Accessing the October 18th Avyakt Milan

Dear Divine Family, Om Shanti.

BapDada's milan of October 18, 2020 will be transmitted via BOL.

Because of the Coronavirus situation, BK Centers as well as BK students can access BOL from
wherever they are. NO PASSWORD will be necessary for accessing BOL on October 18.

Program Schedule: India Standard Time
5:00pm-6:00pm     Class
6:00pm-6:20pm     Meditation
6:20pm-6:30pm     Bhog offering
6:30pm-8:00pm     Revised Avyakt Murli

Live transmission will start from 5:00pm Madhuban Time on October 18, 2020.

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The transmission will be in Stereo. You can adjust LEFT (Hindi) and RIGHT (English) sound levels on your device using Volume Controls.

Test Link for you to check your reception and to practice adjusting stereo sound.

In Baba's loving yaad,
BOL TeamDear Centre Coordinators


Madhuban Double Foreign Program 
2020 - 2021 Season  -  6-8 November

A Special Silence Retreat Experience for
NCs, NCTs, CCs and Right Hands


OCTOBER 30th at noon IST is the Last Chance to Register!
Dear NCs/NCTs and CCs,
(kindly share this information with your Right Hands)
Om Shanti and Greetings!
Kindly be informed that Registration for the Global Silence Retreat from 6 to 8 November 2020, will close on 30th October 2020, 12.00 noon IST.  If due to any reason you have not been able to register, please do so immediately. The link is below:-
Thank you,
In Baba's sweet remembrance,
Online Global Silence Retreat Team
For your reference, Here is the original message sent out on the 9th of October:
Online Global Silence Retreat, 6 - 8 November 2020
Dear NCs/NCTs and CCs,
(Please share this invitation with your Right Hands who have been in that role for 2 years and above)
Om Shanti and greetings of love.
For ten years, we have been organizing Silence Retreats in ORC, Delhi for the BK family, usually around the time of the NC/CC Retreat. This time we would like to offer an opportunity for the family to be together in silence online. Therefore, we are organizing a Global Silence Retreat for NCs, NCTs, CCs and  Right Hands with the theme "The Sanctuary Within - Loving Form of the Karmateet Stage".
More information about the Global Silence Retreat is enclosed in the invitation together with the link for registration which is also below: 
Invitations in other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French and Tamil) are also attached.
We will also be offering silence retreats in December 2020 for those up to 5 years and for those up to 20 years it will be in January 2021.
In Baba's sweet remembrance,
Online Global Silence Retreat Team
Sisters Meera, Moira, Karen, Kathryn, Linda,
Celia, Yolanda, Chrissy, Judy and Tanya


Download Flyers in other languages:

French     Portuguese     Spanish     Tamil




Special Meditation for Madhuban Until Diwali


Dear double foreign children of the worldwide Brahmin family, Om shanti and greetings of love. 

Our thoughts have been with Madhuban. 

Baba has given each Brahmin a diamond birth, touching us so deeply that we experience the impact of our connection with Him throughout the cycle of time. In the same way, Madhuban has played a special role in our eternal divine lives. For most Brahmins, Madhuban has impacted the soul deeply and shaped our entire Brahmin life. We recall profound moments we had there, knowing that each experience traced a line of elevated fortune and ignited a sacred flame in the soul.

After being served and sustained by Madhuban so well for so long, we find that now Madhuban may benefit by our returning this love. Our collective elevated thoughts, good wishes and pure feelings for our sacred home can provide valuable support for Madhuban as it faces obstacles of this time such as covid and can help us move beyond any disillusionment we might have felt in the past few years, when witnessing big changes in Madhuban. 

We are requesting that students from each centre dedicate 15 minutes after class each morning for mansa seva for the benefit of Madhuban.  We are asking that you begin this on Sunday, October 25 and continue for 21 days until Diwali.

Keeping the flame burning with our sacred love will naturally send a special and pure current to Madhuban. Returning to our memories of magic moments spent in Madhuban that ignited a sacred flame in our hearts can be our way to serve Madhuban now.

This year is showing us a signal of time. Instead of just consuming programs from Madhuban online, we would like you to experience Madhuban and BapDada’s Season in a more elevated and uplifting way, by serving this place, our spiritual home, with your good wishes and pure feelings. We remember BapDada’s words, asking the Dadis to recreate a Madhuban wherever they go to serve, and we feel there is a mini-Madhuban living in our hearts.

This is an invitation to Centres, classes and the entire Brahmin family all over the world to emerge this vision now and create a connection with Madhuban such that all Baba’s children become a rosary of living lights, flames in which we can see and serve Madhuban.

