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News of Passing Away of Madhuban Niwassi BK Tulsi Mata

24 March 2015


Divine Family

Our respected BK Tulsi Mata of Madhuban aged 81 has left her mortal body on 22nd March 2015.

The cremation took place today at 10.00 am on 23rd March 2015 at Mount Abu.

Our respected Dadijis, Seniors and  Madhuban Niwasis extending loving respects to this great serviceable soul.



BK Govindji Bhai of Mount Abu Has Passed Away

24 March 2015

Death : 16th March 2015
Born : Lakhabawal near Jamnagar 15.4.29
Came to Africa from Lakhabawal at the age of 8 years. Worked as a shopkeeper till age of 68, then retired. Gave service at the Nairobi Brahma Kumaris Centre for 8 years, from 1989-1996. Shifted to India in 1996 and remained here ever since. Lived more then 18 years in Abu.
Father to : Harish, Pravina, Vasanti and Hitesh
Father-in-Law to : Meena, Chandu, Kishor, Kajal
Grand Father to: Rupen, Bejul, Khilna, Ankhit, Kavit and Jagruti
Great Grand Dad to : Sachin, Rupen Shah



News of Br Markus of Johannesburg, South Africa

2 March 2015

Dear family,
We have lost a very special brother, friend and fellow spiritual traveller, Br Markus Moses from Johannesburg. Those of you who met Markus will remember him for his hearty laughter, optimistic spirit at the most difficult of times and for being a very kind and loving soul. Markus passed away Friday, 27th February after a heart attack. His legacy of working towards a world of loving kindness, and spiritual fragrance will continue to inspire.
Markus had come to the BKs in 1999 and has played a very significant role.  He had deep love to serve in an unlimited way and was the initiator of two significant BK projects. One was Serve Africa, which aimed to share the wisdom of Raja Yoga throughout Africa. As a result of this initiative, today we have centres in 46 countries in Africa.
Markus also initiated a series of dialogues, called At the Edge of Emergence, that were held in South Africa, New York, India and Australia. He served for some time as president of the of Living Values Association. 
A soul with a huge vision and a compassionate presence who always inspired people to challenge perceived limitations, he assisted numerous souls to recognise, express and fully live their specialities, talents and pure bhavna.  Br Markus leaves behind his wife Zarina and four children.


News of Br Nandu of Lotus House, Ahmedabad

2 March 2015

Bapdada's most beloved and tireless server, Br Nandu who has been surrendered in Baba's service since 1997 and serving at Lotus house, Ahmedabad, left his body on 26th of February 2015. He fell down in his shower in the morning which caused major injury to his brain and he left his body within a short time.

Br Nandu was a loving and faithful child of Baba and was 55 years old. He took knowledge in 1982 at Navsari where he served as a surrendered brother from 1990 to 1997. All of us of the Brahmin family pay tribute to such a lovely child of Baba. The funeral was held at 5pm on 26th February.


News of Dada Chimanbhai Patel of London

4 Febuary 2015

BK Chimanbhai Patel (Dada), beloved child of Baba, husband of Sr Vimla, Father of Sr Alka and Father-in-Law of Br Mahesh from Harrow, left his body on Wednesday, 28 January 2015 (on his 83rd lokik birthday) at around 5.40pm. He was with the spiritual family for 24 years and helped in Baba's seva at Wembley Inner Space.

He also had a prestigious career in cricket, playing the equivalent of county cricket in Baroda. He was coached by famous Indian Captain Vijay Hazare. One of his major successes was winning a match for Baroda against Gujarat, scoring 132 out of the total of 230 and the Surat crowd lifting him after the game.

In the mid-50s he moved to Dar-es-Salaam where he joined the teaching staff of the Indian Secondary School where he taught science and mathematics. He was also passionate in coaching cricket to his pupils some of whom became national cricketers. He went on to play at international level and in 1958 he was crowned Tanzania's Sportsman of the Year, a similar accolade to BBC Sports Personality of the year. He and his brother were "TERRORS" and most feared for their batting prowess – there was hardly a match when one of the brothers would not score a Century. In 1968, he and family emigrated to Zambia where he captained the national team.

Sr Jayanti was able to visit him earlier in the day and he was very alert, totally conscious and remembering Baba, sending greetings for Dadi and asking about everyone. Then a couple of hours later the soul flew away. It was a very peaceful departure and his close family were present with him in the Hospital. The Funeral was held on Sunday 1st February 2015. 

Please send your loving thoughts and good wishes, in Baba's remembrance, to this special soul and his family.

In Baba's yaad,

BK Jayanti


News of Sr Hansaben Joshi of Queensbury

4 Febuary 2015

Om shanti.

Sr Hansaben Joshi of Queensbury (London) left her body peacefully on 8 January 2015.

She was 83 years of age and came to the BKs in 1982.  She served her family who has great respect for Baba's organisation. She played a very good role as a trustee and won the hearts of her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was loved by her whole community. She was a very dedicated BK student and was a good helper in Baba's kitchen in Global Co-operation House and at Wembley Inner Space. 

Please send loving vibrations, in Baba's remembrance to the soul and her family. 

In Baba's yaad, 

BK Jayanti


Sister Sabitree of Guyana has Passed Away

1 Febuary 2015

Om shanti.  I am writing to convey the news, if you have not heard it so far, that Sister Sabitree of Guyana left the body suddenly last Wednesday, as the result of a heart attack.  A heart patient, seems she was anticipating the worst, as she left behind a request that Sister Hemlata should conduct her final rites. Sister hemlata arrived here this afternoon (Saturday) to honour her request. Cremation will be tomorrow, Sunday,1st February. Sabitree had in fact prepared everything else for her own funeral, down to announcements. Since her departure the brahmin family here has stayed close, giving what spiritual support they can to the lokik family, most of whom are familiar with the brahmins.

Br. Mark


BK Savitri Didi of Nagpur Vasant Nagar Has Left Her Mortal Coil

27 January 2015

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News of Passing Away of BK Chinu Bhai of Madhuban - Tribute

26 January 2015

Divine Family

Our respected BK Chinu Bhai, Incharge of Madhuban Library has left his mortal body on 23rd January 2015 at 11 PM. He was aged 75.

The cremation took place today at 4.00 pm at Mount Abu. Our respected Dadijis, Seniors and Madhuban Niwasis extending loving respects to this great serviceable soul.

Please see the attached file in hindi here.



News of Brother Possidio of Brazil

2 January 2015

Brother Possidio of Canela in the South of Brazil has flown to Baba. He left his body through a heart attack on the night of 24th December. He had been suffering from a heart problem for some years. He had been in gyan for a number of years and had served in Peace Village for a time. The cremation took place on 27th December in the city of Canela.