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Madhuban Newsletter - December 2023

1 December 2023

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for December 2023 with points for 1-31 December in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,



Murli Department, Madhuban


Madhuban Newsletter in English


Madhuban Newsletter in Hindi






Transcribed Classes of "Give blessings and Receive blessings " from Nov 1 - Nov 15, 2023

20 November 2023

Dear Avyakti Parivar,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Give blessings and Receive blessings "  from  Nov 1 - Nov 15, 2023

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Transcribed Classes of Mohini Didi: Oct 16-Oct 31 : Use every treasure in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success

10 November 2023

Dear Avyakti Parivar,

Please find attached transcribed classes of  "Use every treasure in a worthwhile way and become an embodiment of success"  from  Oct 16 - Oct 31, 2023

Also, find transcribed classes on the


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Madhuban Newsletter - November 2023

29 October 2023

Dear Centre Coordinators,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for November 2023 with points for 1-30 November in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,



Murli Department, Madhuban


Newsletter in English


Newsletter in Hindi






Our Role in Transformation - Surya Bhaiji Morning Class on 8th October 2023 at GCH, London

22 October 2023

Om shanti.

(Speaking in Hindi: Joy and happiness to the mothers. (Answer: Bliss) Mothers are even happier than brothers. Baba has given the power to the mothers. Such a blessing has been given by God. Am I supposed to give a class in English? Achcha. Mothers, I remember Hindi when I see you. (All laughed))

We are also the masters, masters, kings of the self. We must realise one very great thing, which is not a subject of experience. And that great thing is the deep realisation that Baba is my sweet Father. Therefore, I have the right over Him. Adhikar, right. Feel this right. We are the masters of all treasures of Baba.

Just as we have become the masters of knowledge, we know. We know everything Baba has given us; His entire knowledge, the philosophy of Raj Yoga. We had been searching for this truth, so, He made us His masters, masters of all treasures. Throughout the whole day, all of us, including myself, practice: "I'm a self-sovereign, King of the self, King, master of my mind, intellect, sanskars, sense organs, and the body." I am the king of this body, the king of all sense organs. As Baba mentioned today, we say "my sanskars," as in these are my sanskars, but those are not my sanskars. We can bring the picture of our deity form in front of us. Just once, a beautiful divine, viceless deity, and give this command to ourselves: "These are my sanskars." As a result, the present sanskars will be automatically replaced by those sanskars.

For example, anger. Baba once told us that we can create this thought, with the feeling that anger is not my sanskar. My sanskar is love and peace. So, we can feel it go away from us. And the things we accept enter our subconscious mind. Therefore, this is not my sanskar. Suppose someone has the sanskar of feeling bad, having a mood off, experiencing unhappiness, and lacking enthusiasm. So give this command to yourself for some days. It doesn't take time, just one minute. This is not my sanskar. My true sanskar is very, very powerful, very happy, very energetic, very light, and easy. So, we can use this technique, a psychological approach, to bring change into our sanskars.

But a very important thing is to bring a change into our thoughts. We were told for thousands of years that in household life, we cannot become pure. This thought weakened us and brought us down. However, Baba has now given us a new thought: "I have come to purify you. A kalpa ago, you had become absolutely pure. You are a victorious jewel. I have given you all of my powers. You are Mahavir." This thought energised us. Thoughts give us energy. Weak thoughts weaken us. We need to bring changes into our thoughts.

Baba is speaking today about happiness. We Brahmins are all very happy comparatively. Every morning, Baba touches us and brings the gift of happiness. Do you experience it? The Murli, every day, brings us a lot of happiness. It removes all kinds of stress and tension from our mind and gives us a new life. So, the Murli is the most important. Of course, the Coronavirus pandemic gave us the gift of being able to listen to the Murli in our own homes. Even in our jobs, we are now working from home. However, coming to the centre is another great thing.

We are very alert in the morning. Otherwise, I will listen to the Murli at home, okay? While working, I will listen, but I may miss some things. So, one thing everyone has to do to make their stage very strong and unshakeable, free from waste and fear, is to note down at least sixteen powerful points from the Murli. You can even aim for twenty-five points. These powerful points are the ones that bring change into our thoughts, activate our inner power and energy, and make us realize that God is always with us. We are not alone. These points give us the feeling that we are very powerful and not weak. The problems and challenges we face are nothing compared to our strength. We can take a jump and throw these problems in the dustbin. You will find such powerful points from the Murli.

I would like to share an experience of one point when Baba was in Sakar. BapDada mentioned this beautiful thought in the Murli: "You had been with deities for 2500 years. If you had been with human beings for 2500 years, now live with Me and enjoy My company." The second time, the words changed: "You have been playing in the laps of deities for half a cycle, and later for half a kalpa, in the laps of human beings. Now, play in the laps of God." I used to write this point every day, at least five times. It is such a beautiful point that uplifts us, helps us take a leap in our life, and gives us intoxication. We should not doubt the Murlis, as they will become the power within us. Knowledge is both a light and might. We will become very powerful and happy. We have to make it our nature.

I see many Brahmins who are always happy, and some Brahmins have become very sensitive. Now, you know what happens to sensitive souls. We have to become very powerful, including our feelings, but there must be a balance between feelings and power. One powerful thought comes to my mind, like medicine, with Avyakt BapDada, and you can enjoy this thought too. Say that you are the most fortunate person in the world. BapDada starts the Murli like this: "See, you are being sustained by God Himself." Baba speaks about five things in the morning. He comes down to wake you up. Do you like this idea? Give a thought to Baba and say, "Baba, I would like to wake up at three today," and the three o'clock alarm will ring here and we will wake up. So, Baba comes down to wake me up. Secondly, He comes down to teach you. See, the Supreme Teacher, the Knowledge-full, the Ocean of Knowledge comes to give us the divine light of knowledge. Thirdly, He says, "I come to feed you with Brahma Bhojan." Fourthly, He says, "At night, I come to you to say good night, my child, to help you sleep." Lastly, if someone cries out of sorrow, I come down, give drishti, help that soul, and give My good vibrations.

Next thing, whenever we ask Him to come down, He comes down. Here are Baba's beautiful words: "If people in this world ask whether God is free for these souls? Is He free all the time?" And Baba's answer is, "You can answer them, 'God the Supreme Being is free for me all the time now at the Confluence Age.'" The Supreme Being is free for me and are we free for Him or busy? (All laughed). They say, "I'm very busy." Make yourself very easy, fill your mind with happiness and energy.

I always say, nowadays, a critical time is coming fast. We will see all of a sudden, wonderful things. I don't want to use the word, but a big transformation on this earth is imminent, anytime. You know, World War can take place like this. We must fill up our minds and brains every morning with spiritual energy. With the energy of powerful thoughts, powerful thoughts give us energy. Some make a plan every morning that they will become full of spiritual energy. Otherwise, this external energy of the world, bad energy, will enter our minds, our brains, with a very negative effect. One suggestion I would like to give you, if not at four o'clock - you are smiling now (all laughed) - up to six o'clock, you must become very energetic because otherwise, what happens? Many times, at four o'clock or before, many are unable to create energetic thoughts in their minds. They miss it, and once they miss it, it becomes a habit of missing. So, at six o'clock or five o'clock, you must create powerful thoughts in your mind and energise yourself. Can it be done, sisters? Can it be done?

Every day, just as for our body, tea, coffee, dinner, breakfast, lunch are essential, if we don't eat anything for a week, what will happen? For the mind and intellect, we need spiritual energy and spiritual wisdom. So, charge yourself. And if you don't experience sound sleep at night, read the Murli before going to bed. The Murli will silence your mind, and you will have good sleep for happiness. It's just an important thing. Thoughts of happiness, thoughts of intoxication, you must have a beautiful collection of such thoughts from the Murli. We find everything. So sometimes happy thoughts don't make us happy, right? We think, "Oh, I achieved God in this life."

Now, in fact, thoughts of intoxication will help us, and then thoughts of happiness will work powerfully. So, here, at least have 10 thoughts of happiness and 10 thoughts of intoxication, and try your best. Give these thoughts to your mind. "My happiness is more important than these things." And we all must have this experience that if we are happy inside, this happiness gives us energy, and the vibrations of happiness destroy many problems from our life.

So, every morning, get some blessings from Baba and make yourself very energetic, up until six o'clock. It is a very good practice for our spiritual life, for the concentration of the mind, for stability in this world, the practice of five forms. If you sometimes find yoga difficult, start practicing five forms. Simply, when we play the one-minute traffic control record, in just one minute, you can repeat all five forms: "I am a soul, this is my body," for just 10 seconds, "I was a deity, with a double crown," "I was such a worthy-of-worshipped soul,” Ishta Dev or Ishta Devi, you can choose one of your forms. "I am the most fortunate Brahmin; I will become an angel like this." Picture it, make a vision of an angel. This is me. So, this practise of one minute will help us become free from many waste thoughts.

So, you can make a plan that when the traffic control record is played, I will do this practice. But, you know, one practice will not give us enjoyment forever. That may be the most beautiful practice. But after a week, the mind would say, "No, change it, change it." So, then you can make a one-point plan for your efforts. A one-point plan, that today, I will practise this the whole day, either 21 times or two times per hour, that I am a self-sovereign soul sitting on the throne of my forehead. Just for ten seconds each time.

So, these thoughts, I'm repeating the same thing. Bring them into your feelings. This one thought of self-respect, the energy of one thought will make us free from many waste thoughts. I would like to mention one thing, and that's a secret philosophy of everyone's mind. That is, the nature of the mind is constantly thinking. It has been thinking for thousands of years. Our mind continually thinks. So, the secret is: either I give powerful thoughts to my mind, or the mind will think itself.

So, if you want to control your mind, what Baba was saying to the master of your mind is to give good thoughts, powerful thoughts, thoughts of self-respect, and thoughts of intoxication to your mind. This is a simple method to control the mind. And you know, one who controls the mind will control the entire nature.

I have one thought in my mind. Whether it is true or not, I don't know. You have to decide. During that time of transformation and that critical time, some great yogis will direct the way to finish this world because in Indian scriptures, the eleven Mukhi Rudraksha has been mentioned. Eleven, gyarah Rudra. So many great yogis will play this secret role, to give directions to control many things to bring a change at that time.

So, lastly, I would say to you, I have mentioned this before, but it is important to remind yourself again and again. Fix up your power of the future. During the time of transformation, I will play this role. So, there will be a great benefit: the effect of those things will not come to our minds. For example, at night before going to bed, I have to send vibrations of peace to all souls of the world, being the ancestors, so that they can have a good sleep. During that time, I will send powerful vibrations to the world, so that many souls in this world become fearless. I will share some thoughts with the world, something new for you to start. I will give powerful thoughts to the world, so that their thoughts can change. Thoughts for all souls, thoughts like this: "All souls, you are under the canopy of Almighty. Don't become fearful, become carefree now. He has come down to protect you." Such a thought.

Second thought, as we talk to the world: "All souls, the time has arrived. It is time for all souls to go back Home. This is the return journey, so prepare yourself. Don't overthink, as we all have to go back Home now." By sharing this message, they will receive our vibrations and become ready to accept what is going to happen. This way, we can all fulfil our roles. Have a determined thought in your mind, "I will play this role during the transformation." And then make efforts accordingly. As we become bestowers, we have to fulfil our role as bestowers now. We have many things to give to the world. This way, negativity will not affect us. We will become angels and do the wonderful job entrusted to us by Baba. We have all enjoyed everything here.

