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Florida Service News - February 2015

8 March 2015

Summary of News from Florida Meditation Centers.

Ocala: Veterans Health Fair Service, and courses in the Villages

Hollywood: Programs at the local library, the ArtsPark and a unique USA-Wide Phone Meditation program at 8pm EST on Sundays.

Naples: Library and radio/TV station programs

Margate: Sr Hansa's visit to London and Rakhi on Valentine's Day, classes in Hindi, Bhatti at students' homes and prison service

Orlando: Thursday evening programs and special program in North Port

Tampa: Combo Shivratri & Valentine's Day Public Program, Spanish program, new service in St Petersburg, approval granted for programs at all county libraries

Miami: Comings and goings to and from the Land of Honey, Sr Shireen's special programs

Click here for detailed report with photos.



Sr. Mohini's Update

3 March 2015

Dear Divine Family,

Om shanti and auspicious greetings. We would like to inform you that Sr.Mohini has returned home from the hospital on Wednesday.

She is now settling down to a new routine of therapy and care in the midst of quietly being with Baba and engaged in mansa seva.

She sends much love and appreciation for all your sakaash during this time and wishes all of you a powerful time of easy and intense efforts.

In Baba's yaad,

New York family



Sister Mohini's Surgery Update

23 Febuary 2015

Om shanti and greetings from New York.

This is briefly to say that Sr.Mohini's  surgery was successful and she is recovering well.

We will keep you informed on further progress during the next several weeks of healing and therapy.

Thanks again for your continued yoga power and loving vibrations and messages she has been receiving.

In remembrance of One,

New York family



Peace Village Silence Retreat, May 20 - 25

20 Febuary 2015

Save the Date

Silent Magic is in the Atmosphere

     You are invited to a special Silence retreat and the first of it's kind, 

Sr Mohini had this special thought of a Silence Retreat

     Deepening our Brahmin Experience

From Silence to Purity

This retreat is for those are seriously interested the the 'Silent Experience'

Quotas for this retreat may be needed

Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center

Sr. Mohini and Br. Ken will be our spiritual resources

Arrivals: Wednesday, May 20th, First session 5:30pm

   Concludes: Monday, 25th, after Lunch



Service News from Sacramento, CA

10 Febuary 2015

Sister Hansa with Interfaith Leaders on Tuesday, 13th January

Sister Hansa and other faith leaders welcomed California legislators to Sacramento at the start of the new legislative session. Prayers and readings were offered by several faith leaders and patriotic songs were sung in the beautiful Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.

Sister Hansa with Interfaith leaders Archbishop Jose Gomez from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and President Jon Fish of the Interfaith Council of Greater Sacramento.

Sister  Dorothy of Peace Village Visits Sacramento January 22nd to 26th

Sister  Dorothy arrived on Thursday 22nd January late evening. On Friday morning, she met with small group of BK friends and shared her thoughts on Newness in 2015 and Harnessing the Power of Intention.

Sister Dorothy and Sister Hansa with Jessica S. Braverman Birch, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, Sacramento region, and other BK friends.

Retreat: Beyond Sound - Harness the Power of Solitude /Silence

From Friday 23rd  evening  until Sunday 25th  noon,  Sister  Dorothy  conducted  a  very  special retreat on the theme Beyond Sound - Harnessing  the  Power of Solitude /Silence.

Thirty of Baba's children took good benefit from this retreat, which was organized at  Christ the King  Retreat Center, just  20  miles from  Baba's house. The property was a beautiful, natural setting featuring a water fountain, a brick babyrinth and a residential facility. It is a sacred place for Christians, who gather there every weekend for spiritual empowerment. The Directors of the retreat center are our good friends and have offered us the facility for additional meditation retreats.

The retreat began with gentle, sweet loving music and a meditative atmosphere in which Sr Dorothy applied till and Sr Hansa shared blessings with the participants. 

On Saturday, Sr Dorothy took everyone on an incredible day-long journey of the bodiless stage, utilizing simple and profound exercises and activities and powerpoint presentations. Everyone experienced a very deep sense of soul consciousness.

On Sunday, the retreat closed with Sr Dorothy's class and personal story, everyone sharing experiences of inner newness, a candle-lighting, drishti meditation and an angelic dance.

We all are  so thankful to  Sister Mohini  and  Kalaben for sending Sister Dorothy to  Sacramento and we all  are very appreciative of her  valuable time, expertise and  skillful ways of leading us on step-by-step process.

