January till 12th February, 2015.

London Family



Loving Sentiments for 18th January from BK Nirwair, Madhuban

16 January 2015

Dear divine sisters and brothers across Bharat and the globe,

Please accept hearty greetings of peace and Baba's love.

We have been observing inner quiet from the beginning of January. Most of the sisters and brothers have been very focused on setting the past into the past, and rejuvenating the self spiritually for which collective efforts in meditation and individual attention on karma yoga (yoga in action) have proved to be very beneficial for one and all. It seems like 2015 will be very auspicious for all of us as the clarity of thought about making spiritual endeavours is crystal-clear after listening to the past Avyakt Murlis since October 2014.

Br Raju (Murli Department, Madhuban), on advice of Dadi Jankiji, has brought out a publication containing some of the Avyakt Murlis to be studied and imbibed through the Year. Dadi Jankiji, after returning from Ahemdabad on 13th in better health, was very eager to share those Elevated Versions in other languages and so this has come to you already in English from Jasuben of London.

Our prime focus for this month of January has been Sakar Baba's image of tapasya as an ‘Easy Rajyogi', which would enable us to lead natural lives of being ever-immersed in God's love. The more we have interest in observing the image of togetherness with the One, the more we develop deep feelings of nearness and similarity/ equality with Brahma Baba. As we heard from Baba's versions time to time, He wishes for us to become natural yogis and not hatha yogis or ‘hard yogis'! Just the mantra of two words would serve the purpose: Remain focused and determined while pursuing one's goal. There is no need to falter at any step when we have the Supreme Guide and His Guidance with us. Rather, we should remain ever-elevated and intoxicated in super-sensuous joy and accomplish our goal to become like Sakar Brahma Baba.

This communication is also to convey the good news that our Dadi Jankiji returned to Shantivan few days back in much better health, after receiving treatment from Dr Sudhir Shah, Senior Neuro-Physician, Dr Sudanshu Patwari, Senior Gastro-Enterologist and Dr Shiraz Munshi, Pain Management Specialist. We trust the present medication will aide Dadiji in leading a very meaningful life, as in the past, to serve humanity as she so greatly desires. In our chit-chats, Dadiji had been requested to record her memoirs of 78 years year-wise (if possible!) so that we have an additional record of Yagya History. She is quite enthusiastic about dictating the same, and has already started sharing stories in her classes!

With Godly love, remembrances and blessings from respected Dadi Jankiji, Dadi Gulzarji, Dadi Ratan Mohiniji and the divine family members of Madhuban,

B.K. Nirwair



Giving the Return of the Avyakt Sustenance: A Message from Dadi Janki, plus: A Tapaswi Life Booklet for 2015, The Year of Tapasya

16 January 2015

To BapDada's Dearest Divine family across the globe,

Greetings of love and peace for the powerful Avyakt month of January and the Year of Tapasya.

Now, in 2015, we are celebrating the newness of the New Year with January as the special Avyakt month.

This year, I would like us all to celebrate not just the month of January, but the whole of 2015 as the Year of Tapasya.  By taking power and blessings from this year we can imbibe the qualifications according to our aim.

Our beloved Brahma Baba attained his stage of perfection in the month of January and became a resident of the subtle region. For 46 years, Brahma Baba has come from the subtle region to the corporeal world to make us complete and perfect.  Brahma Baba's desire is to make us the same as himself, and he decorates us with so many teachings to give us the avyakt experience. 

Our Beloved Avyakt BapDada has given us avyakt sustenance for so long, and now is the time to give the return by following in the footsteps of Father Brahma.  Definitely have the aim to become the same as Brahma Baba.  For this, let each one have the determined thought to remain introverted and free from waste.

Let every Brahmin child keep a new aim to do intense meditation to experience the different stages of tapasya.  This small booklet has been printed with this in mind to support your practice of tapasya.  Every fortnight, practise and experience a new stage, by doing this collectively the vibrations of so many pure souls will help to transform the tamoguni atmosphere in the world. As we practise in the gathering the atmosphere at every service place will become ayvakt and powerful, through which the revelation of the one Father, the Sun of Knowledge will definitely take place.

My pure wishes are that each and every one of Baba's children becomes an instrument to reveal BapDada through their face and behaviour.  Become an image that grants visions

and enable the drums of victory to beat.  I am sure that each one of you will keep this aim as you study this book carefully and become the embodiment of the points.

With all good wishes for my divine family

In Godly service

B.K. Janki

Note: We have only just received the Hindi manuscript to be able to translate the first four months for us to collectively work on the homework given to us by BapDada. The rest will follow soon. (We have already begun homework for month of January as these points are the at the end of each day's murli and have therefore, not included the points for the month of January with this.)