This is our final meeting, followed by our last public program at 4:30 PM this afternoon. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you. We arrived here unexpectedly and did not inform you in advance. Enjoy your time, be happy, and prepare yourself to send vibrations to the entire world. Om shanti.

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Recognise the Soul - Sudesh Didi – 4th October 2023 Murli Revision Class – GCH, London

11 October 2023

Om shanti. Today’s Murli, Baba says that devotees have been remembering God. But He says, “You don't know the Father.”  So, what is the reason behind souls remembering God without knowing Him? What is the basis of this remembrance? 

For example, if someone gives you an extraordinary gift, and you use it and find it to be very special, what happens? Whenever a situation arises that reminds you of the person who gave you that gift or someone who helped you in a similar way, you automatically remember them. It is the experience associated with that gift or help that triggers the remembrance. So, what makes us remember God? Our experience. 

So, it was what we had before. It makes us remember. It is our experience of His love and His actions in our lives that make us remember Him. He embraces us just as we are, protecting, supporting, uplifting, and liberating us. It is only God who can do this, the One who is not in bondage, the One who is free. 

I asked myself this morning, "Baba, what makes us remember you so much?" And He says, "This is why you remembered Me, not directly remembered Me." In other words, we remember God because of our own selfish motives and what we have received from Him. Even now, as we continue to remember Him, we do so with the expectation of receiving from Him. This is an interesting aspect to reflect upon. 

The other thing Baba mentions is, "No one has seen a soul, so why do they say 'I am a soul'?" The truth is, we may have a desire to physically see the soul or believe that we can see it with these eyes. But, it is important to understand that we don't perceive the soul with our physical eyes; rather, we recognise its value and importance through the eye of the intellect and through the eye of experiences. 

For example, you go to a shop to buy something, and the item you want is on the shelf. You look at it and then ask the sales assistant, "Can I have a look at it?" But you have already seen it on the shelf. So why are you asking to see it again? The thing is, your eyes have seen the object sitting there, but what you are really looking for is to hold it in your hand, to examine its quality, size, durability and the make. In this case, you are not seeing with your physical eyes, but with the eye of your intellect and your past experiences. 

In the same way, it is our experience of happiness and the experience of what He has given us that make us remember Him. 


Lately, I have been experiencing interactions with some arrogant and rude people that I cannot avoid. I have to work with them either in person or through communication. This is a significant challenge I face at work. I am uncertain about how to navigate this situation and despite my attempts to avoid them, I have been unsuccessful. How can I effectively resolve this and find a solution to deal with these arrogant and rude individuals? 

Sudesh Didi:

The behaviour of these individuals is a reflection of their own sanskars that they carry. In order to purify your own mind and maintain peace at work, it is important to focus on your own response rather than dwelling on their personality traits or past actions. Instead of constantly thinking about how they treat you, shift your perspective to how you should perceive them. I understand that their behaviour may be rough, aggressive, or even violent. To counter this negativity, you need to maintain a positive mindset and energy. 

But if I'm thinking this is I'm handling I'm trying, what are you trying? You are trying not to be influenced. But in order to be free from influence, it is just like in order to finish the fire, to finish it, I have to certainly be in touch with. The firefighters. The first and more first most important thing is that they were the fireproof dress. But it is not in a fireproof dress means not to be burned by this. And that means in my consciousness, I have to see which dress I'm actually wearing. I'm wearing the dress of a particular person with my own name and form, and this is how he sees me. And I am also perceiving him in the same way: his name, his form, his behaviour. So, it becomes like fire within fire. So, he shouts, seeing me in a hurry. But I am the HareHare signifies the remover of sorrow. I am not what he perceives me to be. 

I, the soul, check if the reaction is present in my mind or if it is in my mind to finish their sanskars in him for himself as well. It's not that he has to change for me, but rather I need to change myself. So not only does my consciousness change, but also there is an intense power within myself for self-protection. This protection arises when I remember who I truly am. 

Those who defame me are my friends. They are helping me become the embodiment of love. Their behaviour towards me may be one of subordination, seeing me as a servant, or demanding things from me. This can lead us to believe that this is the nature of consciousness and intensify feelings of inferiority and fear. 

I need to change my attitude and stop thinking, "What kind of karma is it that I have to work with him?" It's not productive. Instead, I want to clear the karma with the power of yoga.  I have to first use knowledge that it is not karma. I am in this field of action, which is really drama that has placed me in this situation. So, I must first cover myself with dignity and tap into my inner power, so that I do not feel overwhelmed. I should view it as their specific traits or characteristics, their role as a boss, their position of authority, and their consciousness that I have to work with in order to fulfill my role as a benevolent being. But, to truly overcome this situation, I must connect with the "Water Source" to extinguish the fire. Just wearing fireproof clothing cannot put out the fire; it can only offer protection. To fully resolve it, I need another power. 

Then, for a few days, try this: keep Baba with you and send this soul mercy and the power of love. He has become subservient to this consciousness of authority and takes advantage of fear, whether it's by pressuring you to say yes or creating fear of losing your job, or by creating fear of what others may think, which insults me. As a result, I also become body conscious, influenced by his body consciousness. 

To play the role of positive virtues, I need something subtle, not something gross. For a few days, you can send good wishes of love to this poor soul who doesn't know that this karmic account is becoming strong. You can say, "Baba, you take charge of this soul and give the soul power," and change your mindset with your positive energy. This is a way of serving him, and in doing so, I am serving in a different way. So, my pure feeling of good vibrations for that soul protects me from being hurt in my heart. Otherwise, I would also become angry and develop hatred towards him, rejecting him and thinking it would be better if he weren't here, or that I should find another job elsewhere. 

The situation will remain the same because I have not learned to protect myself. So, it is not a matter of karma but rather it is drama intended to develop my inner power of meditation. For many months, this has been beneficial for myself, and so I do not hold any grudges towards that person. I perform yagya, the sacrificial fire of knowledge, is created. And so, I must also sacrifice "I" and "mine," and in doing so, this person's "I" and "mine" will also be sacrificed. I need to place Baba in the middle and offer good wishes with a pure heart, not just outwardly, but internally as well. If I have good wishes, and I am upset inside, my good wishes will not be effective. 

So, I have to first protect myself with my self-respect and then offer good wishes. This is the task of a Brahmin who performs yagya. With my power, this fire of the whole world, these vices will burn. It is not about him, but rather his sanskars. By helping myself, I am also helping him. I suggest trying this for a week, and you will see the results. Om shanti.

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Sakaash through Thought Power - Surya Bhai – 2nd October 2023 Morning Class - GCH, London

24 October 2023

Om shanti. So, Baba has given us nourishment through His Murli. The Murli is a blessing from God to His children. One important practice we should all engage in is talking to ourselves. God has come down to give me everything. We used to remember Him, and now He is remembering me. This is the Confluence Age, a time when I have the opportunity to achieve everything for the entire cycle through Baba. If we are happy now, we will experience happiness in all future births. If we become powerful now, what will happen? Power, in the sense of spiritual strength, will come to us and we will wear the crown of authority in many future births. If we become powerful, we will be able to face all challenges with ease, and with a smile on our faces. If we cultivate inner peace here, we will not need to search for peace after the Copper Age either. If we become content here, that contentment will last for the entire kalpa. Do you believe this to be true? 

So, this is a beautiful time to sow the seed of transformation within our sanskars. We have to work on transforming our sanskars. How can we do that? If we were to count the number of sanskars we need to transform, if we make a list, it might overwhelm us and make us feel frustrated. But if we approach it with ease, we can purify ourselves and bring about the necessary changes by focusing on transforming our thoughts. 

This is the secret behind transforming our sanskars - change our thoughts and everything else will follow. So, we need to adopt the sanskars of giving happiness, pleasure, and joy to others. We should reflect on our words and behaviours and ask ourselves if they align with our Brahmin life. Can they be appreciated? Our words hold significant importance. 

One line from Baba's Murli taught me many valuable lessons many years ago. It said, "Your every word can become a blessing for others, a beautiful vardaan." I hope you all understand the meaning of this word "vardaan." It's not just a simple blessing, but something greater. So, remember that each word you speak has the potential to be a blessing, a vardaan, for others. Be careful with your words, because once, many years ago, I made a mistake. I said something hurtful to someone who was always angry and argumentative. In that moment, I also became angry and spoke without thinking. But soon after, I realised my mistake. I had made a big mistake and I deeply regretted it. 

But after four or five days, Avyakt Baba came into Baba's room, and I had the opportunity to meet Him. I shared everything with Baba. During those days, I felt really good because we could talk to Baba about anything. I told Him about the bad word I had spoken to that person, and I realised it might come true. Baba smiled and gave me a beautiful teaching. He said, "Sometimes, you have to say something to others. But even if you want to say it angrily, say it politely. You still have to say it." I learned this lesson because in a big family like ours, there are many times when we have to express ourselves, and it's important to do it politely. 

One thing I learned from Baba is how He begins the Avyakt Murli. You may have noticed that the first line is "BapDada is looking at such and such children today." He would then proceed to give a lot of praise to his children, saying things like "You are so great, you are so sensible, you are very wise, you are the light of this world," giving self-respect and elevating the children. Then, at the end, He would add, "But Baba does not like this: your anger, your bad words are not good. Change them." So, what I learned is that if you want to teach someone, or if someone in your team or group makes a mistake, it's important to first give them respect and acknowledge them. Then, you can gently point out what needs to be improved. If you use this technique, the person is more likely to accept the teaching. I used this technique myself when I became responsible for such a large kitchen, with at least 200 surrendered brothers and a few sisters training brothers. They were working in different departments of the kitchen, and this technique of Baba really helped. 

Baba never gets frustrated. He is the Ocean of Patience. It's a new term - the Ocean of Patience. For over 50 years, He has been teaching us so many things, yet He never says, "I have told you many times, and if you don't change yourselves, I will not do it anymore." (Surya bhai laughed). Baba continuously showers us with love and reminds us of the same things. We should never feel tired or frustrated with our family members, children, or others, even if they don't improve themselves. Instead, we should maintain a positive attitude towards them. They are our good friends. There is a simple technique we can use within our families: sit aside for just 3 minutes. This practice spreads positive vibrations throughout your home, "I am a supremely pure soul, radiating pure vibrations and golden red light everywhere in my home." If you have a courtyard, it becomes filled with these golden vibrations, and each room in your house becomes infused with these vibrations. Just 3 minutes every day, have the thought, "Oh, so and so in my family, they are the most fortunate soul. We all have a beautiful bond of friendship and love, and we respect each other." So, your thoughts will become true. This is a simple technique to create a very loving and respectful atmosphere in your family. 

Otherwise, relationships are becoming the biggest problem in this world due to ego and anger. There was this girl who got divorced, and her mother gave me a ring, expressing that her daughter left her husband and came back after only one year. She asked me to call her and speak to her. So I spoke to her and asked what the problem was. Was her husband not good to her? Did her mother-in-law mistreat her? She just started laughing and said, "No problem. The problem is just one thing: I speak too much. They kept telling me to be quiet and let them speak, but I kept talking. Finally, they all decided that I should go back to my own home." You see, it's a small thing, but it created a big problem in their lives and caused upset in both families. So, we must learn how to create positive vibrations in our family every day. You can do this technique anytime, but morning time is the best for it to be effective, for their mind to change. 