Baba's  children  with  Sister Dorothy and sister Hansa

Sister Dorothy being honored by the BK Family



Sr Gita of Los Angeles Participates in 
World Peace Ceremony

9th February 2015

On January 10th, Sister Gita of Los Angeles participated in the 20th annual multi-faith "Prayer for World Peace Ceremony" at the International Buddhist Progress Society Fo Guang Shan Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles. Leaders of the all major religions and many other distinguished guests from Southern California also participated.


The event was organized with the aim of peace and harmony for all humanity.



More Service News from Florida - January 2015

5 Febuary 2015


1. January 29 : Gainesville Service

A one and half hour session on 'managing stress through meditation' was conducted by Dr. Krishna from Orlando Center at the University of Florida College of Dentistry. The session was offered to the students, faculty and staff at the College of Dentistry and the participants received free continuing education credit for attending. It was sponsored by the College's cultural climate committee. Approximately 70 people attended the session. It was very well received and many people gave positive feedback.

2. January 21Ongoing Villages Service Class Site Obtained

Br. Hanuman and Sr. Anne visited Unity Church in the Villages spoke with the Reverand about starting meditation classes at the church. We will start BK Meditation classses at Unity Church on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month starting on Febraury 12th. Class will be from 4:30-6pm. We have advertized on Facebook, Meetup, and within the villages contacts including Nancie Lono and the Villages Energy Meditation Group.


Avyakt Programs

The avyakt month of January was focused on bhattis, classes and activities designed to empower us and give us the boost we need to embark on our journey for the new year. 

Activities included small group discussions, classes and sharings with new souls as well as a series of bhattis and collective amritvela sessions during the month. 

Several videos were used to recapture the earlier yagya days and to enlighten new souls on the importance and significance of this precious period (see attached images) 

Continuous Meditation programs were held throughout the week of January 18th. The power of the gathering was truly uplifting. 

Foundation course in Hindi 

For the first time in the coming months, the foundation course will be given in Hindi to a group of Hindi speaking souls. Preparations are on the way to launch these classes around the last week of February.  

Prison service 

Two welfare officers at the Broward prisons have competed the foundation course. These souls have expressed interest in service at the prisons and have already attained approval from the relevant authorities. Prison service should be starting soon. 

Sister Hansa will be going to London to take benefit of Dadi's programs in London.



Shivratri letter to the Region

2 Febuary 2015

Dear Bapdada's Serviceable Instruments:

We are at the end of January, the avyakt month where we paid a lot of attention of creating the avyakt stage, and reinforcing our commitment to Amritvela.  We are also privileged to have the presence of our dearly beloved Dadi Janki with us in London.  Her classes given in London have not only transmitted the wonder of her amazing spiritual journey, but the wonder of her pure and clean intellect and her ever-flowing bhavna take us into the very depths of Baba's love leaves us in awe of who really Dadi is.

Now we are moving into the celebration of Shivratri and we are lucky to have been blessed with such love from Bapdada, the Dadi's, and the family.  I am sure that you are all preparing to celebrate this very auspicious festival with the will to reveal Shiv Baba.

As promised we have uploaded the Shivratri materials created in English on the following website:


No log-in is required to access these materials. They are available to one and all.

The materials available are as below with name followed by a description:

  • In God's Heart Flyer Template - Customizable Flyer

  • In God's Heart Blessings Template (12Up) - Add your own blessing text to this template. There are 12 to a page.

  • In God's Heart Blessings Template (8Up) - Add your own blessing text to this template. There are 8 to a page.

  • In God's Heart Customizable Press Release - This Press Release is from Harmony House, but it can be customized to announce your local program.

  • Maha Shivratri: Ancient Festival Has Relevance Today - 500 word Article in pdf format by Sister Kiran

  • Shivratri: The Dawn Confluence of Light and Darkness - 1000 word Article in pdf format by Sister Kanishta Agarwal, PhD

  • 79th Shiv Jayanti Folio in Hindi p1, 79th Shiv Jayanti Folio in Hindi p2 - Colorful Hindi double-sided folio. Pages 1 and 2 are meant to be printed back-to-back.

I would like to wish you all a very, very happy Shiv Jayanti and as we celebrate Baba's birthday, we will also celebrate the newness that is being born in us every moment spent in Baba's remembrance.

With love in Baba's remembrance

Sister Mohini



January News from Florida: Delray, Hollywood, Miami, Tampa and Orlando Florida

2 February 2015


Delray Beach Transformation Station - February News
Wednesday, February 11th 7pm - 8:30 pm
The Transformation Station will hold the 2nd in a monthly series of public events at the newly renovated center in Delray Beach. Brother Ed Stevenson will speak on the topic: LOOK WITHIN FOR ANSWERS. All are welcome.