With love and appreciation
In Baba’s remembrance,
The RC’s



 Online Avyakt Meeting dates &
Special letter of remembrance from Madhuban


Supremely Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s instrument teachers, brothers and sisters, ones who always keep the seed of your thoughts full with good wishes of benevolence, ones who are engaged in world benefit, please accept sweet love-filled remembrance.

Seeing the present scenes of the drama, all of you must definitely be serving to make your own stage powerful and with the practice of service through the mind, are giving the donation of yoga to the whole world and to nature.  According to the pure thoughts of all Baba’s children in this land and abroad, we are sending you this letter of remembrance.  As all of you can see, the Coronavirus has put a stop to all types of service programmes.  In Madhuban, in all three complexes, all programmes have been stopped for the past six months.

Our sweet and lovely Dadi Gulzarji is still in Gamdevi centre, Mumbai, and it is from there that Dadiji is giving us the experience of the powerful vibrations of Avyakt BapDada’s sakaash.  All of us have taken avyakt sustenance from this chariot for 48 years and heard the sweet elevated versions, and even receiving powerful drishti through the video gives us the experience of being merged in God’s love and of filling our aprons with blessings.

This year, the programme for Avyakt BapDada’s incarnations in this land and abroad will be heard and seen online, enabling all brothers and sisters to become merged in the ocean of experiences.

If we receive permission from the Government for some brothers and sisters in India to come to Madhuban, we will inform you of the numbers of how many brothers and sisters can come and on what date they arrive in Madhuban and what date they have to leave.  Of course, being in our own places, we will celebrate an auspicious meeting with BapDada on-line.

With lots of remembrance,
In Godly service,
B.K. Ratanmohini


Dates for the Online Avyakt meetings 2020-21

Meeting No.

BapDada’s meeting date



Sunday 18th October 2020

UP, Benares, West Nepal


Sunday 1st November 2020

Indore (Artiben)


Tuesday 24th November 2020



Saturday 5th December 2020



Saturday 19th December 2020



Thursday 31st December 2020

Delhi, Agra


Monday 18th January 2021



Saturday 30th January 2021

Indore (Kamlaben)


Saturday 13th February 2021

Maharashtra, Mumbai, Andhra


Thursday 25th February 2021

Eastern – Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Odisha, Nepal


Wednesday 10th March 2021



Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Tamil Nadu


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Information on Double Foreigner Programs
Madhuban 2020/ 21 Season

Baba continues to sustain us in so many ways and we have all been keen to know when we may again make the pilgrimage to our sweet home of Madhuban. As we are all aware, the situation of Covid is still quite severe in many countries, including India, and so we cannot say with any certainty when this may be possible.

The Double Foreign programme team are thinking ahead and are preparing a virtual Madhuban experience with the theme of 'Madhuban Our Sacred Home'.

The first transmission of a special Murli from BapDada will be on the 17th of October.  

Below is an updated communication from the Double Foreign Programme Team. We hope you will all be able to join in.

With love,
in Baba's yaad,


***  ***   ***   ***   ***


UPDATED October Madhuban DF Program

2020 - 2021 Season


On Saturday 17th of October, there will be an online experience of Madhuban for the BK family entitled, ‘Home Sweet Home’.  It will be streamed twice at 8:00 and 20:00 India time.  This is in order to serve most time zones all over the world.

The programme will be around 1.5 hours in duration and will include a live welcome by our seniors and many touching scenes of Madhuban memories.  Below are the links:

8:00 India time:

20:00 India time:

Please do choose which of the timings best suits your time zone.  A recording will also be available immediately afterward to watch at your convenience.

For translation into languages other than English, could the language coordinators please contact Br Marcelo by 10 October for details.


On Sunday 18th October Avyakt BapDada's first Revised Murli of the Season will be telecast from Shantivan.  Madhuban will send more details.


Upcoming Double Foreigner Programs – Save the Date

November – Saturday 28 & Sunday 29 – details to follow

December – Saturday 19 & Sunday 20 – details to follow

In both the November and December programmes, there will be two main sessions on both Saturday and Sunday, broadcast in two time zones as previously.  In our programmes we will come close to our Madhuban seniors in an innovative format allowing us to experience being in Madhuban in touching and creative ways.  Full details will come to you closer to the date.

For questions on the program please contact us at:

Much love,
In Baba's yaad,
Double Foreigner Program Team
Celia, Chris, Dorothy, Manda, Marcelo, Nita, Petra Pratiba, Suman, Sona, Trish, Vijai and Rajesh