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Madhuban Double Foreign Program 

2021 - 2022 Season 





Madhuban Double Foreigner Program
October 2021


My Subtle and Secret Life with the Supreme



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Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.

We warmly welcome you to join the first online DF Madhuban Program of  the season on 9th & 10th October 2021.  Our theme is  “My Subtle and Secret Life with the Supreme.”

Please find the final details below with zoom links.

Please Note: 

  • The Youtube Channel link for the Americas on Sunday 10th is:
  •  No registration is required.     
  •  For questions about languages, other than English, please contact your language   coordinator.      
  •  For further information or enquiries please email                  
  •  After the 10th of October all three programs will be available on the  DF Madhuban   Program YouTube Channel.
  • To receive notifications of these and future programs you can subscribe to the  Channel:

Much love, 

In Baba's yaad,

Double Foreigner Program Team





Download a pdf version in ENGLISH

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News & Views from Madhuban
Monsoon on the Mount - Premier on 1 August


Dear Centre Coordinators and Double Foreigner Family,

Warmest greetings and much love.


We are pleased to let you know that the first edition of ‘News & Views from Madhuban - Monsoon on the Mount’ is being premiered on 1 August for the entire DF family. This short 15 minute video will allow the DF family to stay connected to Madhuban, see current scenes from our home and also hear some Madhuban news from Didi Nirmala. 

Please do let all the DF family know so they can join in from wherever they are.


1 August 2021; 4-4.15pm IST
YouTube link to join:

After the premier it will be available on the:
DF Madhuban Program YouTube Channel
which you can subscribe to for future notifications.

Look forward to being together online again!
Double Foreigner Madhuban Program Team






Madhuban Double Foreigner Program
October – April, 2021 - 2022 Season


Dear Divine Family, Warmest greetings of love.
We are happy to announce this Season’s Theme: My Subtle and Secret Life with the Supreme.

Rethinking the Season in Times of Transition
·      There are already a lot of wonderful online sustenance programs going on around the world, so we feel the role of the DF Program at this unique time is to connect the DF Family with the Madhuban Seniors, Madhuban itself, the Madhuban Niwasis and our Madhuban memories.
·      So as not to ‘over crowd’  the Season from October – April, when we have  the connection with Madhuban through the BOL, we will  spread the  DF programs out through the year, with the first two in October and January.
9-10 October 2021 –  9th Full Day and 10th Morning Only
We welcome you to join us to reconnect and rejoice in the subtle and spiritual connection we all have with each other, our home Madhuban and Baba. There will be interactive sessions and a yoga bhatti leading up to watching Baba’s avyakt murli on 10 October.

January 2022
There will be  a retreat from 14th (evening) – 18th (finishing after Amrit Vela) to give the experience of a real Madhuban pilgrimage. Details of this retreat will come in the near future.
Second part of the season – February – April 2022
We will be in touch with our RCs to be guided on the situation and schedule programs accordingly.
“News & Views from Madhuban”   
Regular 10-20 minute videos creatively featuring news from Madhuban are being developed with the first edition subtitled “Monsoon on the Mount” to come out around the end of July. 
With much love,
In Baba's yaad,
Celia, Dorothy, Nita, Manda, Marcelo, Petra, Pratiba, Suman, Sona, Trish, Vijai
for the DF Program Team




Special letter of Remembrance from Madhuban &
Dates for the Online Avyakt Meetings 2021-22


Beloved Avyakt Image, the Mother, Father, BapDada’s deeply loving instruments teachers, brothers and sisters, ones who always fulfil the pure hopes of the Mother and Father, the lamps of hope, ones who observe every scene of the drama as detached observers, ones who always keep the Companion with yourself and thereby have received the blessing of being victorious, please accept sweet love-filled remembrance.

Sweet Baba has taught us children to always have zeal and enthusiasm and so, we are all free from the cycle of “ifs” and “buts”. Baba is making His children complete with all powers such that no paper of any circumstances in the world can create any difference to our zeal and enthusiasm. Hearing Baba’s sakar and avyakt elevated versions, all of you must be experiencing this.

Now, the pure thought of all of Baba’s children in this land and abroad are reaching here, as to how BapDada’s avyakt meetings will continue. Since a few years, all of us having been experiencing avyakt sustenance through our avyakt stage. All of Baba’s children who come to our home Madhuban all experience Baba’s remembrance being merged in every particle. As soon as you set foot on this land of Baba’s divine activities, all become full. Our sweet and respected Dadi Gulzarji became a resident of the subtle region, teaching all of us the lesson of suddenly and being ever-ready.

After Dadiji became avyakt, all the planned programmes had to be postponed due to the second wave of Corona. However, the atmosphere everywhere is now changing. Even though the disease has not gone, those who have had the vaccination and those who are observing all the regulations are experiencing themselves to be safe and protected. The Government has now given permission for programmes to take place in small groups, and so yoga-tapasya programmes will be arranged in all places of Madhuban in the months of August and September 2021.

After that, we will be meeting BapDada in the usual way by video and will receive BapDada’s powerful and blessed drishti, and listen to BapDada’s sweet and elevated versions. All brothers and sisters in this land and abroad will be able to take full benefit of this online programme.

We hope that beloved BapDada and our sweet Dadi Gulzarji will make all of us complete through their subtle powers. With this aim, we have made 12 groups for BapDada’s meeting, for which some brothers and sisters from India will be able to personally come to Madhuban. But otherwise, all will experience the avyakt meeting at their own places. We are sending you the detailed schedule and definitely, each one will give your own co-operation. Achcha.

Lots of love and remembrance to all.
In Godly service.
B.K. Ratanmohini



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