Hollywood Library

Tuesday, January 13 BK Rosa brought a ray of knowledge to the seniors with her talk at the Meyerhoff Senior Center in Sandy Levine's weekly class.
Immediately after that talk, she traveled about 5 minutes to the nearby Hollywood Library where she was joined by BK Helen of Tampa to give a talk in English: THE CALL OF THE TIME (for the New Year). These Sisters delighted the audience of over 50 with their meditations and wisdom. The duet-style presentation of 2 BKs together kept the audience's attention very well.


Read more, including upcoming events, here.


Rhythms of Africa

Waddy and other BKs from Miami and Helen from Tampa attended the Rhythms of Africa Music Around the World concert on January 11 at Miramar Cultural Center. Willie Stewart has participated in a number of BK events both as performer and speaker.

Read more here.


Waddy , Barry, musician Willie Stewart and Meredith.



The Art of Non-Violence January 18th Public Program


In honor of Brahma Baba's Day, on January 18th the Tampa Center hosted a public program and world peace meditation that focused on the essence of true non-violence. It was a beautiful evening with a talk from Shireen, a video highlighting Brahma Baba's life of non-violence, and meditation. The participants experienced a deep serenity and were inspired to become beacons of peace for the world.   Read more here.



  1. We had day of peace public program on Jan/18/2015.

  2. Stress management seminar conducted by Dr. Krishna at Shand's hospital in Gainesville, Florida

  3. As usual daily PM classes.


Meditation Museum Wins Best Education/ Non-Profit Award for 3rd Year in a Row

1 Febuary 2015

The BK Meditation Museum has been selected as the Best Education/Non-Profit for the 3rd year in a row in the Best of Fenton Village 2014 annual survey.



Sister Jenna Interviews Acclaimed Travel Writer, Pico Iyer on "The Art of Stillness" on Blog Talk Radio

28 January 2015

Acclaimed travel writer Pico Iyer joins Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show!  Why might a lifelong traveler like Pico Iyer who has journeyed from Easter Island to Ethiopia, Cuba to Kathmandu, think that sitting quietly in a room might be the ultimate adventure? Because in our madly accelerating world, our lives are crowded, chaotic and noisy. There's never been a greater need to slow down, tune out and give ourselves permission to be still.

Listen to the rest of the interview here.



Sister Mohini's Inspirations for Celebrating Shivratri

22 January 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers:
2015 is the year of newness at many different levels. One of the ways in which newness can emerge is in the celebration of the various events that we observe. Newness emerges when we look for deeper significance in the observance of something meaningful; zeal and enthusiasm get generated bringing vigor and vitality into the celebration.
The 18 of January is special to all Brahma Kumaris and Kumars, as it touches in us the subtle efforts in embodying the angelic stage and in following the father's footsteps. It puts the focus on "mansa-seva," the subtle service that Brahma Baba is doing at present, and reminding us that this is the type of service that will have maximum impact on the world. The Amritology initiative renewed in us what is foundational to our constant remembrance of Baba. Also the special homework to experience the avyakt stage in the avaykt month is a practical way to stay connected to Baba in the subtle region.
Shivratri is coming up in the month of February and Baba is very clear and specific when He says " you have found the Father, the One who wins your heart, the One who grants salvation to all, the One who removes your sorrow and bestows happiness on you." The Being with ONE Initiative was very inspiring to many, many Brahmins around the world, and so Shivratri is the time to be lost in the love of the Ocean of Love and to share His introduction with our brothers and sisters who are thirsty for a drop of love from the Ocean.
We would like to share with you some of the ways we are planning to celebrate Shivratri in New York and the Tristate area. The motivation is to create a ripple effect in our zeal, enthusiasm in fulfilling Baba's hopes in us. Seeing that Shivratri falls close to the time of Valentine's Day, we have chosen the theme of "In God's Heart."
We are focusing on 4 specific areas:
A simple and beautiful card featuring "Feel in your heart, the gaze of God's Eye" is being printed. This card is intended to give an introduction to Baba in a ‘loving' and ‘personal' way, and goes beyond the celebration of Shivratri and can be used as a general hand-out on God.
Media-Outreach on the significance of Shivratri and importance of time -- this would include getting articles, particularly in the ethnic newspapers, internet outlets, BK center's Blog and Facebook pages and other forms of social media. Also public service announcements on radio that could offer thoughts for today, giving tips on how to connect to God and the benefits. Interviews on radio, tv, etc.
Visiting the Hindu temples and distributing the cards, and perhaps the opportunity to give Baba's message.
A public event at Harmony House on Shivratri. Using creative talents and performing arts to develop an experiential evening that could serve to open people's hearts to receive Baba's love in a profound way. The theme of "In God's Heart" will be the core of the experience and Brother Anthony Strano's poetry from his book of the same name and Sister Sigrun's artwork will be threads weaving through the evening.
We plan to make available to you all the templates that we have created on or before February 2.
The places you can access them are: The Onelink Portal, The Being with ONE website. You can also request these templates by email by contacting Erik on newyork@brahmakumaris.org
With love in Bapdada's remembrance
Sister Mohini