Here is the second technique which I have taught many to bring about change in others' thoughts, to free them from addictions, and to help them become free from anger. This technique involves giving one to two minutes of positive vibrations to a person while they are sleeping. You can keep the thought of either "I am a supremely pure soul" or "I am a master almighty, and powerful vibrations are going to that soul through the soul-to-soul connection." This process will prepare their subconscious mind. Then, talk to them and remind them that they are a good person, very sensible, very wise, and a child of God. Give these three thoughts to them. Afterward, mention that they need to change certain things in their life if they wish to become happy or have a peaceful, enjoyable journey throughout life. Share two to three thoughts on addiction not being suitable for life and leaving a bad impact on the heart, kidneys, and liver, hence damaging their life. For the final thought, give a command to leave it, to quit it powerfully. If a person is angry, you can remind them of how they are a child of God, a good man, very wise, and how anger is a bad thing that can spoil relationships. Remind them that they're a peaceful soul and they will find good results. 

If you can manage to practice this technique and maintain the same positive thoughts for at least seven consecutive days, at the same time each day, it will give you excellent results.  If the case is more serious or bad, continue the practice for more days. This way, your vibrations and positive thoughts will enter their subconscious mind as when a person is sleeping, their subconscious mind is fully active. So, the vibrations and thoughts you send to that person's subconscious mind will be received and accepted, and change will occur. 

I usually use this technique when there are conflicts between a husband and wife, which happen in India quite frequently. For instance, a wife told me that her married life was 40 years out of her 60-year life. Her husband recently told her that he wanted a divorce, leaving their children, who are aged 35 years, to question his actions due to judgment of the society, samaaj. I taught the sister this technique, and this conflict happens because of purity, I taught her, "When you wake up, use this technique and create such thoughts to talk to that person: ‘You are a good soul, you are a pure soul, you are my good friend, I love you, and you love me.’” Within seven days, things got better, and the conflict subsided. It's a wonderful power of our subconscious minds that we can use, but the more we practice yoga and self-respect, the more powerful our subconscious minds become. 

In the subconscious mind, 90% of our mind's power remains. So, if we enhance our powers from 10 to 20, 20 to 50, and 50 to 80, our subconscious mind becomes more powerful. When our mind power exceeds 75%, our subconscious mind is at its most powerful state. If we give such positive thoughts to the entire world, they will work. 

Here is a method to give sakaash, to help with that thought power. In the morning, when your mind is at its most powerful state and people are sleeping, you can invoke the souls of the deity religion. You can say, "All souls of the deity religion, come to your Supreme Father. He has come down to give you your inheritance, to make you into deities again. Come." Your thoughts will pull them. In this way, you can use the power of your subconscious mind. 

Lastly, our subconscious mind has the ability to understand and receive new visions or pictures. For example, I understand that you may not necessarily desire a car, especially a beautiful or expensive one. However, this serves as a good example. Suppose you do want a car. Create a vision in your mind: visualise yourself sitting in that car, driving it confidently. Within a year, that vision and time will manifest the car into your reality. This principle applies to anything you desire, not necessarily a car. Anything (Everyone laughed). I understand you don't need a car. I also teach this technique to individuals preparing for interviews, such as for the beautiful position of Chief Executive Officer. I recall a case in India where a candidate approached me. He had a BTech MBM degree and one available seat in that company aspired to achieve. I advised him to create this vision: visualise his office, the chair he would be sitting on, and imagine his nameplate on the wall outside the room, labelled CEO. 

He was eventually selected for the position, and prior to his selection, he asked for advice on how to succeed in the interview. I told him to start practising seven days before the interview: "I am a master almighty, success is my birthright. They will ask the same questions that I already know." This is a very subtle philosophy of the subconscious mind. He followed this practice diligently and approached the interview with full confidence, even wearing a beautiful badge. It was a unique situation as there was only one seat for one post. 

During the interview, an old man conducted the proceedings. He addressed the him as "my son" and asked if he practised meditation. He replied, “Yes, sir.” "Will you conduct meditation for us?" the interviewer asked. "Yes, sir," the candidate responded. Soon, everyone seated themselves, closed their eyes, and sat in meditation position.(Everyone laughed) After about 10 minutes, the candidate called out, "Sir," but they did not open their eyes. He called out again, "Sir," and finally, they opened their eyes and began asking the first question for the interview with the senior officers. 

Next, the interviewer asked, "Do you have any other skills?" The candidate replied, "I can sing a song." (Everyone laughed) He was well-versed in the art of singing, so he began to sing a beautiful song that is commonly played in Bharat at 9:30 pm, titled "Prem Se Bas Do Ghadi Prabhu Ka Dhyan". He proved to be a talented singer, and you can now often see him on the stage of Shantivan. As he sang the song, once again, those present closed their eyes and became immersed in deep remembrance, creating a wonderful experience. Immediately after the song ended, they presented him with an appointment letter, inviting him to join the company from that day onwards. This highlights the power of not only the subconscious mind but also the help and blessings from Baba. Baba’s help is abundant, and we must learn how to receive it. Om shanti.

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The Subtle Powers - Morning Class with Sudesh Didi on 1st October, 2023 at GCH, London

10 October 2023

Om shanti. Om shanti. Good morning. Each morning and each day is a special day. How fortunate we are to celebrate our meeting with the Beloved, the Supreme, who comes in different costumes, professions, and works every day? Yesterday, He introduced Himself as the Gardener and the Boatman. Today, He comes in another dress. What is it? He says, "I am the Diamond Merchant," because He adopts the body of a diamond merchant. However, the praise of Him is the Incorporeal.

He does not have ears, but He hears the call of the heart from everyone. He does not have legs, but He walks very fast. He does not have hands, but He manages to accomplish a hundred tasks at once. In Hindi, it is bina pairon ke chalata hai, without legs, He walks. Bina kaan ke sunata hai, He does not have ears, but He hears everything. Without physical actions, He performs wonderful tasks. The day before yesterday, Baba asked if He had hands or not. Yes, He does not have a physical body, but He adopts or rents a "building" or "hands" to use them, to see through the "eyes," and to write letters with those "hands."

As I mentioned yesterday, when a place is rented, although it belongs to the landlord, the tenant still feels it is their home. They take care of it, not thinking it is the landlord's responsibility to clean or decorate it according to their preference. You have the right to fully live in and decorate your home as you choose. When you invite someone, you don't ask them to come and see your landlord's house; you say, "Please come to my house," and provide your address. Similarly, when we used to write letters to Baba, Baba would say, "Care of post office, that is, care of Brahma." So, through Brahma, He  introduces Himself, and it is evident how easily we adopt the qualities and traits of others or of material things. Brahma Baba was a diamond merchant, and today, Baba has come to give us an understanding of His vision, to see everyone as sparkling diamonds - flawless, radiant, and shining.

So not only does He want to see a diamond in this case, but He also wants to see the light reflecting through our costumes and our sense organs. It is clear that we can understand how this body functions. The soul's existence in this body originates from life, original energy, and the eternal being - light. Take the example of physical lights, like the light bulb in your own home. The light is contained within the bulb, but when you observe it, you see an aura surrounding it. It radiates its energy, extending beyond just the bulb itself.

In the same way, when the living light, the pure energy, is present, it is conscient energy, incognito, subtle, yet extremely powerful energy. This living energy vibrates, and as a result, not only the soul but also the body reflects it. The face is the index of the mind, and the eyes are the windows to the soul. But when the soul is the embodiment of that light, it is the entire subtle body that radiates the metaphysical energy, which is not physical. This energy vibrates, and it is not just limited to a dot (the soul), as Baba says. Your features, everyday actions, and the vibrations emitted as you move will be seen by others as light, similar to the way they see the light and the angel of light. It is a reflection, but the difference is that we cannot grasp it.

This shadow is black, but it is the shadow of a shadow. The light itself is light. Here lies the contrast between light and darkness. But when the soul is enlightened in the light, it dispels the darkness and exists purely as light. So, in this angelic stage, Baba wants to see us sparkling in every aspect. Sparkling and radiating the energy of all virtues and powers that we possess, as the Murli teaches us today. Just like a sparkling diamond, representing the Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of 50 years. Baba says that He sees everyone as a diamond. To celebrate means to become. Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee means not just celebrating through functions, but becoming the function of the "light" and radiating its value as a "diamond."

So, this is what Baba is saying, He is observing us. He is not observing just the physical body, but rather, He sees the subtle body and the living energy, the diamond within us. He wants us to also become like Him, to make our vision to focus on the diamond. When we are conscious of the physical body, it is important to realise that Baba is not referring to a visible physical diamond, but rather an invisible one. This diamond represents the energy that instantly connects with someone, creating a bond and understanding. It is expressed through our face, making it sparkle and our eyes shine brightly. Our happiness is also evident, as this energy expresses through our body.

So, it is subtle, invisible, and yet it becomes visible. This is what it means when the light of the sun falls on a diamond, causing it to radiate rays of different colours. But that is about the physical stone. In our case, we are the living energy, and our vibrations encompass all these different Godly powers, as well as Brahmin powers. At the same time, we possess divine powers akin to that of the Golden deities.

We are aware that these powers belong to us, but unless we are conscious and actively using them, they do not manifest. We can liken it to a matchstick that contains fire within it, but the fire itself is not visible until the match is struck. Similarly, certain things release their fragrance when they are cooked, such as the aroma of Brussels sprouts. The fragrance becomes evident when Brussels sprouts are being cooked. The same principle applies to anything being cooked, where the fragrance becomes visible and noticeable.

In the same way, when the fire of love resides within us, and we have thoughts of positive, pure love, and appreciate the experience of the soul embodying these qualities, it becomes effortless to feel this energy within ourselves and recognise it in others. Baba says that people will be able to see the Brahmin qualities in us; they are the power to adjust, the power to cooperate, the ability to withdraw and become a detached observer, along with the power to tolerate. All the eight powers are present within us, comparable to the light of the soul. We must maintain our focus and vision on the light of the soul and the light of the Supreme Soul.

And in that state of consciousness, we are able to perceive others. It is not simply limited to knowledge; it requires experiencing and implementing what Baba speaks about. For instance, when Baba said yesterday, "I will take your boat across," He refers not just to the soul but also to the body. But the physical body does not transition into the Golden Age. While many souls will enter the Golden Age, they will do so at different levels and capacities. So, not all will progress with their physical bodies. Instead, it is the strength of our sanskars that will enable us to leave this world behind. We must become detached observers of ourselves, cutting the bonds and freeing ourselves from burdens. Then, our relationship with ourselves and others becomes divine.

And this time, the practice is to die alive and truly let go of the old. Nature is truly wonderful. The law of energy and matter helps us a lot in this process. When someone dies, the old accounts, the old relationships, the old experiences, though we are carrying, with us, though all remain with us. But the wonder is that we do not remember them.

If I were to remember that this one who has now come and is living with me or my children, and observe how they behave; some are cooperative, some are not, and some are handicapped; it would be clear that it is some form of karmic account. In this situation, I have to give my time, my energy, my everything without getting angry. I am paying extra attention. But if I am aware that this soul had been deceived by me, or had deceived me, or had not behaved properly in the past, and I was unaware of it, and they have now come to give or receive, then it means that virtues are being paid against the previous wrong actions. This account is invisible, but it becomes visible through practical relationships.

