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News Headlines News Headlines

8 June - Educators' Conference on 'Values and Spirituality for Empowering the Self', Gyan Sarovar, May 18th-22nd

8 June - Br. Surya of Madhuban Dining Celebrates 68th birthday, as reported by Br Harilal of Godlywood Studio

2 June - "Being Invisible in the Visble" - New PowerPoint of Churnings from a recent retreat at Peace Village

31 May - Godlywood produces New Children's Show "Hum Honge Kaamyab" soon to debut on Om Shanti Channel

31 May - Godlywood Announces Brand New TV Series "Amulya Ratan" on the Peace of Mind Channel

30  May - Video link of Security Service Wing Conference from 27th April to 1st May in Gyan Sarovar

28 May - Retreat with Center Residents, Gita Pathshala Co-ordinators and Right Hands of Centres - 9-16 October, Shantivan

28 May - Jivan Ka Aadhar - Gita Saar - How to apply the knowledge of Gita in daily life with Sr Jayanti

28 May - Sister Rupa, Chief of Nursing Services of Global Hospital, Honoured with Florence Nightingale Award

28 May - Bonn Climate Conference 2nd Report

23 May - International Kumars Retreat  with Br Yogesh to be held at the Asia Retreat Center, Malaysia - 13-15 July

23 May - Celebration of International Mother Earth Day in Russia, CIS and Baltic States

23 May - International Meditation for Peace held in Costa Rica

20 May - 'A Spiritual Route to Health and Wellbeing' - 29th April, GCH

18 May - Speaking Tree on Enlightment - Article published in Times of India

16 May - Good News re Dadi Gulzarji's health from BK Nirwair on 7 May

13 May - UN May - June Calendar of Events

11 May - Bonn Climate Conference

10 May - 'A Spiritual Route to Health and Wellbeing' - 29th April, GCH

8 May - USA Living Values Education Newsletter, May 2018

4 May - Didi Dr Nirmal Kajaria's Visit to Sri Lanka

1 May - "WAKE-UP CALL for A World in Transition" By Sr Shivani

1 May - Brahma Kumaris Florida Service News - April 2018

29 April - Dadi Janki in London: Welcome Programme - 25th April at GCH

25 April - Dadi Janki in London!! On arrival - Wednesday 25th April: Who is my Baba? Look into my eyes!

25 April - Family Get Together with BK Ramlochan bhai and BK Suryamani bhai in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia

25 April - Didi Santosh of St.Petersburg, Russia, becomes a member of the Academy of Fundamental Sciences

25 April - BK Course Book in Braille gifted to the Special School of The Visually Impaired in Bali, Indonesia

24 April - "Compassion in Action" Coffee Morning Held on 17th April at GCH, London

24 April - Didi Sudha presents a talk on "The Power of Words" at XII Scientific Conference

24 April - "The Value of a Calm Mind" -- Sr. Jayanti in Worthing on 22nd April

23 April - Bharat Gaurav Award bestowed on Br Amir Chand of Chandigarh and Sudesh Didi of Germany

22 April - Sr Sigrun of Iceland flew to Baba


19 April - Dadi Gulzarji's health

18 April - January March UN Newsletter

17 April - Service News from Columbia, MO, USA

17 April - "Connections" - Singapore Emag Issue for February