Video Thank-you note to Kalaben for Baba's Service in Washington, DC

22 January 2014



Service News: Los Angeles - Sisters Gita and Hema Join Interfaith Leaders at the Consulate of Pakistan

20 January 2015

The Pakistani American community held a candlelight vigil outside the Pakistani Consulate in Los Angeles. The event was organized by the Consul General of Pakistan, the Rt Hon Hamid Asghar Khan, and was attended by US Congresswoman Maxine Waters, several city officials, and representatives of different faiths. In an emotional and somber ceremony, the over seven hundred people present expressed their sorrow at the horrific murder of innocent children at an army school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Leading faith leaders from the Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu Mormon and Bahai communities condoled with the Consul General of Pakistan Los Angeles at the Pakistan Consulate General.

In an extraordinary gesture of empathy, the participants  were joined  on this solemn occasion by Dr. & Mrs. Pearl, the parents of Daniel Pearl who was murdered by Terrorists in Pakistan  twelve years ago.

Leading Religious leaders attending concurred with the statement and signed the condolences book.

Sis. Gita and Sis. Hema signing the book of condolences. Seen in photo is Consul General of Pakistan, the Rt. Hon. Hamid Asghar Khan.


Sis. Gita and Sis. Hema with leading faith leaders and Consul General of Pakistan, the Rt. Hon. Hamid Asghar Khan.



Peace Village Submits a Smilebox for Dadi's 100th Year Celebration

11 January 2014



Happy New Year Smilebox from Peace Village

7 January 2015

Om Shanti, Special Souls,

Happy Scenes from Christmas Day festivities at Peace Village Retreat Center as the angelic Brahmin family gathered together to meet BapDada, happily greet each other, open our presents (that Santa had delivered during the night!!) and eat delicious Brahma Bhojan.

"Therefore, claim pass marks in every subject by having newness in your thoughts."

With Loving best wishes,
on behalf of Sr Mohini, Sr Gayatri and Sr Kala
and the Peace Village Retreat Center Family.



Florida Service News December 2014

6 January 2015

Read rest of report here.


40th Anniversary of Service in Canada and a Shower of Good Wishes

1 January 2015

The Canadian family celebrated 40 years of service in Canada and this was marked by a huge three-day celebration at the Toronto Centre. We had the fortune of having Sister Mohini and Bro. Eric of Montreal grace this celebration and Brahmins flew in from all the Centres in Canada to join in the celebration. Brother Arvind and Sister Savi were instrumental in working with Bro. Eric and the the team in Toronto to host these celebrations. Sister Chandru of San Francisco and Sister Denise, who served in Canada at the start of service joined in through a conference call and shared their blessings.

Each day of the celebration was special and unique and it was a wonderful experience taking a walk down memory lane. Special moments in service throughout the years were captured in a slide show and we could not thank Baba enough for having given us such a great fortune. Sister Mohini was the first Brahmin to set foot on Canadian soil 40 years ago when she was hosted in Halifax and today she continues to sustain us and oversee the service being carried out.

The public program was also a huge success bringing together VIPs and IPs who have known the Brahma Kumaris from the very early years of service. Most of them are now our well wishers and they acknowledged the contribution that the Brahma Kumaris have made to the society. The Prime Minister of Canada, The Rt. Hon. Mr. Stephen Harper, was also made aware of this celebration in a personal meeting and he sent a message for this occasion. The program was presided over by Consul General of India, Hon.Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Senator Asha Seth, Kirsty Duncan, MP – Etobicoke North, Dipika Damerla MPP – Mississauga East – Cooksville. A message was also sent by Judy Sgro, MP for York West.

Read all the blessings.

Some photos of the event


Consul General of India in Toronto, Hon. Mr. Akhilesh    Sister Mohini with Hon. Kristy Duncan, MP for Etobicoke North


Sister Shobna with The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper,     Sister Mohini with Senator Asha Seth
Prime Minister of Canada