In the same way, our divine account is also visible in the Golden Age. It shows how we bring along our elevated actions, our divine activities, our service as spiritual social workers in the present time. Yesterday, Baba said that we are serving the yagya, servers of the Creator of the yagya, through which we are purifying the atmosphere and the world. Service manifests in different ways.

We carry our good karmic account with each other; old accounts are finished. So, everyone does not have to pay anyone anything. How is He taking us? Automatically, this karmic account is finished. We are sitting in this boat of love, Godly love, seated on His heart throne. This is not just in words, but by truly practising it. Baba is speaking to me and saying, "You are the light, but My eyes." Do I believe it? Really?

He says, "You are seated on My Heart throne." It is very big. Brahma's love is so immense that he can take not only four million or eight million, but the whole world in his arms. But these are not physical arms; they symbolise His love, openness, and light. This light is an open heart, and when you have an open heart, you are seated on His Heart throne. Shiv Baba does not have physical arms; it is His love. That is why, in a worldly way, love is often symbolised by a heart. But the true value of love has been lost in today's world. God's values and love are real and eternal. Our expressions of love have become very materialistic. We say that we love a cup of coffee, we love tea, we love our car, we love this and that. Yet, God's love is subtle and everlasting. When I truly believe in this, I will feel it. If I do not believe that God's power lives within me and that I can communicate with Him, then I will not be able to experience it. It is a matter of love begetting love. He is offering, but I am not believing. How would you experience it?

We need to have a connection and understand that it is not gross, but subtle. This means that our understanding, thoughts, and vision should have the same faith and trust as Baba has in us. For Baba, we are always in the present, and He always sees us with divine consciousness. He does not focus on our weaknesses, which allows Him to see our original selves. But, in a state of body consciousness and in our physical relationships, we create a wall that prevents our energy from reaching others directly. Even if we have good wishes for each other and love each other, our love does not fully reach them.

So, what is important? It is our bhavna. We need to trust what God is saying, and if we truly believe in it, then automatically this magnetic energy will make us sit on His Heart throne. He said, "I have a Gardener." Do I believe this? Okay, let me surrender myself to this fertile land of God's love and then automatically, it will water me with its love, allowing me to grow and sprout, and express my inner power. Just like a seed needs water to sprout and even become a tree, we need God's love to grow and become the best versions of ourselves.

Then, He is the Sun of knowledge, and with the power of yoga, He enables me to grow even more and become fruitful. The tree of my life then bears many fruits of divine virtues. It is not a physical tree, but a subtle one. So, when we analyse the way God analyses, when we see things with the same vision as Him, that experience becomes real. It becomes an inner supersensuous joy, a subtle love. So, our love for ourselves and our love for others will also reach its fullest potential when we have this trust in our own qualities. Godly qualities include knowledge, purity, peace, love, benevolence, and happiness. These are the qualities that we radiate outwards.

The Brahmin powers, including the power to cooperate, the power to withdraw, the power to face challenges, the power to adjust, the power to tolerate, the power to merge, the power to discriminate, and the power to pack up, are only during the Confluence Age. We cannot take these powers with us to the Golden Age. In order to cut our bondages, we need both types of powers: Godly powers as our birthright and Brahmin powers to conquer tests. Everyone needs to conquer these tests, but we are specially studying this subject. So, we will face different tests and opportunities to perform elevated actions.

Everything depends on our love and faith; faith not just in Baba but also in ourselves. It is not just love for gross things, but of course, this task is very powerful; we need to remain in this physical body without burden and without bondage.

Today is a special day called Shradh, which lasts for 15 days and is dedicated to making auspicious offerings to departed ancestors. Many have requested to offer a bhog in the consciousness of offering it to our ancestors. The question is, how will it reach them? It is not the physical food that will reach them. Rather, when we cook the food with love and respect, and offer it in this way, we are offering and feeding not only our ancestors but also many others. We also nourish ourselves through this offering in their name. So, offering the bhog in their name gives us some satisfaction. Different types of bhog are cooked on different days, such as halwa, kheer, gulab jamun, or ladoo. It varies each day. It is not about the simplicity or richness of the bhog, but the love and conscious offering behind it. Ordinary things become extraordinary through this conscious offering; fruits become bhog, and food becomes bhog.

In the same way, when we offer bhog to our beloved ancestors, the bhog does not actually reach them. The bhog reaches Baba, and through Him, our love and bhavna reach the souls of our ancestors in different ways and forms. Sometimes, they may feel great joy, or they may receive some kind of help indirectly. It is like the fragrance of flowers, which does not fly in the form of the flowers themselves. The air carries the fragrance, but not the flower. Similarly, the food we offer does not reach our ancestors, but we eat it in their name, offering different items on different days. But, our love and bhavna definitely reach them through a subtle communication. We may not know their address, we may not know which dress they are in, but we offer it to Baba like through the “General Post Office”. He then delivers our love, respect, or even a feeling of guilt and responsibility on our behalf.

If anything in the past with them has not worked properly with our ancestors, we need to practise forgiveness towards ourselves and others. We can also ask for good wishes and blessings, wherever they may be, and trust that Baba will take care of them. Our connection is with Baba, and through offering bhog in their name, we have the opportunity to make good karma. Every day for 15 days, we offer bhog to Brahmins. Each day, a different type of bhog is offered. However, on Thursdays and Sundays, when many Brahmins are being fed, the feeling of special love and respect behind the bhog reaches our ancestors. This feeling of speciality and respect towards our ancestors is important.

It is important to create a positive connection with Baba during this time. By doing so, their blessings come to us and our blessings go to them as well. In a way, we are also severing our attachment to them by offering with gratitude instead of attachment. Although their physical addresses, costumes, and roles have changed, and they have a new “company” now, we should allow them to have a wonderful time wherever they are.

So, when offering bhog, it is important to have deep feelings of love and respect, without crying or feeling guilt. We should thank our ancestors for whatever happened in the drama of life, understanding that it is in the past. By going beyond these emotions, we become free from the bondage of attachment and karmic accounts. We still create a wonderful account, but through Baba.

Whoever offers bhog with a consciousness of love and respect will definitely feel a sense of gratitude and freedom. It is good to forget the past and move forward. While I may not forget, Baba gives me the power to see you in a completely different light, with a different mindset, and blesses you to continue playing a positive role. It's like having a new job in a new company. I believe that you have a good job and will be provided for. I remember you, but without attachment. I respect you, but without any inner dependence. Let the good wishes from everyone reach our ancestors. Om shanti.

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'The Cyclical Nature of Drama' - Sudesh Didi Special Morning Class on 27th September 2023 with Perth, Australia

11 October 2023

Om shanti. Knowledge is so deep and elevated. It may seem difficult, but Baba makes it easy. To understand this knowledge easily, we need to comprehend the relationship between the Creator and the creation. The Creator is the Supreme Soul, and the creation refers to the new world. This world is eternal. Purush refers to the soul, and Purushottam means an elevated soul.

The soul itself is eternal, a part of the natural cycle. This cycle is also a play or a drama. Some of Baba's students, who have good understanding of gyan, they understand the soul very well. They recognise themselves as souls and understand the subtlety of the soul, which cannot be perceived through our eyes. If someone were to ask to see the soul, they would present a picture. But whose photo would it be? Would it be of the body or the soul? The photo represents the physical body, made of matter. So, the objects made of matter can be captured by the photos of matter. It is impossible to capture something non-physical or metaphysical like the subtle soul in a photograph.

So, the soul cannot be shown in a picture. but its essence reflects through our expressions, actions, and interactions with others. It may not be explicitly written on our faces, but through our actions, it becomes evident and can be experienced. It is said that the face is the index of the mind, the mirror of the mind. So, whatever is your thought, according to that thought, it is shown in the vision in their eyes, in their face.

So, in their dealings, they show the power to interact with others and to receive power from God. Our own sanskars are reflected in our actions and interactions. The power of the mind, the understanding of the intellect, and the actions based on our sanskars actually reflect the state of the soul. One can understand the soul, but it cannot be seen, just like God cannot be seen. But the soul has a deep experience of the Supreme Soul that cannot be forgotten. From the depths of their hearts, they sing songs about that experience. the name of the Supreme Soul is not of the body. If someone says that my soul is peaceful, but sometimes I get angry, so from where that anger come? It actually arises from the sanskars of the soul.

Because we listen to each other, we become influenced and may lose the power to decide and discern. Although it is natural for the mind to create thoughts, how should be the quality of our thoughts? To make us soul conscious, Baba gives us knowledge about the soul. He says, "Oh soul, become soul conscious and make it very, very clear to yourself that you are a soul." So, accept all the virtues of the soul. When you accept that you are a soul, you tap into the virtues of the soul: knowledge, peace, love, purity, bliss, happiness, truth, and power. These virtues are inherent to the soul; the potential of the soul, the powers of the soul. They are only reflected when we are in a state of soul consciousness. All the virtues belong to the soul. If I fail to understand that I am a soul and do not if I do not accept that I am a soul, all these powers transform into body consciousness. Body consciousness refers to thoughts in the mind and the expressed words that arise from a sense of ego. This is known as Abhiman, where in Hindi, "Abhi" means now and "man" means you must agree to the soul. This means now you accept what I'm saying to you.

In that case, when we interact with people, sometimes we love them and sometimes we get angry with them. Sometimes we help them and sometimes we try to influence them. Our actions change based on the individual soul we are dealing with. Baba explains that if we maintain soul consciousness, our intellect becomes cool and we start experiencing whatever we hear from Baba. Our intellect becomes determined and faithful, and we begin to understand the workings of this drama and how everything is unfolding.

Many people understand the knowledge of the soul and the Supreme Soul, but they fail to grasp the knowledge of drama. Today, we will explain how we can have faith in the drama, why it is repeated, and why it is important to understand.

So, what is the definition of drama and where does it take place? In Paramdham, there is no drama. There are no actions in Paramdham. Drama is also absent in the subtle region. Drama exists in the physical world. What does this mean? When we come to the physical world, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Even though it is eternal, there is still a beginning. In the play of nature, certain events occur repeatedly. For example, the sun rises and sets every day, always the same sun. The day consists of four parts: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. After the night, morning comes again. The months also repeat themselves, from January to December and then back to January. There are twelve months in total and they repeat themselves.

Look at our own lives. We wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night, only to wake up again in the morning. Those who get scared of the drama are actually afraid because it repeats itself. They may know it is a drama, but they say, "Oh, it will repeat again." That's why they dislike it. But drama and the law of nature go hand in hand. Drama means action, and it is performed through our actions. That's why there is drama. If we only read a story, no one would call it a drama. When someone reads a story, it is not the same as witnessing a drama. It is simply a story being read. But when the same story is enacted on stage, it becomes a drama. So, who created this drama? Baba gives knowledge of the beginning, middle, and end. Baba speaks the stories of Satya Narayan and Amarnath, but who acts out those stories? We human beings are the actors in those stories.

So, we have created this drama through our own actions. So, there are two sides: In this unlimited drama, on this earth there is drama. This means that when I took this body, I also wore the clothes of this body and began playing my part. Just like in a drama, actors change their costumes and play different roles, we are also a part of this unlimited drama. In one lifetime, we wear one costume. Then, in another birth, we change our costumes and even change our location. Our role also changes along with our costume. When my role changes, the company of people around me changes too. I leave the old company and the old people behind and have new company and new relationships, and I carry my own sanskars with me.