Tapasvi Jeevan (Hindi Only)

The Year of Tapasya (English Only)

Year of Tapasya Booklet (needs to be printed A5 size)


Deadline Extended for submitting Stories for Dadi's 100th Year Celebration

15 January 2015


Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters,

To celebrate and take inspiration from Dadi Janki's 100th year, we are inviting yogis from all four corners of the globe to sift through the files of their minds and hearts and find a story that celebrates the diamond like way of Dadi Janki. This could be a moment that touched you, shaped you, or unleashed you. It could be a scene you experienced yourself or a scene you observed.

Some brothers and sisters have already begun to generously share their stories with us; stories of magical, inspiring, and heart warming encounters with Dadi. Some are only of moments, but moments that clearly meant so much to the brother or sister who had that experience. The stories will be threaded together like a necklace and names of contributors are not going to be mentioned.

The aim is to select some stories and create spiritual effort for the Brahmin family. With these stories we will celebrate the wondrous brilliance of an exquisite diamond: Dadi Janki. We will take a quality from each story and see how she lived it and take inspiration on how to practice it in our own lives.

In order for the story to be considered for the project, we're requesting that each story be no more than 200 words. Think of this like a verbal painting or photo or portrait of a memory you hold in the sacred file of the heart. We are extending the deadline to January 30th, 2015. Submit your story (limit 200 words) by sending an email to: sustenance@brahmakumaris.org or click HERE and fill out the form.

We hope that the small sample of stories, which can be downloaded from HERE, will help to inspire others to also share their own moments they have experienced with Dadi, with the rest of the family, and in their own way, let Dadi know how much those moments meant.

This web page will give you an idea on why we are requesting these stories and how we will use them.

With Many Blessings and in Remembrance, 

Dadi Janki's 100th Year Celebration Team



News from France Re: Recent Incidents in Paris

10 January 2015

Loving greetings.

For the last 48 hours the world is looking toward Paris and the situation unfolding there regarding the terrorist attacks.

Baba has told us many times that things will happen suddenly and that we will see such scenes with our own eyes. Today the French people and the whole world are witnessing the power and the perversity of Kaliyug.

On the positive side, people have come together in solidarity, asserting their value for life. All became "Je suis Charlie" (OM Charlie).

The French family is continuing to serve with the power of our divine vibrations. Thank you all for joining us in this unlimited service.

Om shanti

In Baba's yaad,
Francois and the French Family



Yoga Is Official! United Nations Adopts International Yoga Day

9 January 2015

The United Nations declared June 21st as International Yoga Day, just three months after India's newly-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi used some of his valuable minutes during his address to the U.N. General Assembly to introduce it. With an unprecedented 177 countries signed on, including the United States, China, France, the United Kingdom and Russia, it might be an indication that the winds are changing. The resolution adopted by the General Assembly garnered a record number of co-sponsors.

In my recent meeting with Minister Sripad Naik of the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy), I saw for myself how incredibly optimistic he and his team are about their work and the role of AYUSH for a wider community. I left our meeting so encouraged to know that India is leading the way and remaining courageous to bring forth, perhaps the most missed agenda item in world policies, that of spirituality.

There are many forms of yoga today and in America alone, there are 155 yogic practices and over 60 million practitioners. India has historically been known for its mysticism, yoga and meditation. During the recent launch of HuffPost India, at Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, Arianna Huffington, the chair, president, and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post Media Group, said to a group of leaders that India is in the unique position to offer the Eastern traditions of meditation and yogic methods to de-stress folks in the West. In this fast moving time, with India moving so fast, both in the East and West, the question here in India, is "Are Indians ready to return to its mystical ways of being as a people and a country, rather than chasing after the Maya of the West?"

Through practicing Raja Yoga, which directs the intellect to connect to the Divine so that the energies of "ALGAE," an acronym I use that represents, Anger, Greed, Lust, Attachment, and Ego, reduces and we become fully awakened in thoughts and actions. The gift of the present day is that we have so many forms of support to choose from to take better care of ourselves. Ultimately, it's about our own consciousness and what serves it best.

I wonder and remain optimistic that International Yoga Day is not only shifting the body, but it becomes an official day where everyone can choose to shift their minds towards a more empowered state. Could this be a means of declaring world peace? One thing is for sure, Prime Minister Modi and his Ministry of AYUSH are leading the world to awaken. To all leaders of the world, are you ready to chant your "OM" and find your own inner peace when you choose to lead?

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