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International Meditation for Peace held in Costa Rica

23 May 2018

The Brahma Kumaris centers from Central America, Mexico and Dominican Republic, did a 24-hour Meditation from Saturday 14th finishing on Sunday 15th. The initiative is called: Sending Vibrations of Love. The culmination in Costa Rica was the International Meditation for Peace from 10:30 am to 12 pm.  The event was sponsored by the Cartago Municipality and the radio 870 AM from the University of Costa Rica.


The Meditation was done in the gardens at the Ruins of Cartago, old building, which is National Heritage. More than 150 people meditated. Meditation, live music of bagpipe, electric guitar and singing were part of the event. For the closing the Mayor of Cartago City prepared a beautiful ceremony with 12 white doves representing peace for the 12 months of the year. The slogan of the event was “I am peace: from Costa Rica to the world”


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National Meeting - Bogota, Colombia - January 4 to 8

20 February 2018

Participation of coordinators and right arms of all national headquarters


Meeting with RN / 2018 facilitators. After each center and place of service made its presentation on the main activities carried out in 2017, the national coordination gave recognition to each one for the efforts made during the year, and started with the central theme: From OM to OM SHANTI. To elaborate the vision of the group in the institution, carried out in 13 sessions, implementing a session of SILENCE and MEDITATION. There was transmission of classes with Mohini bhen and Ken bhai, after a greeting of peace, they deepened the central theme of the different challenges established to be fulfilled in the five years and which focused us to the pre-established vision in the meeting. Challenges that serve as a base for the region, according to Sister Mohini, from Peace Village New York.


We will state them below with their respective objective:


1. HEALTH AS A CHALLENGE: That the brahmin community have a more conscious view of the various aspects of health.


2. NEW EXPERIENCES OF MADHUBAN: That the brahmins learn to better plan their experience and take advantage of the news.


3. YOUNG PEOPLE, RENEWING THE FAMILY: Allow the renewal of the family and consequently of the service.


4. THE CHALLENGE OF VOLUNTEERING: The instruments offer more opportunities to people who do not necessarily want to be part of the brahmin family.


5. THE DIGITAL CHALLENGE: To promote in the brahmin community the acceptance of the virtual theme for spiritual service and benefit.


6. NEW COURSE FORMS: Implement more experimental courses and promote virtual teaching.


7. TRIBUTARY AND LEGAL CHALLENGES: Generate awareness of the need to follow the laws for the greater benefit of all.


8. THE EXPANSION OF THE SERVICE: Recognize the benefit of reaching the maximum number of people, recognizing that there are different ways of doing it.


9. THE CHALLENGE OF THE EDITOR: Manage excessive stock, migrate to a virtual platform and find a marketing path that allows it to become sustainable.


10. A CULTURE OF PEACE: Implement the theme of culture of peace as the basic axis of the activities of Brahma Kumaris.


11. VISITS OF SUSTAINABILITY AND SERVICE: Awareness of the most important changes in this regard, such as the fact of not being able to receive great seniors, and stimulating national visits.


12. THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE HEADQUARTERS: Promote reflection on the importance of headquarters and the stimulus to sustainable development.




"In January 2022, Brahma Kumaris Colombia is a spiritual organization, inclusive, empowered and expanding, with a focus on the culture of peace. The self-leadership of its members is the basis of their prosperity and the well-being of the community. The venues are solid and have a structured volunteer service. It serves people, communities and organizations in general in an inspiring, effective, modern and impactful way. Participate in the yagya service with quality contributions ".




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