For example, if someone completes their engineering studies, they will then look for a job in the engineering field or as an engineer. Similarly, if someone studies to become a doctor, they will look for a job as a doctor. This means that according to our own qualifications, dharna, and sanskars, we play our parts in this unlimited drama.

Now, the question arises: why does it repeat? This drama unfolds on the stage of nature, and it is the law of nature that everything repeats itself. Just like a seed, when planted in the ground, grows into a plant. As it grows, it produces fruits and flowers, and when the fruits ripen, we detach the seed from it. If we eat an unripe fruit, we can't properly detach the seed from it. For instance, if we cut an unripe mango, the seed won't detach from the fruit, so we make pickle out of it. But when the fruit is ripe, we can simply rub it and the seed will easily detach. When we eat the mango and throw away the seed, that seed can create a new tree and the cycle repeats.

So, in that seed, the entire knowledge of the tree is hidden. In this play of nature, this happens in due time. When a child is born, they grow and eventually become older, and when they leave their body and take another birth, they start again as a child, not as an old man. When they leave the body, they get a new body, not the same one. They will then grow again. This is the play of life - birth, youth, old age, leaving the body, and then taking a new body. It is a play that repeats, according to the law of nature. So, there is no issue with repetition. We accept this repetition. We understand that we are building a house that will eventually grow old and fall. But we do not think, "Well, it will fall one day anyway, so why bother building a house?" We don't have that mindset.

Do you think like this? We know that we will grow older. One day, our children, who we educate and care for, will grow and leave their bodies. So, why bother making them study? Why put so much effort into their lives? But we still act upon it. We know that they will leave their bodies one day, but we still help them grow. We play our part in their lives, whatever it may be.

Then at night, what's the point? Why do we need to cook? After all, I'll feel hungry again tomorrow. What's the point of eating? Why cook today and eat today if I'll just feel hungry tomorrow? There seems to be no point. Okay, let me not sleep tonight. What's the point? I'll just have to wake up tomorrow morning. What's the point of sleeping? But this is the law of nature. We cannot deny or change anything in nature. We will eat, and after that, we will still feel hungry. This system is hidden, but it is still ongoing, incognito. Once our stomach is full, we may say that we can't eat anymore, but after some time, we will feel hungry again. However, we don't decide to eat all our meals for the next 50 years at once. There are laws of nature. Similarly, the seasons, time, and matter all work in cycles according to their inherent nature. There is an ocean, and there is water in that ocean. With the power of the sun, this salty water evaporates, becomes rain, forms a river, and eventually flows back into the ocean. With the heat of the sun, the water then evaporates once again and becomes rain. It is a cycle. Similarly, we have experienced and lived through the time of the Golden Age, when our bodies were perfect, our intellects were perfect, and our relationships were perfect.

They are diamonds, and there is no attachment in relationships. There are no vices that exist there because the soul is 100% satopradhan, 100% full. How come there are no vices in the Golden Age? So, let's look at the present. Just like in winter, when there are no mosquitoes or insects, they disappear. But in summers, they sometimes come out because it's natural. When nature is 100% complete and pure, there is 100% perfection and happiness, no vices. Baba says that when the soul becomes pure, the nature also becomes pure. So, there's no need to think, "Why put effort into it? It will get depleted, and the soul will become impure, and nature will become impure. There's no point."

So Baba says, don't think like that. Why put so much effort and money into creating a new house when it will become older after 100 years? Someone might say, "This is not right. You should think about the present." It doesn't mean you won't build a new house because it will get older after 100 years.

When the intellect sees the repetition, we don't understand the secret behind it. When a new age begins in the Golden Age, it's a scene that has already passed in the Iron Age, and we are going towards the Golden Age. But we are thinking about the present Iron Age scene and why it will happen again. We are not thinking about the Golden Age. What's the point of thinking about something that will happen after 5000 years? Baba says, "Now, the Golden Age is coming. I have come to give you inheritance, to give you sovereignty." But we are confused. We are focusing on the wrong scenes of the drama. Whatever will happen will happen at the right time. We shouldn't be thinking about what has already happened before 5000 years. So, whatever I'm able to do now, I need to look into that.

So, the spiritual laws and the law of nature. We are souls, and when we come down from the soul world, we are 100% satopradhan. We have the sanskars of truth and the sanskars of divinity. In the golden age, we don't even remember that we have been to the Iron Age and that we were not happy there. We don't think about it at all. So, if I am going to the Golden Age, why do I need to keep the Iron Age? Otherwise, I won't even be able to go to the Golden Age and be happy. We need to understand the drama in a way that it appears playful. Then our heart says, "Let's do it again, let's do it again, let's do it again." We have played the drama so well. That's why we become deities again, and the Golden Age will come again because we have performed the drama so well. That's why it says, "Once more, once more." If we don't like this repetition, it means we haven't understood the secret of this drama.

The end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. Baba gives us this knowledge of drama, which means that our part is both in the beginning and at the end, there is the confluence  And if we really want to see it beforehand, we won't be able to see the Golden Age in Iron Age, and we won't be able to see Iron Age and Golden Age.

Our sanskar of purity, when we become so pukka and determined on this stage, only then we will be able to see this new sanskar. It's like the seed of a mango. When you open the seed, you can't see the tree inside. If you want to see the tree, it takes time for that seed. The fruit will eventually emerge from the seed, but not immediately. There is a system in place where it needs nature’s light, water, atmosphere, and soil. It needs everything to grow. It won't grow just in a bag.

When we are in Paramdham, we are sitting in the unlimited "bag" there. But why do we come from there? Why do we come to play here? Because we enjoy it. That's why we come again. In the Golden Age, when we are in Paramdham, we don't play any roles, but we still need a physical body. The soul has already experienced peace and purity. In Paramdham, all these virtues are not put into action. However, when the soul's specialties come into action, it blossoms and its value increases.

And why do we souls come from Paramdham? Because we understand the knowledge of drama. When we come to the very first scene of the drama, it is like eternal happiness. This remembrance is still within the soul. Then, when the body is perfect, there is perfect nature. We have everything - wealth, no fear of the king, no problems of religions, and no fights between religions. Such experiences are stored in the soul. We become the Kings, the Emperor, and Empress of the world. We experience all the happiness during the Golden Age.

If we do not come into the Golden Age, then the time and quality change accordingly. That's why coming in the beginning means that we can benefit from our satopradhan virtues and experience their benefits. Every soul has its own stages of satopradhan, but the quality changes. The satopradhan stage is there, but the quality is different.

Some people say that if it is written in the drama that they will come in the Golden Age, then they will come without making any effort. However, this understanding is incorrect. It is important to realize that now is the time for us to put in effort. We create our own drama and need to establish our own status. Baba does not give us the status of being a king, it is something we need to decide for ourselves. Just like in a school play, students are asked if they want to play the role of a king or a beggar, and they have the choice to participate or not. Similarly, Baba has given us the choice of roles - whether it is the role of a king or a subject - and we decide what we want to act on. Baba tells us the story, explaining how we were pure, what our sanskars were, and how our actions were.

But sometimes, when we do not create the right atmosphere to the seed, to the soul, then it becomes impure. Just like how insects and mosquitoes appear during the summer season and disappear in winter, the same way our sanskars and nature align with the current time. When our nature is pure, no one can cause us pain or harm. So, why not take advantage of this now? But sometimes Baba's children misunderstand the knowledge of the drama and pick up wrong information. They say that they did not understand this knowledge of drama.

Baba mentions two things about the drama. Firstly, there is a lot of depression in the souls today and at the end of the Iron Age. Secondly, souls have a lot of ego. However, with the understanding of the drama, both ego and depression can be healed. If a soul is feeling hopeless or not able to do something, Baba says, “Child, you have done this so many times” Baba remembers, tries to remind the soul that you were the divine soul, you were satopradhan. This remembrance that you have done this so many times in this drama emerges the soul's sanskars, which helps them to perform positive actions and become virtuous. The virtues come into action, and then they become viceless.

But in all the actions, ego has come in. We do not become soul conscious as per drama, but this is also an act of the soul, that I become soul conscious I, the soul, am peaceful, I am pure soul. I'm an instrument, I am a humble soul. We need to bring all of our virtues into action

So, some people think, "I have done this, and I have done this so well." Then the drama says, "What's the point of getting egoistic? Because you have done that multiple times, you're doing it again and again. Therefore, because you did well in the past, you will do well again." You have eaten a particular kind of sweet 50 times. If you are eating it for the 51st time, then it has to be considered expertise. There has to be expertise. Why is there this arrogance that says, "I have done this so well?" This is just the way it has to happen. We need to remember that the more we do something, the more expertise we gain and the more humbly we should act. This is how it has to happen.

So, there shouldn't be any arrogance. In this act of drama, whatever has happened won't repeat now. It will repeat after 5000 years, in a different atmosphere where we won't even remember that it is repeating. The understanding of knowledge in some people becomes, "Why do I need to put effort? I'm not going to get through just now." We learn about the knowledge of drama to make the drama a thing of the past and to see it as an observer. However, sometimes people use this knowledge at the wrong time when there is drama happening, and they feel they need to put a brake on the thoughts of the mind.

With understanding in our intellect, we need to put a brake on those thoughts. Whatever has happened has happened, and now we need to focus on what we need to do. As Baba mentioned today, we need to practise steering our thoughts, that is according to the today’s Murli. And we think we are so intelligent that we can put a brake on waste thoughts before they even start, and then steer in the right direction. We are so intelligent that even before starting the car we put a brake. Before coming into action, we actually put a brake there that means we have used wrongly. “If it has to happen, why do I need to put effort?” So, it is like putting a brake even before starting the car. So, if I have understood drama accurately, that when I put effort then I get the results. It is not that "if it is written in the drama, then I will get it." That means whatever is written is happening. But who is the one who has written that? It is I who actually writes.

So, we have the seed, but we need to sow it. The fruit is contained within the seed, but we need to sow this seed in the Confluence Age. And I am tending to the seed by watering it. Then it will bear fruit. This means that whatever is destined is happening. Therefore, that mango will come; I was a divine soul, and I will become a divine soul again. I possessed the power to become satopradhan. This is the law of nature - automatically, a tree will grow from a seed. So, there are two laws: the spiritual law and the law of nature. Thus, we need to understand both of these laws as they are the outcome of our actions. In other words, we can say that drama represents one side of the coin, while karma represents the other side.

Karma refers to action, so whatever actions we perform will be reflected in the drama. With this understanding, we act according to the direction of the Director in this unlimited drama, and that is why God plays the role of the Teacher. Even though He is the Director, He also plays the part of the Teacher. He guides us on how to act, but if I mix my own mamat, my own dictates, then the drama starts causing me pain. Instead of thinking of myself, I think about others. Then I waste my time thinking about others in the wrong way, I twist the knowledge of the drama and it becomes a source of pain rather than happiness.

Drama does not say you need to constantly think about others; rather, we need to play our own part. Only when I use this understanding of the drama correctly can I experience happiness instead of pain. In this unlimited drama, I need to play the part of a hero, overcoming my own vices and weaknesses. This is the study. And we need to win every situation.

If the situation comes, then only will I win over it. If it doesn't come, then how will I win over it? But sometimes, others say and understand that the Golden Age will come. They believe that there is happiness only in the Golden Age. That means they are using the drama incorrectly: "Okay, in the Golden Age, everyone is happy. There is no sorrow, not even for animals and birds. How does it matter what status I obtain? Whether I become a king or a subject, it doesn't matter. In any case, there is no sorrow, only happiness. Why should I think like this? Why should I insist on becoming a king? That would be ego." But this is not about the position; here, we actually become status conscious. So, some claim to be very humble, stating that it is okay if they become a subject.

But there is a connection within the entire drama. When I say, "Okay, with this aim, it is acceptable if I become a subject as there is no sorrow anyway," I am referring to the stage of the soul. The status actually represents the stage of the soul. For example, if I do not incorporate the sanskar of being satopradhan in the soul, within myself, and if the percentage of being satopradhan very low, if I do not fulfil all the virtues of being satopradhan, then my stage will quickly become empty

For example, let's consider three different types of curtains - velvet, plastic, and paper curtains. Although all three are curtains, the quality of velvet remains thick and durable even after 10 years, whereas the paper curtain easily tears in the presence of wind. Similarly, if our sanskars are not strong enough or not satopradhan enough, then I will lose power rapidly when I come into the Iron Age.

So, if I have acquired all the satopradhan sanskars by the end of the Iron Age, I will be able to remain stable and powerful. Therefore, now is the time for me to take care of the seed and provide it with proper nourishment. And according to this, I write my own destiny. If I understand correctly and accurately, I will receive the accurate fruit. But if I do not understand it accurately, I will not receive the accurate fruit.

Do those who are online understand? (Some who are online indicated a thumbs-up sign). If I eat unripe fruit, my stomach will become upset. Therefore, the highest quality is to detach myself from the fruit. Only when I am detached, will I be able to obtain the fruit. Otherwise, the seed will not be able to detach itself from the unripe fruit. If I understand this aspect of the drama, I will be able to free myself from defects and become perfect.

Humility vs Subservience


What happens if we become humble, but people start taking advantage of us and take us for granted?

Sudesh Didi:

That is not possible. If we become humble in such a way, it means we have not truly become humble with knowledge. It indicates that we are merely pretending to be humble to show off. Being humble means being pure, like pure gold with great value. Being humble means not reacting with anger or stubbornness, as it goes against our inherent nature.

If I act wrongly in a particular situation, that is not right. We should act with understanding. If we offer cooperation to someone and they continuously take advantage of us and they use you again and again, then you can tell them that according to the time we have, we can help them to a certain extent. We should have the courage and power to express this. But if I feel I need to pretend to be good just to impress others, that is not true humility. Humility is not about proving that we are good or that we are Brahmins. As Brahmins, we live according to our maryadas and in accordance with God's directions. Even if others do not adhere to those standards, we just need to have good wishes for them. There is no need to internalise their weaknesses, but we should remain true as we are. Those who live in their self-respect will receive respect from others.

If I have ego, I will always say, "I do this, and I do that well." Ego will make me believe that if I accomplish certain things, I will become happy. However, true humility comes from staying in our self-respect, and it is others who will recognise and appreciate our abilities. If I genuinely express my abilities to others with humility, it will not create a wrong impression. So, it is important to have clarity within ourselves and the courage to be transparent.

Drama is benevolent


How is drama Kalyaankaari (beneficial)?

Sudesh Didi:

What have I learned from this drama? If there are scenes that I don't like, what can I learn from them?

When any scene presents itself, how should I act as an actor? How should I respond? On their dialogues what is my response? If my response is not correct, then I realise that I have made a mistake and there is an opportunity for learning; there has to be the power of learning. Drama acts as a mirror. It reflects our actions and behaviours, just like a mirror reflects our face. But, the impact is on ourselves, not on the mirror. If our face is beautiful, the mirror simply shows that to us. Similarly, if we have not acted correctly, the drama reflects our mistakes. It is not someone else's drama; it is our own drama that we see in the mirror.

Drama is beneficial benevolent but in that scene I cannot see benevolence. So, later on in this story I know that it is benevolent there are so many such examples even in bhakti.

There was a story about a king who went for hunting. He had a minister who had great faith in God and would always say that whatever happens, happens for the good. The king never believed this. While hunting, the king cut his finger. As usual, the minister said that all happens for good. Hearing this, the Raja got quite angry and put the minister into prison.  

A few days later, the king went hunting in the jungle, by himself, since his minister was in prison. As the king was hunting, some tribesmen trapped him and took him to their chieftain. It was a ritual for them to kill a human being and then offer it to the deity. But when the chieftain saw the cut on the king’s finger, he ordered the king to be released, saying that a person with a cut finger would not make a good offering to the tribe’s deity.

Happy, due to the narrow escape from death, the king returned to his kingdom remembering his wise minister’s words that even the finger getting cut was for the good. Upon his return, he immediately ordered the minister’s release and welcomed him back in his position as the royal minister.

The king said to the minister, "I now believe that everything happens for our good, as my life was saved because of the cut finger. But, what about you? How can you explain that it was good for you?" The minister replied, "As you had put me in prison, I was not able to accompany you on your hunting trip. If I had been there with you, the tribesmen would have taken me along with you and would have sacrificed me to their deity, as I do not have a cut finger!" The king was pleased with the minister’s reply, and from then on, always consulted the wise minister while making any decisions for his subjects.

There is another real-life example of someone who was trying to catch a train but missed it. They became upset about missing the train. However, later they discovered that the train had met with an accident. So, missing the train was actually beneficial.

All the scenes in the drama are connected to each other. When we only understand half of the drama, only then we become confused. That is why Baba emphasises the importance of having knowledge of the beginning, the middle, and the end. Sometimes, when we only know the middle part of the drama, and we fail to understand its full meaning. So, it is important to understand all the scenes of drama.



How can we get rid of our old sanskars?

Sudesh Didi:

Our sanskars are formed as a result of our repeated actions, because we have performed those actions again and again. When we are unable to tolerate someone's behaviour, that means there is a lack of virtue, this is how our sanskars of getting hurt or angry are created. So, we simply need to emerge those virtues. Our sanskars can transform when we become soul conscious and connect with the Supreme Soul, thereby giving us the power to use virtues.

The most important thing is to observe our actions from a distance as an observer. If we see our actions as an observer, we can correct our actions using the power that we have. If someone points out our sanskars, and if I'm not able to see my sanskar as an observer, then I get hurt. Then I create hurt and I react. But even if they talk about my sanskar, I need to be able to understand that they are talking about the sanskar and not about me. Thank you. Om shanti.

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Sudesh Didi – 27th September 2023 Morning Class – Perth, Australia

10 October 2023

Om shanti. Om shanti. Good morning. A lucky morning to the lucky stars. When I speak these words, the memory and experience of using them bring great joy to me. Baba used to conduct amrit vela when the History Hall was built. After conducting it, he would stand before leaving the door with his hands behind him. You have the photograph of him with both hands behind, like a tower of power, a tower of peace and love. The power of meditation was so strong at that time, even during the meditation, but with him standing like that, it was like a tower of power, a tower of peace.

So, this tower of power, peace, love, knowledge, and purity. At that time, the Tower of Peace had not been built yet, the tower that Baba embodied: the tower of peace, knowledge, love, and purity. Baba would stand at the door of the History Hall, and then he would proceed to the courtyard. For those who have been to Madhuban, they would recall the three rooms by the reception, near Nirwair bhai's office. But back then, there was only one room, and Baba would stand there. We would all follow him and stand in a line, first row, second row, third row. The feeling was that of being the living lights, the jewels in Baba's eyes. As Baba would sometimes mention, the children surrounding him appeared like a semi-circular formation, like half-moon shape. At that time, we experienced being like a garland around Baba's neck, as you can see in the picture of Vishnu, with the ornament adorning his chest. It felt as if we were sitting on the throne in Baba's heart, experiencing the immense love and power. Then Baba would give drishti  again and say, "The Father, the Sun of Knowledge, and the mother, the Moon of coolness and knowledge, say good morning to the morning stars, lucky stars.” These stars shine even when the sun is shining. The sun does not diminish the brilliance of their light, but intensifies the radiance of these shining stars.

Then, he would give drishti once more, and we were so drawn in by its magnetic pull that we continued to watch until Baba entered his room, nodding his head, before we would leave. It was an incredibly beautiful feeling. Over time, the greeting "Good morning children, love and remembrance" came into use, but this original "good morning" with the mention of lucky stars, shining stars, morning stars, held a special significance. So, with that same feeling, I am sharing this good morning with you today.

The Murli today, as always, is a very powerful Murli. Baba's Murli removes three things from within us. On the path of devotion, we followed things that we had not experienced ourselves, but rather we relied on the experiences of others, scriptures, books, and stories. We continued to sing the same hymns and recite the same scriptures as they did.

And now Baba says, "You become the authority to experience directly yourself. That will become your power.” Wherever you are, your connection with the Generator gives you the feeling that Baba's power, love, and peace are with you." Baba removes the misunderstandings that existed in religions and scriptures, as well as the fear of God and fear of death. He eliminates various types of fears and teaches us how to die alive in bliss, letting go of attachment to the body. This transformation is simply a change of clothes. You are eternal It is also a change of address, as you have changed the physical body and place. Your role will also change, as you now serve to help other souls belong to Baba. In the Golden Age, your new role will be completely different. You will enjoy the company of divine beings and everything will be effortless. You won't even think about where your fortune came from.

So, the first important aspect that knowledge gives us is the elimination of fear. Fear is removed, and this is why God is called the Death of all deaths, to take us back home. But God can only take us back home when we cooperate with Him to purify ourselves and acquire the power of transformation. This requires having the right realisation and relationship with Baba, with yoga, and with elevated actions, so that we can enter a new era. The truth is revealed, and there is no fear at all. Where there is truth, there is no fear.

Today is the last morning, and ideally, I must say that my three days here felt like a holiday due to the tight schedule of the overall programme. I was constantly on the move, travelling from one place to another. Even though time was limited, we managed to make it work because it was necessary and important. We would leave one place in the morning and arrive at another, then head to Brisbane for a class and rakhi ceremony. After rakhi, we went to Sunshine Coast for an inauguration, then returned and had another programme in the evening. During the daytime, we also used some time to travel between places. We left Gold Coast in the morning, visited one place, and then went to Shailer Park for a programme. So, every day, there was no rest during the daytime.

I have enjoyed every minute of the programmes and they were successful and beautiful gathering with the Brahmins. Raksha Bandhan was also a meaningful experience. The time passed by in a truly enjoyable and fulfilling way, with warm hospitality everywhere. It was wonderful. I had a good rest here and thoroughly enjoyed my time. This evening, there will be an interview on Zoom, and after the interview, it will be time to leave. Yesterday was also nice, with a good feeling and all of you being present. Overall, the experience was good, and I am very happy. After meditation, we will begin tying rakhi.

Thank you all. I will see you in Madhuban. I will be there from 8th October as the season begins at that time. I will then travel back at the end of November to London and then to Germany for two days. In February, I will return to Madhuban again. I truly, truly enjoy every place, and each one has its own special experiences. Om shanti.

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An Easy Yogi is a Great Yogi - Class by Surya Bhai on 26th September at GCH, London

10 October 2023

Om shanti. We have to become good yogis, practise good yoga, and strive to become great yogis. Only then, as Baba said today, can our vibrations of peace; not just peace, but vibrations of might and purity, truly spread throughout the world. Nowadays, this world needs our vibrations. Can you feel it?

 Many people come to me every day with their problems, and many of them ask me to do everything for them, saying that they can't do anything themselves. Their requests motivate and remind me that I have to give sakaash, rays, to the world. Baba has been teaching us this for years, and now the time has come. You can see that psychiatric illnesses are affecting people like a tsunami or a big storm. We need to protect ourselves from this negative energy and also help others because we are the ancestors, Bapsaman, and we have to share our spiritual energy with all human beings. It's a simple thing, really. Our higher consciousness and self-respect enable us to do everything. We need to have elevated thinking, as it nourishes our souls. Our thoughts work like injections of power for the soul.

So, I entered your class just now with the thought that everyone must make a simple and practical plan for themselves to become an easy yogi. It's not just about sitting and being tight, thinking "I have to remember Baba." No, it's about making it easy, very simple, and very practical. Let's start from the morning. Whenever you wake up, whether it's at four o'clock, 3:30, quarter to four, 4:15, or 4:30 (everyone laughed), until 4:30. First of all, charge your mind and brain with powerful and elevated thoughts. If we learn this art, we can actually become easy yogis and protect ourselves from all this negative energy around us. Our yoga will become very easy, and happiness will increase in life.

When we sleep at night, our mind becomes silent. And when we wake up, it doesn't work immediately. We all know this. So, our first thought will determine our future. Always remember that the first thought is crucial, followed by the thoughts in the first one to five minutes, which will impact our lives in many ways. You might have heard me speak about the power of the subconscious mind. When we wake up, our subconscious mind is fully active and awakened. So, if you create the thought in your mind that you're the most fortunate person in the world, you will see its effect. If you think that you're the happiest person in the world, you will also feel the effect of this thought. Try repeating these thoughts at least three to five times: "I am the most happy person," "I'm the most fortunate person." This will activate your brain as well. Nowadays, many big changes are coming in everyone's brain, and we also need to protect ourselves from that.

 First of all, remember some points of self-respect. In the morning, you can repeat them three times. Start with "I am Master Surya" and "I am Master Almighty," like a seed. Initially, you can repeat only: "I am the most fortunate," "I'm a great soul," "I am a very powerful and pure soul," and "Oh, I'm so lucky. God came to me and brought heaven for me." Create such thoughts, and then slowly expand on them. For example, "I am a great soul," "I am Master Almighty," "I am a benefactor to the world," and "I am a victorious jewel." Thirdly, similarly, think that "I am a great soul" and let it create great thoughts in your mind. You will see the magic of this practice in your life. Success is your birthright, and it has done wonders in many lives. I always teach this thought to young people who are going to appear for competitive exams, job interviews, and other important events. I teach them that whenever they wake up, they should repeat seven times: "I'm Master Almighty, and success is my birthright." Repeat it seven times: "I'm Master Almighty, a successful soul. I'm a Master Almighty, a successful soul." And I can say that 90% of them achieved the same result, gained confidence, and realised the importance of self-confidence.

So, make a plan for the whole day and turn this yoga into karma yoga. Sitting for four hours straight is very difficult nowadays, especially for your body. Therefore, we need to make it more natural. One thing I'd like to share with you is that in my life, I have had thousands of experiences invoking BapDada. At least once, try asking BapDada in a powerful and heartfelt way, "Baba, come into my home and visualise that both Bap and Dada are standing in your room or courtyard, or wherever you prefer. Feel the powerful energy spreading throughout your home, and Baba placing His hand on your head, giving His blessings, saying, 'My child, be happy.'" Take just one or two minutes each day for this practice. And whenever you are leaving your home for work or anything else, ask Baba, "Please come and be with me." After some practice, you will start feeling His presence. He will give you wonderful experiences and you will witness many beautiful transformations. Many difficult things will become easier.

Then, create a five-point plan for your day. It is essential for everyone to have a strong aim in mind for their life, not their whole life, but for a specific period such as one month, three months, one week, or 15 days, I will do this, I will not do this. For the next 15 days, during which I can decide to avoid waste thinking and practise self-respect. For the next 15 days, remain happy in all situations. Situations may come, but they will not disturb you; problems may come, but you will not lose your happiness This will have a wonderful effect, and you will find your own way to be ever-happy. Things should not influence you; instead, your happiness should influence events. Having a 15-day plan of this nature is simple but effective. Repeat the following words for just 10 or 20 seconds: "I am a self-sovereign soul, sitting here, the master of my mind and intellect." We don't have to think that we must do it for 10 minutes or for one hour, just 10 seconds 20 seconds. It doesn't require much time, and it can be done several times a day.

The next point we need to focus on is creating an aura around us every day. If possible, you can create it in the morning, preferably before coming for the Murli class. You can also create an aura in your own home, at least once. Additionally, I suggest creating an aura around yourself before going to bed or around your bed. This will protect you, as during the night, various negative energies can affect human beings. The method to protect yourself is by repeating:  "I'm Master Almighty" five times and visualising red rays of Baba spreading from every part of your body, forming a powerful protective shield around you. Feel safe inside this aura, knowing that you are protected from all forms of negative energy. Have this powerful thought and experience the wonders of it every day.

You can set aside a fixed 15-minute time each day to give sakaash to this entire world. A simple method involves visualising yourself sitting on top of the globe: I'm a great soul or master almighty or supremely pure soul or world benefactor, receiving powerful vibrations from Baba and spreading them throughout the world. You can also invoke the souls of different religions during this time, inviting them to come to Baba and receive His blessings. All variety of religious souls around me here: “Come to This can be done for just one or half a minute, receiving for 10 seconds and spreading it to the world. This practice can be particularly effective when done in the morning after yoga. If you find it challenging to concentrate for the entire 15 minutes, you can always simplify the method by repeating for one minute and then taking ten seconds to spread your positive thoughts. Ensure that you have powerful and good thoughts for everyone, “Let  all souls of the world become free from obstacles and enjoy peace and happiness in their lives.” Your thoughts will work wonders.

This is another daily practice: writing a simple letter to your Supreme Friend every night. Keep it brief, around five or six lines. In your letter to Baba, express gratitude for your accomplishments that day, saying "Baba, today I did this, this and this. Thanks to you, give you thanks. You gave us a new life, the light of knowledge, and even shared your mind with us. You are always helping me, and I am filled with millions and millions of thanks to you. Tomorrow, I will do this..." You can write this letter to Baba, addressing Him as your Supreme Friend, your Sweet Father, or in any other way that feels true to your heart. This practice will help alleviate the stress, tension, and problems of the day. When you wake up the next day, you will feel very very light and refreshed.

The next practice is simple: increase spiritual intoxication. Remind yourself constantly that God is with you, and that you are never alone. Be deeply aware and immersed in this feeling of intoxication. Deepen your awareness and be immersed in this feeling of intoxication, saying "Oh, I'm so fortunate that God Himself is always there to help me. The One who is almighty, such Baba is my Baba, and He assures me, 'I am always ready with you. I am giving my cooperation to you, just come to Me.'" Let this profound feeling of gratitude and acknowledgement of God's presence fill you with joy and confidence.

The experience I am about to share with you is very valuable for your life. Around twelve years ago, during the season of double foreigners at Gyan Sarovar towards the end of March, Mohini bhen from New York offered bhog to Baba. In response, Baba gave a beautiful and simple message. He said, "I am giving you homework for a year, and all of you must follow it." There were two significant points in Baba's message. First, Baba said He is the Canopy of Protection over our heads. And second, He said something truly remarkable and very very great. Baba said, "I belong to you. Make use of such Baba. Use me." These words carry deep meaning and serve as a valuable guideline for our spiritual journey. And I love both of these things because I have been practising using Baba's guidance for years and years. I truly believe that whenever Baba speaks to us and instructs us, He gives might. So, I started to have very good experiences.

Next year, same time end of March bhog was offered to Baba, again Mohini bhen was there, she offered bhog, and Baba message was Baba asked “I had given you homework, (All laughed), you would have forgotten,” But I had not forgotten. And He reminded one thing that was a great thing for myself and I hope you will also accept it: “BapDada was waiting in subtle world, when My children will come to Me to ask me for help. But when I look to the children, that they are not coming to Me, the One who has a thousand arms, they are coming to those who have two arms only.” (everyone laughed). It was a beautiful realisation.

Since that day, I made a decision in my mind to only look towards Him and not towards any human beings. If I talk about my experiences of these 10-12 years, many illnesses came to me in this body. But I asked Baba, "Baba, you are my Supreme Surgeon. You hear me or send someone to cure me." And I received a good result. Immediately, I was reminded to go somewhere and use a certain thing. Or, after one day, a man approached me saying, "I heard you have some problems. I will take care of you." I thanked Baba, saying, "You are so kind and loving, there are no words to describe it. Your care knows no bounds." That man cured everything in just one hour. So, Baba is my Baba. Almighty God is my Baba. The one who creates fortune is My Baba. Have this intoxication in your life and you will enjoy life with the feeling of God's protection. Thank you very much. Om shanti.

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Sacrifice For Self Soverignity - Murli Revision Class with Sudesh Didi on 15th September, 2023, Gold Coast, Australia

18 September

Om shanti. Om shanti. Good morning. Golden morning, or shall I say diamond morning to all the sparkling diamonds from everywhere. Welcome. Baba’s instruments, all of Baba’s children who are loved by the Father Himself. So, Baba knows that these are the morning stars, shining stars, who gather to hear Baba’s Murli, not only to hear it, but to truly listen. Hearing is different from listening. When we listen, it means we pay attention to it. Sometimes when we are careless, others ask us, "Have you heard?” or “Are you truly listening?"”


I remember Brahma Baba used to say, "I hear it first. I listen to Baba's Murli first, and you will hear it later." We would say to Baba, that Shiv Baba is speaking and we are also listening simultaneously. Baba would answer, "Yes, you are listening. You hear the Murli with love, but listening means paying attention and imbibing it into daily life, as what Baba has said. Inculcation is the foremost aspect. So, Brahma Baba would imbibe and put into practice Shiv Baba’s directions, or knowledge.


This is why the phrasing remains the same, the language remains consistent. But it is a question of comprehension, especially regarding Baba's Sakar Murli. It serves as the foundation for our transformation, unlocking the intellect. It is also referred to as “Murli”, the music, there is magic within this music. So, Baba's language, whether Avyakt or Sakar, is a poetic language that uses figures of speech, examples, metaphors, and similes. But because of a lack of comprehensive understanding and of a broad intellect, these examples have been misinterpreted and changed into rituals on the path of devotion. The subtle examples that are applicable to us have been taken in a gross manner.


For example, the knowledge is symbolised by the sacrificial fire of the Rudra Gyan Yagya. Rudra means Shiva, the one who brings realisation through knowledge. He imparts knowledge to us first. As we start understanding this knowledge correctly and lovingly put it into practice, our body becomes the horse that we ride. The body, along with the senses, runs swiftly like a horse without reins. The senses are constantly engaged in seeing, hearing, tasting, and experiencing things, even events from the past 10-20 years, as if they occurred just moments ago. This lack of control over the senses is depicted by the body being considered as the horse, while we, the riders, strive to gain control. So, there is no control on sense organs. This body is considered as the horse and we are horse riders.


So, sacrificing the horse implies a lack of control over the senses. What does sacrifice mean? It does not refer to sacrificing the physical organs, but rather renouncing desires that lead to harmful consequences and put us in bondage. In the early days of our spiritual journey, there was a symbolic practice of creating a sacrificial fire, known as the Rudra of knowledge. This practice means literally sacrificing the horse by placing its pieces in the fire. but, in reality, it is not a physical sacrifice, but rather letting go of the subtle things over which we no longer have control. Baba gives knowledge to facilitate this purification and transformation, where we understand how the senses undergo a change and become dependent and in bondage. We wish to purify ourselves and the world, and this purification is achieved through the fire of love, which serves as the method.


During the time of creating the sacrificial fire on the path of bhakti, certain scriptures were read or recited, but without understanding the meaning. Sanskrit slokas and verses were spoken, and yet no one comprehended their significance. It was like a parrot simply repeating words without any understanding; a parrot sitting on a water tap saying, "Don't sit on the water tap," while sitting on it themselves. Similarly, we say, “Don't be body conscious. Don't be body conscious.” And then intellects are doing the actions in the body consciousness. So, Baba gives us self-sovereignty. This was the message within today's Murli, which further discussed the significance of the sacrificial prayer of knowledge and used many examples are used.


Truth, fearlessness and courage



What is the difference between fearlessness and courage?


Sudesh Didi:

When there is truth in life, truth becomes the power that allows us to be fearless. Truth does not require proof; it is the inner strength and self-confidence. In the face of challenges, enthusiasm may be abundant, but without courage, these obstacles will always remain obstacles. Courage is about taking the initiative to start something new and overcoming difficulties. On the other hand, truth is about actually performing, not being afraid of what others might say or what the outcome might be. It is the natural inner power within us. Truth is the original essence of our personality. Courage, on the other hand, is a virtue that we adopt and use when needed. While courage is created through situations, truth remains with us all the time. Truth enables us to be fearless and also protects us, enabling us to have courage.


Current effort



What is your main practice at the moment?


Sudesh Didi:

My main practice at the moment is to understand the feelings of others, the feelings of my own mind, and to become a detached observer, keeping myself on the stage as an observer, focusing on what Baba has given me. My mind is occupied with this practice. If anything happens, fine, no thoughts. It is the attention on my thoughts. Baba teaches that waste thoughts are a form of sin that creates separation. Sin here does not mean committing wrong actions, but rather causing harm to oneself. Baba reminds us it is not a question that I am thinking unnecessarily about others, but to focus on what He wants us to think, to maintain swachitan (self-awareness), and to check if we are affected by external situations. By giving good wishes and keeping this knowledge in mind, it becomes easier, and we find constant satisfaction.


Old sanskars



You mentioned about karmic bondage that may remain; what is the way to remove our old sanskar?


Sudesh Didi:

The old sanskars will erupt. As long as these old sanskars are present, I am unable to create anything new. Without the eye of a detached observer, I may perceive weakness in others' sanskars and checking what is right and wrong in others. As a detached observer, I check if my own personality is powerful. Others may also point out these old sanskars, and it is important to recognise and address that we have this old sanskar, which comes up again and again, so we acknowledge that it may manifest in different forms.


To recognise it, I must become a trustee and observer of myself. Sanskars are reflected in our behaviour, and if we do not change, it indicates that they are old. In karma yoga, I see how much divine qualities and Godly power I am using, to create new experiences and break the hold of old sanskars. These old sanskars will continue to resurface until they are uprooted. If I truly desire freedom from the old, I must pay special attention to engage in new actions. Baba emphasises the importance of karma yoga, where we perform actions while staying in remembrance. This helps to purify our intellect and allows us to inculcate knowledge. It is not only about sitting and purifying ourselves; we must purify our actions as well.


Is it my deep desire or habit to maintain the stage of being soul conscious, where virtues are being incorporated? If so, then I know that my old sanskars are changing, and my transformation is evident. Others recognise this change and give a certificate. This signifies that I have resolved the old and created new sanskars. To accomplish this, I must use virtues, knowledge, and power to generate new sanskars. Through this process, the old sanskars automatically fade away, as positive elements are infused into them.


For example, if the sanskar of anger is present, I must consciously choose to use peaceful and loveful power ten times in response to it. This repeated practice helps remove the old sanskar of anger. It is just like cleansing oneself. Just as dirty clothes are cleaned with soap, and the water becoming dirty, I need to discard that water and replace it with fresh soap and water. This allows me to truly assess if I have let go of the old or if I am just being afraid of the old and believe that change is impossible. I can change and discard the old when it comes in front of me, and I replace it with the same positive power.


If impatience is one of my sanskars, to check myself, can I detach myself and observe my behaviour with patience? Self-checking is vital since others may mention our sanskars once or twice, but we are better at recognising how much progress we have made. Through the inculcation of virtues and creating new behaviour in our daily lives, the old ones will gradually become less and less.


To put it simply, by creating new, positive virtues in practical life, the old ones will finish, leading to a noticeable difference in ourselves and those around us. We will receive certificate from others, which indicates that we are on the right track. It means everyone wants to make me perfect. So, we must be happy and open to corrections and truth-telling from others, which allows us to evaluate if our sanskars have changed or not.





If someone is putting a point of view across in a forceful way, how do I not react in a forceful way especially when I don't agree with their viewpoint? How can I put my point of view across without reacting and resulting in a clash of ego?


Sudesh Didi:

When I react forcefully, I need to check why I reacted in that way. I have not focused on myself to observe what the other person is saying.


Then, I immediately perceive the other person's words as an attack. It is not an attack; it's a mirror.  I must take a step back and observe them as a mirror, I will not attack back. I will act and not react; I will act according to the signal I receive. If the comment is genuinely not accurate, I can simply respond with gratitude and commit to ensuring that others have a different experience in the future.  


Om shanti.


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What is the Karmateet Stage? - Murli Revision Class with Sudesh Didi on 14th September, 2023, Canberra, Australia

18 September

Om shanti.  


What is the meaning of karmateet? Karmateet refers to being beyond karmic accounts, not only freeing the self from personal karmic accounts but also from the karmic accounts influenced by others. So, free from defects and free from the effect of the defects of others, which is called virtuous, viceless, and egoless.


Brahma Baba began invoking the avyakt form, the subtle state of being, which Dadi Gulzar had witnessed. She had seen Baba in the subtle region, although she did not know much about it initially. At that time, there were two sisters who were attending the children's class in which Baba had created a boarding hostel for the children. Daily evening and morning meditations were held, and the children would participate as well.


So, the two sisters would say, "You look at me, I look at you, and we look at the souls." They would meditate together. I have actually been to the place, the bhavan, where this hostel was and where the sisters were living. Under the stairs, a space was created where they could place a flowerpot, like a seat. So, Dadi was sitting there, and the other sister was also conducting meditation, while looking at each other. Suddenly, Dadi went into a trance. The other sister thought she was sleeping and that she might fall, so she held onto Dadi. However, there was no response. It seemed as if she was sleeping, but she remained very stable, sitting there.


So, the sister went to Mama. Gulzar Dadi's name at that time was Shobha, which means beauty. The sister told Mama, "Mama, Shobha is meditating, but she seems to be gone. It's like she's sleeping, and she might fall. I tried shaking her, but she's so stable. It seems like she's seeing something, maybe she's dreaming." Mama came and called out, "Shobha, Shobha." Eventually, Mama brought her back to the corporeal level.


And Shobha said, "But I wanted to hold Baba's hand, I wanted to hold Baba." Mama responded, "Baba is in his room. You want to hold his hand? Let me take you there." Dadi said, "No, no, he was up there." Mama asked, "Where is that? Where is 'up there'?" So, Mama took Gulzar Dadi to Baba. Gulzar Dadi told Baba, "I wanted to hold your hand, but I couldn't reach it. You looked even more beautiful there." Baba became curious as well, asking who was there and what she had seen. He said, "Go and check, ask where you went, and find out who is there because I am sitting in my room."


Brahma Baba was eager to understand what this girl (Dadi Gulzar) had seen. So, he repeatedly asked Dadi Gulzar to go up and gradually collected more information. He learned that there is another level beyond this one, which represents the perfection of the stage of being.


Therefore, although there are three separate images, the soul is the same. At that time, the explanation was not given. Later, Brahma Baba explained Vishnu and Shankar. When Baba understood this, he realised that it was not a physical body, but rather a perfect form and stage of the soul. This form has no flesh and bones and is known as the body of light, which is called avyakt, bodiless. It is like a costume of a human being, but a subtle costume made of light.


Baba began meditating with the consciousness that he should reach that perfect stage. Initially, the meditation involved chanting Om and gradually shifted towards more subtle practices. It moved from sound to soundlessness, from reciting mantras to simply being in it. This was a different level of practice. Sometimes, Dadi would go to Baba when he was meditating. She noticed that his face sparkled, and asked, "What are you doing?" Baba replied, "I was invoking my avyakt stage. " Brahma, avyakt energy, a subtle and pure energy that is free from bondage, is known as Farishta or Angel. It has a form but no flesh and bones. It is a body of light.


So, it was the same person that Baba wanted to become. This region, what do I mean by region? It is the office of Shiv Baba, where He has the planning office. The plan is for the establishment, to achieve purity and peace through Brahma. This plan involves clearing karmic accounts and past bondages through tapasya and yoga. Baba himself, as Brahma, was meditating and experiencing freedom in every aspect. Shankar represents the power of yoga and the bodiless stage. By practising intense, fiery, and loving meditation, one becomes strong and transformed. However, this transformation does not change one's physical features. It is about a change in character and becoming divine, free from bondage and burdens. This transformed stage needs to manifest in the human body.


To achieve this transformation, we need to study the four subjects. Vishnu represents the establishment of the new world and the household path. It shows how everyone becomes a divine being, like the blueprint given by architects for a building. It depicts the work that needs to be done.


Shiva created the subtle region, which is an extension of the border place beyond the physical world. It is where one goes from the Soul World to this place, which has a different name. For example, Sydney was once only fields and land, but then a colony was built, and it is now called Sydney. Similarly, Baba projected or created the subtle region according to what Shiv Baba had planned to do. However, this plan needed to be carried out through human beings who would become angels. So, Brahma becomes Vishnu.


Before reaching the karmateet stage, one has to become bodiless. Karmateet stage means being free from bondage and the karmic account, while performing elevated actions. This is why the corporeal world is necessary. Shiv Baba does not work from His home; His work has to be done in this corporeal form in order to create Brahmins. It is important to note that karmateet is not something that will happen in the future; one is already karmateet at this current moment, free from bondage and the karmic account. So, the subtle region continues until the Golden Age is established.


There is no specific date for the creation of the state of perfection; we must actively work towards it. In the Murli, Baba mentioned that Sri Krishna, Lakshmi, and Narayan will not rule the kingdom alone. The kingdom begins as number one, but who will be the number one kingdom? It requires the presence of subjects or people. So, we need to assist in this process so that it can happen. This is why the subtle region exists only during the Confluence Age, but it will cease to exist later on, as the establishment has taken place and the old world will be destroyed. The presence of Lakshmi and Narayan becomes practical. It is a temporary place, where these three tasks are important at this time. We need to focus on working on ourselves to become perfect.


Om shanti.


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Madhuban Newsletter in English and Hindi - August 2023

4 August 2023

Dear Divine Family,


Please find attached the Madhuban Newsletter for August 2023 with points for 1-31 August in English and Hindi.


In Baba's yaad,


Murli Department, Madhuban


Newsletter in English


Newsletter in Hindi







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